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Whole Wheat Maple Walnut Scones. This upcoming weekend will be the first one in awhile that I’ll be home sleeping in my own bed. While I’ll be working the Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday, I’ve schemed up all kinds of scenarios for Saturday: sleep in and read in bed, brunch at one of the new restaurants cropping up around town, catch up on an Oscar film, hike Mount Si. Oh, the options! While traveling for the book tour has been a little more exhausting than I’d originally thought it’d be, there have been some unexpected highlights. Perhaps one of my favorites: the daily scone. Sam came with me to Portland to promote the cookbook and we stayed at a hotel called The Kennedy School. If you’re a scone sceptic, I think you might still like these: they have a crumbly, flaky exterior but the interior is extremely tender — almost more like a muffin.

Ingredients 3 cups (300g) walnut halves 1 cup (150g) whole-wheat pastry flour 1 ¼ cup (150 g) whole-wheat flour, plus more for forming scones 1 tablespoon baking powder Instructions. How To Make Your Own Hot Cocoa Mix | Kitchn. I secretly love those little packets of hot cocoa mix — but I recently decided to quit buying them and start making my own. The nice thing about making your own hot cocoa mix is that you have free control over what goes into it (and what stays out of it).

Like yours super chocolatey? No problem. Want to take down the sugar and add a bit of cayenne and cinnamon? Do it. Today, I'm sharing my recipe for basic hot cocoa mix, plus a few suggestions for mix-ins that I've been loving lately. The basic mix itself should stay fresh for at least 4 to 5 months if kept stored in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, and at room temperature — no need to refrigerate. All winter, I've also been sipping Theo's drinking chocolate.

What else do I love about this particular mix? Since I'm still a DIY hot cocoa newbie, in a sense, I'd love to hear any suggestions from you. Amp Up Your Mix! Top off your hot cocoa with: Super chocolatey hot chocolate made from your own homemade mix! What You Need. Grain-Free Lemon & Blueberry Scones | Kitchn. I’m going to let you in on a very real and very awkward moment in my life history. It involves standing in the middle of the bakery section at a Whole Foods in Los Angeles, picking up loaves of freshly-baked bread and sniffing them.

This on its own was weird enough, but the fact that the bread-huffing was coupled with crying made it more of a spectacle. I wandered over to the pastry case and ogled the muffins, scones, and tarts, tears still gently streaming down my cheeks. One of the bakers asked me if I needed help. I tried to avoid eye contact and muttered a polite, “No, thank you.” I had been gluten-free for a week, and while my allergies and tummy welcomed the change, my heart seemed to have a hole in it that needed to be filled with the promise of baked goods. The packaged gluten-free baked goods that were available at the time weren’t exactly what I would consider edible. Scones were one of the first things I ever learned how to bake, and they have always been a favorite of mine. Morning Recipe: Blackberry Scones from The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook | Kitchn. For my husband, vacation means one thing: Time away from the city, preferably in mountains that have views of the sea and the smell of sage.

Last summer we decided to go whole hog and guzzle up the concentrated beauty of northern California, with a swing through Big Sur, quite likely one of the most extravagantly lovely places in the world. And there I met my Vacation Scone, the scone for weekend mornings and special breakfasts, the scone that doesn't pretend to be anything more or less than a massive fluffy treat, craggy and crisp, laden with summer fruit and stained with juice. If you're going to make just one scone, let me explain why this should be the one. Last year my husband and I looked each other in the eye and said, "We need a vacation. " We travel quite a bit, but these are almost never trips of leisure, as we travel for work and squeeze in a good meal here, a museum there. These trips are crazy fun, but patently not vacation. There aren't many places to eat in Big Sur. How to Make Baklava Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn.

Baklava is one of those desserts that has a reputation for difficulty, but is actually surprisingly easy to make. I suspect this is because working with phyllo dough always seems tricky, but if you follow a few very simple tips, it's really not — and the results are irresistible. Read on for how to make a pan of sticky, sweet, buttery, flaky, nutty baklava! Baklava is a dessert of the Middle East and Mediterranean, and it has numerous variations depending on the country of origin.

Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Jordan, Israel, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Armenia, and many other countries and regions all have a variation of this pastry, which is made with buttered layers of phyllo dough and ground nuts (usually pistachio, walnuts, or almonds, or a combination) and covered in a sweet, often honeyed, syrup. For this recipe, I used a mixture of walnuts and pistachios. The thing that most often scares people away from making baklava is handling the tissue paper-like sheets of phyllo.

Gluten-Free Dessert Recipe: Marking's Bibingka | Kitchn. Warning: This cake may cause a stampede. We were at a friend's party recently when out came the plate of bibingka and suddenly everyone was abuzz. It took some maneuvering to get past the mob of partygoers clamoring for the recipe, but we managed to push through and meet the baker, a Los Angeles resident named Mark Marking. Even better, Marking happily agreed to share his recipe with The Kitchn. Bibingka is a sweet, chewy Filipino dessert made with rice flour and coconut. If you like mochi, you'll like this, and even if you've never had anything of the sort, we're pretty certain you'll fall for it, too.

It has a rich, buttery, coconut flavor with the addictive textural combination of a crackly crust and eggy, chewy center. (We now believe the song "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was written with bibingka in mind.) Marking says bibingka is traditionally served at any and all gatherings, from family mahjong night to baby showers. Bibingka (Adapted from Mark Marking) Makes 48 pieces. Gluten-Free Dessert Recipe: Marking's Bibingka | Kitchn. Banana Nut Muffins | Kitchn. Banana nut muffins are one of the greatest pleasures of the breakfast table, and I'll have strong words with anyone who says otherwise.

They walk that fine line between wholesome breakfast and (let's be honest) cake, and they walk it so very well. These particular banana nut muffins are my favorite. They are extra moist and tender — you can slice one in half, slather it with butter, and take a healthy bite, all without fear that your breakfast will disintegrate into crumbs. They are also as banana-y and nut-filled as any slice of banana bread, but in a form that's portable, packable, and ready to go out the door with you. I based this recipe off of another favorite muffin of mine: the Spiced Pear Muffins that I shared a few years back. I tried making these with chopped bananas and then again using mashed bananas, and ultimately decided that I liked the chopped version best. Banana Nut Muffins Makes 12 muffins Heat the oven to 400°F. Divide the batter between the muffin cups.

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