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LiFi. Alternative Energy DIY. DIY sites. Off-Grid D.I.Y Energy. INDEPENDANCE, DIY ENERGIE. Energy. TreeHugger. Magnetic Motor. Solar. 8 Completely Awesome DIY Home Energy Projects.

Free energy device tested on light bulb. Free Energy step by step. How to rebuild a Dewalt 14.4v battery pack. Convert a lawn mower into a generator! Turbine Tesla. Build a 15,000 rpm Tesla Turbine using hard drive platters. Here's a project that uses some of those dead hard drives you've got lying around.

Build a 15,000 rpm Tesla Turbine using hard drive platters

In the Tesla Turbine, air, steam, oil, or any other fluid is injected at the edge of a series of smooth parallel disks. The fluid spirals inwards and is exhausted through ventilation ports near the center of the disks. A regular blade turbine operates by transferring kinetic energy from the moving fluid to the turbine fan blades. In the Tesla Turbine, the kinetic energy transfer to the edges of the thin platters is very small. The microhydro plant. My little paradise has a stream that provides enough water flow and head to run a small turbine, to provide electricity to my home.

The microhydro plant

While writing this, the microhydro plant is being implemented, and here are some photos of the process. Since I usually like to start at the end, the first thing I built is the controller: It is an implementation of Jan Portegijs' "Humming Bird", with some changes and adaptations. The largest cost of the plant, by far, is in the piping for the rather long penstock. When the purchase was made and the truck arrived, we unloaded the pipes at different places, to get them as close to the installation area as possible. Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump. Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump This information is provided as a service to those wanting to build their own hydraulic ram pump.

Home-made Hydraulic Ram Pump

The data from our experiences with one of these home-made hydraulic ram pumps is listed in Table 4 near the bottom of this document. The typical cost of fittings for an 1-1/4" pump is currently $120.00 to $240.00 (U.S.A.) depending on source prices, regardless of whether galvanized or PVC fittings are used. Living Off-Grid: Our Micro Hydro Alternative Energy System. Blue Energy Published on March 24th, 2009 | by Jennifer Lance As a follow up to Sean’s post on Micro Hydro Essentials, I thought I would share an overview of my system, which has powered my home for over 13 years.

Living Off-Grid: Our Micro Hydro Alternative Energy System

We are fortunate to live on rural mountain property in Northern California with a creek that is not seasonal, although the volume of water does drop significantly during the arid months of summer. The beauty of hydro power is that it produces power 24 hours a day and is not dependent upon weather patterns, such as sun and wind. The drawbacks are having to maintain the system by cleaning the intake and dealing with varying creek flows.

Photo by jennifer lance Turgo micro hydro runner 17 years ago, my alternative power system consisted of one solar panel, one golf cart battery, one DC light, and one DC car stereo. Hydroelectric. Hydroelectric Power - Water power - micro hydro systems Micro hydro power is probably the least common of the three readily used renewable energy sources, but it has the potential to produce the most power, more reliably than solar or wind power if you have the right site.


This means having access to a river or creek that has a high enough flow to produce useable power for a good part of the year. Many creeks and rivers are permanent, ie, they never dry up, and these are the most suitable for micro-hydro power production. A micro hydro turbine can take several forms, the most widely recognized of which would be the water wheel, used extensively for grain grinding up until this century. Perpetual Motion Machine. Magnetism & Gravity. People. Perpetual Futility A short history of the search for perpetual motion. by Donald E.


Simanek Popular histories too often present perpetual motion machines as "freaks and curiosities" of engineering without telling us just how they were understood at the time. They also fail to inform us that even in the earliest history of science and engineering, many persons were able to see the futility and folly of attempts to achieve perpetual motion.

Perpetual motion machines (hypothetical ) A simple electric motor made with Buckyballs. How to Build a Super Magnet. Hydropower from Reuse. Reused: a small stepper motor as found in a printer 2 discarded CD-ROMs a foam tray some long stick (I used a piece of 20mm diameter PVC tube from demolition) a LED one or two tie-wraps a small piece of scrap paper Non-reused: The only non-reused part is the hot melt glue (I recommend the low temp type, especially when working with kids).

Hydropower from Reuse

Tools: scissors, screwdriver to disassemble the printer (not shown), cutting pliers or desoldering tools for (optional, not shown). With a bit of luck the LED can also be found in the discarded printer. With even more luck you can find some discarded electronics with a LED standing tall on a printed circuit board, with most of its legs still intact, instead of mounted flush on the board. This makes it easier to remove from the print (leave the legs as long as possible) and easier to connect to the stepper motor by simply inserting it in the plug.

Free power- How to convert a washing machine into a water powered generator. Sphere spins, but in wrong plane; around wrong axis. DIY Windturbines. DIY 1000 watt wind turbine. Tesla Technology: 5 Bladeless Turbines About to Revolutionize Energy Production. “Every home in America can run on wind energy.

Tesla Technology: 5 Bladeless Turbines About to Revolutionize Energy Production

In fact these units can be installed on existing power poles in rural areas, to catch the wind and send its energy back to the plant.”- Raymond Green, Inventor In 1913, Inventor Nikola Tesla patented a bladeless steam turbine that he claimed was the most efficient and the most simple rotary engine ever designed. DIY VAWT. In this project, we will build a small DIY VAWT, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. We are not expecting to get much over 50 watts of production, though it would be fairly simple to double the size of the blade area to increase power. This DIY VAWT is based on the use of 4 inch PVC pipes, cut in half, for the blades. The blades are mounted on bicycle rims. This structure is then mounted using 2x4's and a DC treadmill motor is connected at the bottom, via a belt. The belt connection allows for an increase in RPMs to the treadmill motor.

Homemade Wind Generator - Learn How Wind Power Works. Waterpumping Windmill - Yggdrasil. Blog Mechanical Mage. Making a simple Savonius wind turbine. By Lance Turner There are many situations where you might need a small amount of electricity, for instance running gate openers, safety lights, water level indicators and other low-power devices.

Making a simple Savonius wind turbine

While solar would seem like the ideal solution, quite often this is not possible due to location and shading problems. TURN YOUR CAR INTO A HYDROGEN HYBRID. StumbleUpon Video. DIY non-hub builds, the why and how (part-1) Common hub motor kits have a simple construction, which keeps the price low (especially with Chinese mass-production).

DIY non-hub builds, the why and how (part-1)

The low price and easy installation makes them the big seller by a wide margin. However, if you want a build which has unusually good efficiency (so a smaller battery can provide longer range), or…you want unusually good hill-climbing…a non-hub drive system just might be necessary to deliver your goals. Be aware that a non-hub system will by definition be more complex, probably more expensive, and is likely to be noisier. And…the biggest problem is that a non-hub system will be either very expensive (like the EGO, and the M-Drive), or the more affordable drives have issues with longevity and component breakage (Cyclone and GNG).

Selfmade homemade DIY supercap ultracap bcap boostcap. Replace your car battery with capacitors! 12V BoostPack Update. How to make batteries out of paint. This article was taken from the January 2013 issue of Wired magazine. Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Researchers at Rice University, Houston, have created a battery made of paint. "We've airbrushed it on to tiles, polymers, glass and steel," says grad student Neelam Singh. Tools Aviation PowerPax SLD4CY Slim Line Battery Caddy SLD4CY. How to install HHO (horizontally mounted) DIY Residential Wind Generators. DIY Wind Generators. How I built an electricity producing wind turbine.

Portable Power Station - Urban Survival. The simplest magnetic motor DIY one hour. How to Produce Power With Magnets. How to Build a Small-Scale Hydroelectric Generator. Mini turbina hidroeléctrica en la canilla. POR Martín Cagliani - 2 agosto, 2012 Son muchas las regiones del mundo en las que vive gente que no tiene acceso a la electricidad.

Hoy en día es una necesidad básica el poder contar con una iluminación que no sea contaminante, como las lámparas a querosene, o hacer fogones con carbón. Por eso el diseñador británico Ryan Jongwoo Choi pensó en una forma fácil, sencilla y barata de poder aportar iluminación eléctrica a una casa pobre, y creó la ES Pipe Waterwheel, que es una mini turbina hidroeléctrica que puede conectarse a la cañería de agua, y genera electricidad con la fuerza del agua corriente, suficiente para alimentar dos lámparas.

La luz que aporta la ES Pipe Waterwheel es suficiente para que los niños el hogar puedan realizar sus tareas por la noche, para que la familia pueda realizar sus quehaceres nocturnos dentro de la casa. En el caso de la ES Pipe Waterwheel es un tubo que se conecta de forma sencilla a una cañería cualquiera, en su extremo. Build an Amazing Tesla CD Turbine. Free energy generating coil - zooming in on the parts. DIY Homemade Tesla Coil. Check our facebook page for updates and special offers.

Toroidal. DIY Energy & Energy Saving.