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Irony , Satire, sarcasm etc:

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Unwritten rules rampant on campus. Halve-zoolstra. Oh nee! Mast van Batavia zegt bijna krak. Over de top. James Fryer Times Higher education. Academic corruption. Laurel & Hardy. A Chump at Oxford. A Chump at Oxford, directed in 1939 by Alfred J.

A Chump at Oxford

Goulding and released in 1940 by United Artists, was the penultimate Laurel and Hardy film made at the Hal Roach studios. Originally released as a streamliner featurette at forty minutes long, twenty minutes of footage largely unrelated to the main plot were later added for the European distribution. The longer version is the one most often seen today. Plot[edit] When Stan and Ollie arrive at the university, the snobby undergraduate students, led by the mischievous Johnson (Peter Cushing) decide to give them the "royal initiation," which involves a number of pranks. The students arrive and decide to throw Stan and Ollie out of the window. Lord Paddington takes pity on Ollie and employs him to be his personal valet, Lord Paddington even gets a phone call from Albert Einstein, asking to see him about a problem with his Theory of Relativity! Film production details[edit] Cast[edit] References[edit] External links[edit]

A Yank at Oxford. A Yank at Oxford is een Britse film uit 1938 onder regie van Jack Conway.

A Yank at Oxford

Destijds werd hij in het Nederlands uitgebracht als Een branie in Oxford. Verhaal[bewerken] Leeswaarschuwing: Onderstaande tekst bevat details over de inhoud en/of de afloop van het verhaal. De verwaande en onstuimige atleet Lee Sheridan komt uit de Verenigde Staten en arriveert in Engeland, waar hij een studiebeurs aan de Universiteit van Oxford heeft gekregen. TU Delft verzon hoogleraar. Kunst & Wetenschap TU Delft verzon hoogleraar.

TU Delft verzon hoogleraar

Erik Molkenboer Mondige-burger meets Mark Rutte. Molkenboer (week 47) Erik Molkenboer maakt ook dit jaar weer cartoons voor ANS-Online.

Molkenboer (week 47)

Met zijn geniale woordgrappen vergaarde hij al flinke bekendheid en wekelijks kijken vele vaste bezoekers van onze site uit naar de cartoons. Molkenboer presenteert zich daardoor als een waardige opvolger van eerdere ANS-Cartoonisten Dirk-Jan, Patrice van der Linden en Team B. Eenmaal in de week, iedere dinsdag, zal hij zijn kunsten vertonen. Science & academia as seen by comics. Satire: Teacher Reprimanded for Assigning a Book. Teacher Reprimanded for Assigning Book « Diana Senechal. Genomsnitt, MN—A high school English teacher faces public scolding and possible dismissal for assigning a book to her students, Superintendent Harry Billiard announced on Friday.

Teacher Reprimanded for Assigning Book « Diana Senechal

“Let this be a warning to all,” he said. “To assign a book is impositional. The kids aren’t there yet. Plus, how do you know they’ll like the book?” Billiard explained that the specific book (To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf) wasn’t the issue; the problem lay in assigning any book at all. According to anonymous sources, the teacher had assumed presumptuously that a literature course should feature works of literature.

“Students should read them, yes, but that doesn’t mean teachers should assign them,” explained Billiard. “What software?” “There isn’t software for modernism yet, that’s right,” Billiard responded. Advanced faculty wrangling techniques - Research Centered. Getting a group of faculty members together to accomplish something has often been compared to herding cats.

Advanced faculty wrangling techniques - Research Centered

I disagree. When I want to get my cats all into one room to do something at the same time, all I have to do is stand in my kitchen, open a can of Friskies, and yell “Num nums!” Cats, neatly lined up. Completely unlike faculty. Not so with faculty. The lack of response is especially confusing because the professor cats are the ones that suggested the num nums in the first place. The Eggplan (Susan Ohanian Speaks Out) In the collection Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U. S. Department of Education, Data Delight Corp., and Common Core Omega Testing, Ltd,, Esq., RCR, RCVD, FEO, QCEA Party Honoring Public School Teachers Good afternoon, public school teachers, welcome to the first annual Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U.

S. At this time we'd like to invite the Platinum Exalted Common Core Global Economy Redemptive teachers; Gold Medal Majestic Common Core Global Economy Justification teachers; Alpha Renown Common Core Global Economy Celebrative teachers. Hamburger: The Motion Picture - Opening Credits. Hamburger The Motion Picture (1986) Forget MOOCs. By Benjamin Ginsberg As colleges begin using massive open online courses (MOOC) to reduce faculty costs, a Johns Hopkins University professor has announced plans for MOOA (massive open online administrations).

Forget MOOCs

Dr. Benjamin Ginsberg, author of The Fall of the Faculty, says that many colleges and universities face the same administrative issues every day. By having one experienced group of administrators make decisions for hundreds of campuses simultaneously, MOOA would help address these problems expeditiously and economically. Since MOOA would allow colleges to dispense with most of their own administrators, it would generate substantial cost savings in higher education. "Studies show that about 30 percent of the cost increases in higher education over the past twenty-five years have been the result of administrative growth," Ginsberg noted. Ginsberg pointed to the realm of strategic planning. Ginsberg has named his MOOA "Administeria," and plans to begin operations in early 2014.

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