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I Got Fired From Facebook. The Cities With The Most Computer Science Jobs. Can't Get a Job? Get a Microjob! Think Hiring Is Tough In The Valley? Now Europe Joins The Talent Wars. Despite some of the froth being blown off following the rocky Facebook IPO, it remains the case that talent and hiring are a big issue in the Valley. And you may not know this, but for a long time Europeans looked onward to the U.S. and thought to themselves, “Ha! We have plenty of room left for growth! And plenty of talented, educated people! Mwah ha ha ha !” Ok, Ok, let’s leave aside that many of them wouldn’t themselves mind moving to the warm climes of Palo Alto and the rest… Instead, let’s concentrate on what actually happened next. But the honeymoon is definitely over. Admittedly, perhaps it’s a nice problem to have. One very simple illustration of this trend came this week when London/U.S. startup Huddle performed a typically combative stunt (the company routinely pokes fun at Microsoft Sharepoint) by placing advertising billboards outside the London offices of Yammer.

10 Tips for Job Seekers in the Digital Era. David Clarke is CEO and co-founder of BGT Partners, a 2010, 2011 and 2012 Ad Age Top 15 Best Places to Work in the U.S. honoree. BGT creates interactive marketing and technology solutions for global corporations that strengthen brands, develop more engaging relationships, and transform businesses. How to Hire Your Best Intern Ever. 12 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems. Mona Abdel-Halim is the co-founder of, a job application tool that tailors and optimizes your resume for a specific job.

12 Ways to Optimize Your Resume for Applicant Tracking Systems

You can find Mona and Resunate on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You filled out the job application, updated your resume and clicked “Submit.” But as the days or weeks pass, you never receive a phone call or email from the employer. What happened? 1 Thing Every New Hire Should Get On Their First Day. 10 Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago.

Recruiting: 8 Qualities Your Best Employees Should Have. Facebook Can Tell You If A Person Is Worth Hiring. The Pitfalls of Freelancing. How To Hire a Great Developer [FLOW CHART] Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions. My eBay Summary. Best bets for jobs in 2012. 5 Things You Should Look For in a Community Manager. In honor of Community Manager Day, I thought it would fun and worthwhile to share some tips with employers looking for the perfect community manager for their business.

5 Things You Should Look For in a Community Manager

The community manager role is more relevant now than ever, and the numbers show it. Why Companies are Terrible at Selecting, Retaining and Motivating Their Talent. How to Sort Googlers According to Myers Briggs. If you are a fan of Myers-Briggs, the psychological testing that is commonly used by many employers, then you'll like this infographic that looks at the entire Googleplex and segments them into the 16 different categories.

How to Sort Googlers According to Myers Briggs

I was heartened to see that my type, ISTJ, is in the majority. Interns Are Latest Target in Battle for Tech Talent. A Few Tips For Developers On How To Get Hired By A Startup. How a 140-Character Twitter Resume Could Land Your Next Job. The Best Advice I've Ever Received About Hiring Talent.

Can Facebook Get You a Job? [INFOGRAPHIC] In answer to the question above, approximately 18,400,000 Americans say yes, they got their current job through Facebook.

Can Facebook Get You a Job? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Though Zuck's platform ranks #1, Twitter and LinkedIn don't have shabby numbers either — 8 million and 10.2 million Americans, respectively, have gotten their jobs through social platforms. Princeton Beats Out 13 Schools to Win Facebook’s College Hackathon. Overcoming stiff competition from MIT and Waterloo, Princeton won this year’s Facebook College Hackathon finals.

Princeton Beats Out 13 Schools to Win Facebook’s College Hackathon

Over the past few months, Facebook conducted run-off competitions at fourteen colleges across the United States and Canada, and this Friday held the finals at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto. Are you out of this space? 'Tis the season to be searching. Chart: Who pays the most in Seattle for software engineers. Who is paying the most for computer geeks?

Chart: Who pays the most in Seattle for software engineers

Photo via Bigstock Steve Ballmer was right. It’s all about developers, developers, developers these days. In fact, the market is so hot that companies like, Twitter and Facebook are doing “acqui-hires” — like the one today of TeachStreet — just to gobble up key engineering talent. Mobile Recruiting Is on the Rise. Over the past few years, social media recruiting has garnered a lot of discussion in the HR world — mobile recruiting, on the other hand, is a topic that has yet to make it into the mainstream conversation.

Mobile Recruiting Is on the Rise

Employers lack knowledge of how job seekers are using mobile devices and how their businesses could take advantage of the mobile web to find top talent. As a result, only a limited number of employers have implemented mobile recruiting strategies via apps and mobile websites, according to a study by online recruiting research lab Potentialpark. For the study, Potentialpark surveyed more than 30,000 job seekers worldwide and analyzed the mobile career presence of more than 350 top employers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.