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Travel. Songza - Listen to Music Curated by Music Experts. The European Voluntary Service (EVS) Lots of students want to spend their year abroad volunteering, but are put off by the costs – how on earth can you live abroad for a year with no money? I felt the same way, until I found out the European Voluntary Service. I’ve just graduated with a degree in French and Russian, and I’m currently doing a year-long voluntary project in Samara, Russia, working for an international youth exchange charity called Lastochki.

Other volunteers I know here are working in kindergartens, hospitals and with disabled people. We’re learning lots, having great fun, speaking Russian all day every day at our projects, and none of us has paid a penny! So - what is the EVS? EVS is a fully funded volunteering scheme, open to anyone between the ages of 18-30. It is organised and funded by the European Commission, one of the bodies that make up the European Union. With EVS, you can go abroad for anywhere between two and twelve months.

What can I do? The short answer is…anything! Where can I go? 1. 2. 3. 4. Saxophone. Medicine. Bandcamp. Discover and Buy Indie Music | MP3s, CDs, and Vinyl | CD Baby Music Store. Pandora. Songza - Listen to Music Curated by Music Experts. NoiseTrade | Thousands of Albums. Completely Free. Completely Legal. The Oh Hellos : The Oh Hellos' Family Christmas Album. Trevor Davis : B-day in Bethlehem. The passion and talent of singer-songwriter Trevor Davis are not to be missed.

He captivates his audience with a strong, soulful voice that can reach to a cutting falsetto with ease. All the time spent on the road and playing shows has allowed Trevor to craft his abilities and truly create his own sound. This year, Trevor was a contestant on NBC’s The Voice Season 4 making it on Team Blake.

Christmas season is one of Trevor's most favorite times of the year and is excited to offer his Christmas album "B-Day in Bethlehem" as a download on NoiseTrade this holiday season. Produced and Mixed by Jonathan MacIntosh Executive Producer Mark Warren Photography and Design by Christian Rios Illustrations by Kevin Moore Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitar, Arrangements by Trevor Davis Keys, Guitar, Banjo by Evan Wickham Percussion by Craig Zarkos Percussion, Background Vocals by Jonathan MacIntosh Banjo by Aaron Bowen Background Vocals by Sarah MacIntosh.

Morning And Night Collective : Merry Christmas. Good Night. 3. The Gregory Brothers : Home Alone: The Song. Anna Gilbert : "Christmas Memory" NEW Holiday Music Sampler. Derek Webb : The Apology Tour - Live at the ReCreate Cafe. On December 7th, 2013 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Derek played the last show of 'The Apology Tour' in support of his latest album, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You.

Thanks to Joey Young, the engineer running live sound that night, the show was recorded in its entirety, and is presented here, raw and unedited. Not more than a board mix, this recording still showcases the compelling sound of Derek and his acoustic guitar, with new and old songs alike, including a set of requests near the end of the show complete with a song from his Caedmon's Call days. True to form, there are several impromptu rants about everything from being a professional autobiographer to the myth of "christian music. " The Apology Tour - Live at the ReCreate Cafe is a great document of at the end of a tour bookmarking over a decade of great songs, great risks, and a strong connection between Derek and his tribe.

Recorded on December 7, 2013, the last show of The Apology Tour Mixed by Derek Webb at Ft. Sarah Macintosh : Christmas: With One Breath He Came. It's with no great surprise that, when I started working on my Christmas record, I would be reminded that my God came in a very similar package. Mary delivered Jesus alone. She had no midwife, no nurses, no mother or sister nearby to help her with what was probably the most painful and difficult experience she had ever encountered. I can only imagine that when she held him in her arms and saw that he was a perfect, warm, yawning, soft, baby boy she sat in awe of Him. This tiny child was the hope of the world. With that very first breath Jesus started a journey that would one day end at the cross. Those tiny hands would one day be touching and healing. That yawning mouth would one day be calming storms and casting out demons. Josh Harmony : Hymns from Home. 1. Why did you want to make this album?

I wasn't really planning on it. In early 2013 I was in a spiritual fog. I had some friends that decided to embark on some dark roads and I was getting panic attacks. I found comfort in playing and recording hymns in my garage. I wasn't planing on sharing the songs with anyone. 2. They all have special meaning to me but Rock of Ages has a desperation in the lyrics that are remarkably deep. 3. No metronomes. 4. Rev Gary Davis. 5. Honesty and integrity. Brad Corrigan : Someday is Today. 100% of Noisetrade tips will go to Brad's non-profit Love Light & Melody. For more information please visit: The new Brad Corrigan album "Someday is Today," has been in the making for 3 years, and is infused with reggae, rock, folk, and world music influences.

Reinaldo DeJesus, percussionist from Puerto Rico, provides an amazing landscape of rhythm and energy to serve as the primary foundation for the album alongside drummer Paul Stivitts, while Tiago Machado (Brazil) & Jonny Branch (Austin, TX) add layer upon layer of caribbean, flamencan, and blues styled harmonies on bass, guitar, ukelele, and nearly anything stringed! There are gentle nods to Paul Simon, Ed Vedder, Peter Gabriel, & Jeff Buckley as the album advances, several lush worshipful songs providing a glimpse into Brad's spiritual journey, and a profound protest song in "Apology" which highlights a letter written by members of the US gov't to the native american community. Paul Stivitts — Drums. Jon Meyer : The Friends of Paper Walls Christmas. Mixtape : Winter Mixtape 2014.

Meagan Taylor & Jason Coleman : A Tennessee Christmas. HANSON : 21 Years of Music. Leah J Music. Leah J : There Is Room: The Log Cabin Christmas Sessions. Unique Christmas Music. CD Duplication | CD Replication | DVD Duplication | DVD Replication | Disc Manufacturing. ReverbNation.