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Sunshine Smoothie with Coconut, Clementine and Turmeric. I am perpetually delighted by the fact that citrus comes into season at the very moment when we could use an extra boost of sunshine and vitamin C.

Sunshine Smoothie with Coconut, Clementine and Turmeric

And though citrus fruits aren't the most common of smoothie ingredients, I really think they should be. Here's a bright and fresh smoothie filled with clementines, coconut, and turmeric. Like a healthified Orange Julius, it makes a fabulous, filling breakfast or replenishing post-workout meal. This vegan-friendly and banana-free smoothie is made with naturally sweet, potassium-filled coconut water and a bit of coconut milk for creamy flavor. Rolled oats help thicken the smoothie, plus I find that the extra protein and fiber hold me over until the next meal. Now for the sunshine. Non-Alcoholic Recipe: Kiwi-Banana Smoothie "Cocktail" Holiday Cocktail or Mocktail Recipe: Festive Cranberry Fizz. It's tough to make a drink that can please both those who abstain from and those who imbibe alcohol.

Holiday Cocktail or Mocktail Recipe: Festive Cranberry Fizz

Many mocktails are no more than sugary juices with a bit of soda water added. For Cambria's winter glam cocktail party I was tasked with coming up with something a little more interesting — a mocktail that had the edgy notes of a grown-up drink without any of the alcohol. But it had to accommodate a splash of stronger stuff, too, for those who wanted a boozy punch. Downton Abbey Cocktail Recipe: The Dowager Countess Cocktail. You, me and millions of others just got our Downton Abbey fix last Sunday.

Downton Abbey Cocktail Recipe: The Dowager Countess Cocktail

After what seemed like years, we once again filled our homes with that indelible theme song. Sunday's premiere proved that Season Four is sure to bring many magnificent moments — and of course a few more one liners from the fantastic Maggie Smith's portrayal of the Dowager Countess. For this happy hour, we're stirring up a toast in honor of the undeniably cheeky Violet Crawley. There's so much to adore about this series, but the zingers delivered by Violet Crawley, best known as the Dowager Countess, are among its finest moments. Grapefruit Honey Ginger Soda Recipes from The Kitchn.

Though it may be chilly outside, I think the beginning of the year is an excellent time for a glass of homemade grapefruit ginger soda.

Grapefruit Honey Ginger Soda Recipes from The Kitchn

I came up with this recipe when my partner swore off commercial soda, and after months of holiday indulgence, the light and tangy fizz is most welcome. The soda is sweetened with honey, not sugar, and the ginger provides a note of warmth for winter. This recipe is for a syrup that you can mix with carbonated water (store-bought or homemade). It has a bittersweet, grown-up flavor from the use of grapefruit zest and a slight spiciness from the addition of fresh ginger. Peanut Butter, Banana, and Oat Milkshake. Bananas, nut milk, protein packed peanut butter, healthful flax seeds for beautiful insides and beautiful outsides, and thickening oats.

Peanut Butter, Banana, and Oat Milkshake

It’s a smoothie for your health… but it’s also feels like you’re drinking a milkshake. Drink up and rush out the door. There’s life to live! Peanut Butter, Banana, and Oat Milkshake makes about 2 1/2 cups. one large or two small portions. D.I.Y. Orange Smoothie. Banana-Oat Smoothie. Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie. If you are looking for a substantial breakfast beverage that is nutritious, delicious AND easy, this is the smoothie for you.

Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie

Made with cooked oats, Greek yogurt, apple, cinnamon, maple syrup, turmeric, lemon and vanilla, this Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie will have your tummy filled and your taste buds pleased. The oats are packed with fiber which will keep you full longer. Blending in some non fat Greek yogurt adds protein without fat. Turmeric has a laundry list of health benefits helping with weight management, depression and inflammation. Drink Your Oats: 5 Nourishing Whole-Grain Smoothie Recipes. Breakfast Recipe: Mango Yogurt Smoothie. Nutrients In Disguise: Kale, Spinach & Pear Smoothie.

As much as I hate to admit it, I've still never been able to jump aboard the baked or roasted kale bandwagon.

Nutrients In Disguise: Kale, Spinach & Pear Smoothie

Kale is OK, but it has never been one of my particular cravings — that is, until this kale and pear smoothie recipe came into my world. It's delicious, it's beautiful, it's bright friggin' green! Now, when we have the honor of mentioning Joy The Baker there's usually baking involved. Possibly a meat of some sort, but at least butter — there's always butter. But this time around, things are a little lighter and we wanted to make sure you knew about her Kale, Pear and Spinach Smoothie. There's a banana added in for extra nutrients and to thicken things up a bit, but the real star of the show is the greens. Although this recipe is without question vegetarian, many vegans will shy away from the honey. Green Piña Colada Smoothie Recipes from The Kitchn. Do you like piña colada?

Green Piña Colada Smoothie Recipes from The Kitchn

Then you'll love this nutritious take on the classic. With its fresh coconut and no added sugar, you won't feel guilty about enjoying this smoothie everyday. My friend Alejendra (who also happens to be a doctor) shows us how she makes her delicious green piña colada for her family. Alejandra believes in the power of a good diet and a healthy food lifestyle. You know this drink is good for you before even drinking it, thanks to the bright green color from the collard greens. How To Make Soy Milk at Home. Fresh Blueberry Smoothie Making your own soy milk is fast, easy and most importantly delicious.

How To Make Soy Milk at Home

We've found dried organic soy beans on sale for as little as $.99 a pound so it makes a lot of economic sense too. The hardest part when making your own soy milk is knowing at least 8 hours before you want it. Otherwise, it's simply a matter of soaking the beans, tossing them in a blender with boiling water, and separating the okara (Japanese for bean curd) from the filtrate (this is the soy milk).

Once you've got the soy milk, you can add a little sugar and enjoy it over cereal or by itself. What You Need Ingredients1 cup dried organic soy beans, rinsed and picked overWater to cover beansSugar (optional) Equipment1-quart Mason jarLarge saucepotBlenderMedium or large mixing bowlStrainerCheese cloth or muslin for straining Instructions. Creamy, Green, and Sweet: The Avocado Smoothie. Somehow "avocado smoothie" sounds less bizarre than "avocado milkshake," but that's essentially what we're talking about here—an avocado whirled with sugar and milk that turns out the prettiest shade of pale green.

Creamy, Green, and Sweet: The Avocado Smoothie

Could this replace our favorite avocado-centric breakfast? Or, hey, pass for dessert? We started searching for avocado smoothie recipes this week because we equate this meaty, creamy fruit with Latin America. Turns out, however, that avocado shakes made with sweetened, condensed milk are actually very common in Vietnam. Green Machine Smoothie. Spring Forward Smoothie! My Spring Forward Smoothie will spring you into a state of frosty, dreamy, sunny day bliss.

Bright peaches, sweet strawberries, silky soy and creamy frozen bananas give this smoothie it's own healthy glow.Spring is coming. I promise it is. This weekend is daylight savings time. Then St.Patty's Day. Then voila! I always freeze my own bananas. How Can I Make My Breakfast Smoothie More Filling? Q: I'm a college student and I absolutely love having a smoothie for breakfast. However, I wish there was a way I could include some more fiber or something to hold me over a bit longer. This is what I usually include: 6-8 oz. low-fat vanilla yogurt2 tablespoons soy milk1/2 cup frozen or fresh peach1/4 cup frozen strawberries What else could I add? Our Must-Make Stay-Young Smoothie. Looking for a healthy, energy-boosting breakfast? Try this antioxidant-packed berry smoothie. When nutritionists talk about anti-aging foods, they're referring to foods that help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis, inflammation, and cancer.

This smoothie is loaded with long-term-health boosters. The berries and green tea are potent sources of antioxidants, and the ground flaxseed is full of inflammation-fighting omega-3s. Green Gourmet Giraffe: Orange, Fig and Ginger Smoothie. Today was a balmy spring day (28 C). I meant to catch up on blogging but the lure of the warm backyard, sleepy feline company and a good book was too tempting. But we did start the day in a summery way with a zingy smoothie. I had leftover carrot juice and consulted E’s Juices and Smoothies book for ideas. Carrot Smoothie Recipe. 1 cup frozen vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup finely grated carrots 1/2 cup cold carrot juice 1/2 cup soft silken tofu 2 Tablespoons orange juice concentrate 1 Tablespoon lemon juice 1/4 teaspoon ginger 1 pinch salt Place carrots, carrot juice and tofu to blender and pulse for a few seconds.

Add the frozen yogurt, orange juice, lemon juice, ginger and salt. Blend to the desired consistency. Avocado Smoothie with Soy Milk – Andrea Meyers. Easy Energy Almond Banana Shake! One of my favorite energizing shake recipes: Almond Butter Banana Shake (also known as my "easy energy" shake). Try This! Add Oatmeal to Smoothies. Low Sugar, High Protein, Dairy Free Smoothie. In our home we face diabetic challenges and issues with dairy.

Lighter Treat Recipe: Frozen Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Milkshake. You may have heard about one-ingredient ice cream, one of our all-time most popular recipes here at The Kitchn. Watermelon Blaster Recipe. Spring Forward Smoothie! Banana-Cashew Smoothie Recipe. Watermelon Blaster Recipe. Making Smoothies: Easy Tips from Alton Brown. Balanced Green Juice. Lighter Treat Recipe: Frozen Banana, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Milkshake. The famed green juice recipe from my 3 day detox – My Darling Lemon Thyme. I'm craving a huge bowlful of yoghurt, topped with berries, bananas and nuts. Like, really really craving them. As I sit here late at night typing up this post I am only one sleep away from my dream bowl of yoghurt.

By the time you've read this tomorrow morning I will have finished my 3 day detox, eaten that said bowl of yoghurt, not topped with bananas as we are all out, but most definitely sprinkled with the few scavenged berries from the pots out back and a generous handful of almonds. The little red house: the weekly juice. My juicer is back in action! I love pouring the kids a glass as we start school in the morning. My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Seamus Mullen. Superpower Morning Smoothie Recipes from The Kitchn.


Drinks. White Peach Maple Soda – QUITOKEETO. Pimm's Cup. If you've ever been to New Orleans in the summer, you know that when the air is thick as molasses and you can't move without starting to sweat something fierce, there's only one thing to do: Find a bar to prop up at and order something tall and cold. If you are lucky, you will find yourself in the vicinity of the Napoleon House, a French Quarter institution that is known for its traditional Pimm's Cup. Swamp Monster Sherbet Punch. An IKEA-Inspired Cocktail Recipe: Rhubarb Margarita. An IKEA-Inspired Cocktail Recipe: Rhubarb Margarita. Summer Recipe: Fresh Peach Soda. Summer Recipe: Fresh Peach Soda. Drink Recipe: Cold Brewed Jamaica (Hibiscus Iced Tea) Boozy Campari Citrus Pops. White Peach Maple Soda – QUITOKEETO. How To Make the Best Iced Coffee — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn.

How To Make a Great Bloody Mary. CocoNog + Beating Holiday Stress. CocoNog + Beating Holiday Stress. Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Milkshakes. The Classic Negroni Cocktail. CocoNog + Beating Holiday Stress. Puerto Rican Coconut Rum Punch (Coquito) Limonada de Durazno. Milkshakes. Banana. Tragos.Blackberry + Sage. Trago. Coco + Ananá.

Trago.Mango Colada. Cocktail Recipe: Sparkling White Cranberry Sangria — The 10-Minute Happy Hour. Pear Ginger Champagne from Project Sip. 5 Great Beers for Cocktail Lovers — Tapped In. Behind the Bar: Prairie Rose’s Brighton Beachcomber. Sparkling Spiked Peach Lemonade — The 10-Minute Happy Hour. This Piña Colada Has Only 2 Ingredients, and It's Marvelous — Drinks from The Kitchn. The 9-Bottle Bar Recipe: The Dry Martini — Drink Recipes from The Kitchn. How To Make Fruit Slushies — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn. Ginger Kombucha — Drink Recipes from The Kitchn. Grapefruit Gin Fizz — The 10-Minute Happy Hour.