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Konsten att ge strategier för att lyssna. Det pratas mycket om att vi lärare måste bli bättre på att ge eleverna modeller/strategier för att förstå hur de ska göra för att nå ett mål.

Konsten att ge strategier för att lyssna

Vi har pratat mycket om läsandet och även skrivandet med olika stöd för det och jag har även skrivit en del om det på LR-bloggen. Om du vill läsa dem hittar du dem här i arkivet. Jag tänkte i detta inlägg skriva lite om hur jag ger stöd för lyssnandet i klassrummet. Att lyssna är den förmågan som eleverna kan uppleva som mest stressande att utsättas för då man ofta bara får höra en gång.

Det är en konst att ge strategier och vi måste börja delge varandra hur vi gör i våra klassrum för att utveckla vår undervisning och bedömning. Först och främst så måste vi ha i minnet att förmågan att lyssna bedöms av två aspekter. Receptiva strategier När eleverna ska tränas i den receptiva förmågan brukar jag utgå från olika hörförståelser som finns ligger digitalt.

Listening English Conversation With Subtitle - Learn English Listening. Log into Facebook.


In the Loop. Experimenting with English (Part 2) – Activities for learners to do outside the classroom [26 and counting!] In my blog post Experimenting with English: scaffolding learner autonomy, I discussed how I approached helping my learners to use English outside the classroom, drawing on learner autonomy theory and methodology (e.g.

Experimenting with English (Part 2) – Activities for learners to do outside the classroom [26 and counting!]

Benson, 2011; Oxford, 2003; Smith 2003). Central to that project, alongside the very important element of discussion, was a handout I created for my learners. Here is a screenshot of a sample page, taken from the listening section: Sample page from my Experimenting with English activities handout, listening section. As you can see, the handout consists of a series of activities for learners to try, with space for them to record when they tried it and what they thought of it. In my experience, as I mentioned in the Experimenting with English blog post, simply giving the learners this handout is insufficient. Of course, my learners are busy people and the time they have for out-of-class study is limited. Here are the handouts: This one is for learners who use Edmodo Like this:

Recipes for the EFL classroom. Not sure what to do with a listening text coming up soon in the unit?

Recipes for the EFL classroom

Don’t like the comprehension questions in the book? Want some ideas to liven it up? Pre-listening Prediction work can be a really useful pre-listening activity, preparing the students for what they are about to hear. Students can use their world knowledge of the topic area along with their linguistic knowledge in order to make predictions about content (this is often referred to as activating schematic knowledge). KWL charts This is an idea I took from JJ Wilson’s excellent book, How to Teach Listening. The basic procedure: 1. 2. 3. 4. The clothes shop. This American Life.


Se och lyssna. Hörövningar. Nyheter. Radio, tv. Appar. Musiktexter. Classroom Materials. Lesson plans and activities for all key stages, built around Poetry Archive recordings and offering lively, engaging ways of working with poetry at all Key Stages.

Classroom Materials

Granny Is - teaching ideas on Valerie Bloom, Michael Rosen and others. I, Too - lessons on this famous poem and many more past and present. Green Lane - lessons on Stephanie Norgate, Fergus Allen and others. Please Mrs Butler! - ways into the world of children's poetry. The Shout - lessons on Simon Armitage, Charles Causley, Jackie Kay and others. A few tips for teachers on creating a good listening atmosphere in your classroom.

Ideas for 10-minute classroom activities to help your students get inside the poem they've just heard. Some of the poets in the Archive make visits to schools, to work with pupils and teachers. Learn 46 Languages Online for Free Open Culture. How to learn languages for free?

Learn 46 Languages Online for Free Open Culture

This collection features lessons in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and you’re good to go. Amharic Foreign Service Institute Basic Amharic – Audio – TextbookLessons with dialogues, drills, exercises, and narratives will teach you the basics of this language spoken in Ethiopia. Includes samples of speech, explanations of basic language structures, and a variety of practical exercises. Ancient Greek. Listen to English around the World.

Click on any of the flags below to hear accents from some of the main English-speaking countries.

Listen to English around the World.

Hear more English accents. One of the best ways of improving your English is to listen to radio news and discussion in English on your computer. Using the links below you can get instant access to English language radio news programmes wherever you are in the world, without a radio. Perfect for listening practice and improving your listening skills. You might also want to visit our Listening Comprehension Exercises page. Listen to the Bible in MP3 format. Myth Map Viewer. The Story Museum - 1001 stories from around the world. Magical Recap: The Harry Potter Saga in 5 Minutes. What Would You Do? ABC News - Dog Left Inside a Hot Car.