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Eines per gamificar by Pere Cornellà Canals on Prezi. Teaching, Tech and Twitter. Insert Coin: Part 7- Some Assembly Required. When you open up the box of a board game, like Candy Land, you will find that it includes all of the components needed for the game to work.

Insert Coin: Part 7- Some Assembly Required

Most board games include little player pieces so that people can keep track of themselves, an actual game board so that the pathway to winning is clearly marked, and an instruction book which not only tells the story but makes the rules clear so that everyone is on the same page. Teaching above the test: Gamifying the NGSS. The NGSS standards are asking students to apply science and engineering practices in order to understand how cross cutting concepts play out disciplinary core ideas.

Teaching above the test: Gamifying the NGSS

The three dimensions of the NGSS require much more than a simple addition to an inquiry lesson. The student who is not able to make connections across the content and apply his/her understanding to one DCI concept to solve a problem or answer a question in a different context or DCI has not mastered an NGSS standard. As I considered different ways to modify my instruction in order to provide students with maximum exposure to the science and engineering practices (S&EP), as well as the crosscutting concepts (CCC), I read Leigh Roehm's lesson "pHun with Phenolphthalein" at the BetterLesson website*. In it she masterfully exemplifies just how to incorporate the crosscutting concepts into what she calls the Ladder of Discourse. Before I explain, I invite you to visit any of the grade-level sites I created for this.

Leveling Up in a Gamified Classroom. Our students, like all students, don't always do what they are supposed to do.

Leveling Up in a Gamified Classroom

Sometimes they talk when they should be listening. Sometimes they don't read directions. Sometimes they have trouble working together in a cooperative setting. That being said, sometimes our students do something naughty that most other kids don't do. Gamificación y juego. Innovación, TIC y Educación física. 6Ablogers: LOS JUEGOS DEL HAMBRE. Con el comienzo del nuevo año, en nuestra clase hemos querido aplicarnos este dicho y vamos a darle una vuelta de tuerca más a nuestra manera de trabajar.


¿Por qué tiene la entrada este título?... La respuesta es muy sencilla, este nuevo cambio en clase tiene mucho que ver con la famosa trilogía de LOS JUEGOS DEL HAMBRE. La elección de la misma, fue por parte del alumnado, el maestro solo ha tenido que pensar la manera para llevarlo a la práctica en la clase. A tecnoloxía na secundaria: Gamificación. La gamificación es una tendencia que está pisando con fuerza desde hace años.

A tecnoloxía na secundaria: Gamificación

Se puede aplicar al mundo de la empresa, de los negocios y, por supuesto, al de la educación, que es el que me interesa. Esta ciencia está unida al mundo socialmedia y esto la hace ser compleja porque entramos de lleno en el campo de la psicología humana, buscando potenciar las emociones y atraer al alumnado. Gamifying My Class. “Flipside: A Middle School Language Arts Adventure” (FLIPSIDE UPDATE 8/7/15: The Mission areas of each quest are no longer Password Protected.

Gamifying My Class

A new Area 5 has been added and each Area is being reconfigured to support the five Common Core ELA strands. Check back periodically for more updates ) “Celestia: A World of Gifted Exploration” Both “Flipside” and “Celestia” are interactive websites I’ve created using the free Wix HTML (blank template) platform. Elearn Magazine: Gamification: Using Game Mechanics to Enhance eLearning. Maybe you've heard of the term "gamification," and perhaps you're wondering what it is and how it can be applied to eLearning.

elearn Magazine: Gamification: Using Game Mechanics to Enhance eLearning

In short, gamification is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications. Almost as important, as a definition of what it is, is a definition of what it's not. Gamification is not the inclusion of stand-alone games in eLearning (or, whatever gamification is being applied to). It also has very little to do with art-styles, themes, or the application of narrative. Rather, game mechanics are the construct of rules that encourage users to explore and learn the properties of their possibility space through the use of feedback mechanisms. In the 15 years I've been making video games, a frequently discussed topic in the game industry has been on ways to engage users; a theme that I've found is enthusiastically discussed in the eLearning space. HRGamer. MrDaley. In attempt to bring Gamification to my class this year, I am turning my Advanced English 10 class into a survival game.


The world has been ravaged by a plague that has turned the dead into reanimated bodies – zombies! I introduced the summer scenario to the students prior to the summer and explained how the point system would work in the Zombie Apocalypse version of the class. In the class, each student came up with the name of their town in which they will act as defender. GAMIFIcation spain - Blog. Sesiongamificacion. Ciencias Sociales, Proyectos, #ABP, #PBL, #ludificación, #gamificación, #ABJ. Blog de Jose Luis Redondo Prieto. Docente en SAFA Úbeda. Pizarras Abiertas " Equivocarse es el principio de aprender" Ciencia. A brain-friendly teaching blog by Manuela Mena Octavio. GAMIFICACIÓN Y EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA. EN CLASE. Gamificación Club. Inicio - Gamification Thinking.

UN BUEN MAESTRO QUIERE, SE APASIONA, SE RECONOCE Y ESTÁ CONECTADO. Gamification. Gamification of the Classroom. These are the slides, resources and notes for my presentation at BETT 2015 in London on “Gamification of the Classroom”

Gamification of the Classroom

Gamification. Alternativas al ocio digital a través de la enseñanza.