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UNESCO : Protégez la culture, pas l'industrie du charbon ! - 350. Coal impacts could push 122 million people into extreme poverty by 2030. A lot of climate hawks spent late 2016 and early 2017 in reassessment or mourning.

Coal impacts could push 122 million people into extreme poverty by 2030.

Meanwhile, Anthony Torres was busy channeling his fellow engaged millennials into direct action, including coordinated sit-ins at the offices of New York’s Chuck Schumer, the new Senate Minority Leader, and Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware. The message: Do not play ball with the polluter-in-chief. The son of a Nicaraguan immigrant father and a working-class New Yorker mother, Torres grew up with sea-level rise on his Long Island doorstep, and he understands how poverty, climate, and other social challenges are all knitted together. He’s proven especially adept at rallying peers to his side, both in an official capacity at the Sierra Club (where he helped coordinate communications and direct actions that aided in a defeat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership) and in extracurricular work with groups like #AllOfUs, a progressive collective aimed at organizing young people around threatened communities.

L’Allemagne se prépare à une sortie du charbon après celle du nucléaire - Le Vert. Depuis que l’Allemagne a définitivement décidé, après Fukushima, de sortir de l’énergie atomique à l’horizon 2022, la part du charbon dans le mix énergétique allemand n’a pas pou autant augmenter depuis 2011.

L’Allemagne se prépare à une sortie du charbon après celle du nucléaire - Le Vert

Elle reste en revanche très élevée, à 40 % de l’électricité produite. Mais les choses changent. Et le débat sur une sortie de ce combustible fossile, incontournable pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre du pays, monte en puissance. Avec une question : quel avenir pour les 29 000 employés du secteur ? A coal company just abandoned plans to ruin a river and a bunch of people’s lives in Alaska. Catherine Flowers has been an environmental justice fighter for as long as she can remember.

A coal company just abandoned plans to ruin a river and a bunch of people’s lives in Alaska.

“I grew up an Alabama country girl,” she says, “so I was part of the environmental movement before I even knew what it was. The natural world was my world.” In 2001, raw sewage leaked into the yards of poor residents in Lowndes County, Alabama, because they had no access to municipal sewer systems. Forget the war on coal. The war is on miners. A health-care fund for retired coal miners has become a political bargaining chip.

Forget the war on coal. The war is on miners.

Maintained in part by federal money, the 70-year-old fund is now nearly empty. Congress has until the end of April to come up with a fix, or 22,000 retirees could lose their coverage. Greenpeace #ClickClean. Washington state has blocked plans for the nation’s biggest coal export terminal. That’s according to a new study in Science Advances, the latest installment in a debate that has refused to die.

Washington state has blocked plans for the nation’s biggest coal export terminal.

The controversy started in 2013 with a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggesting that global warming had stalled. Researchers scrambled to explain what looked like a “warming hiatus,” while skeptics seized on those weird numbers to attack climate science. The confusion should have been cleared up in 2015, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that a shift from ship-based measurements to ocean buoys could explain the low values. There was no “hiatus” at all. Victoire de la mobilisation : Engie va fermer sa centrale à charbon Hazelwood - Les Amis de la Terre. Ce 3 novembre, l’énergéticien ENGIE a annoncé par un communiqué de presse (1) son intention de mettre fin aux 45 ans d’existence de la centrale à charbon Hazelwood, dans l’État de Victoria, en Australie (2).

Victoire de la mobilisation : Engie va fermer sa centrale à charbon Hazelwood - Les Amis de la Terre

Cette centrale de 1542 MW, considérée comme l’une des plus polluantes au monde et responsable à elle seule de près de 3 % des émissions du pays, avait été mise en opération dans les années 70. Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score. Squeezing into a wobbly four-seater propeller plane is the only way to reach the tiny tribe of Tyonek, tucked deep in the roadless Alaskan wilderness.

Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score

Gliding above the long mudflats and the serpentine curves of streams, I spot the fat white backs of beluga whales surfacing at the mouth of a river and an island covered by sunning sea lions. As the plane gets closer, the mudflats give way to swamps, which give way to dense evergreens. A towering mountain range materializes from the clouds, and, nestled in an inlet, the gently meandering lines of the Chuitna River come into focus. This is the place where a coal company backed by a wealthy Texas family — one whose fabled legacy of gambling on energy markets extends back to a game of cards with an oil rig at stake — wants to sink a 300-foot-deep coal mine over 30 square miles of wetlands and forest. The $700 million project, commonly called the Chuitna mine, currently masquerades under the guise of a tiny Alaskan coal company called PacRim. Coal is NOT CLEAN ENERGY. Target: Donald Trump and RNC Chairman Reince PriebusGoal: Dump the “coal is clean energy” platform and support real clean energy like wind and solar.


The Republican Party’s 2016 Platform is bursting with egregious attacks on the environment and environmental programs, but one of the most dangerous lines in the entire party platform calls coal “clean energy.” After years of innovation, clean energy like wind and solar are on pace to replace coal while providing a boom to the economy and helping to reduce dangerous carbon pollution that fuels climate change. Donald Trump might dig coal, but a clean energy America doesn’t. Sign the petition telling the Republican Party to dump “coal is clean energy” from the GOP platform and support real clean energy like wind and solar.

Dear Donald Trump and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. Oakland says no thanks to coal exports. A proposal to turn a former Army base into a coal export terminal was thwarted Monday by a vote of the Oakland City Council.

Oakland says no thanks to coal exports

The terminal would have been the largest coal facility on the West Coast, exporting 10 million tons of coal from Utah each year. The controversial plan pitted environmentalists, labor leaders, and politicians concerned about safety and greenhouse gas emissions against business interests and some residents who argued that the terminal would create jobs. Hundreds showed up to protest on both sides of the issue at the council meeting Monday, but the ban passed unanimously. “I believe that ‘jobs versus the environment’ is a false choice,” said Councilman Abel Guillén. “The transport and handling of coal would not only have had serious consequences for the health of local communities, but also for the health of San Francisco Bay,” said Sejal Choksi-Chugh, head of the environmental group San Francisco Baykeeper. Sundarbans : patrimoine mondial menacé par le charbon. Personne ne sait exactement combien d’îles se trouvent dans la région des Sundarbans.

Sundarbans : patrimoine mondial menacé par le charbon

Elles sont des milliers à composer la plus grande zone de forêts de mangroves de la planète. Cette merveille de la nature dans le delta du Gange, du Brahmapoutre et du Meghna offre un foyer aux dauphins d’eau douce, crocodiles marins et autres pythons, ainsi qu’à une centaine de tigres du Bengale. The world’s largest private coal company just went bankrupt. In a move that has environmentalists hunting for graves to dance on, Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal company, has filed for bankruptcy. It’s the fourth major U.S. coal company to go bankrupt in the last year. The dirtiest fossil fuel sector has been hit hard by the natural gas boom and dropping prices for renewables. Scotland closes its last coal-fired power plant. Scotland may be home to golf, haggis, and Sean Connery — but it’s no longer hospitable to coal. On March 24, Scottish Power shut down Longanett power station, its last standing coal-fired power plant. Weirdly enough, the act of silencing the plant’s turbines was exactly what you might imagine — granted, it would probably never occur to you to imagine something like this, but if you were going to: A crowd gathered ’round a very retro control room as a man pressed a large, red button to the tune of an alarm sounding in the background.

Longanett power station provided electricity for Scottish lads and lasses for nearly half a century, but its days were fated to come to an end with the onset of a pricey carbon tax and, you know, the whole global decline of coal. Coal is dying. Who’s going to pay for the cleanup? You are! The glory days of Big Coal, it seems, are coming to an end. Over the past couple of years, a record number of coal plants have gone offline in the U.S., largely in response to falling prices, but also due to increased environmental regulations, better alternatives, and just plain bad press. Coal production hit a 30-year low in 2015, and there’s a real movement against coal now: activists have shut down coal plants and stopped the construction of new ones, as well as effectively blocked coal export terminals. And while the Paris climate talks, unfortunately, did not call for keeping all the world’s coal underground, President Obama’s Clean Power Plan will go a long way to eliminating coal power in the U.S.

He also announced that no new coal mining leases will be granted on public land. This is a good thing — coal is one of the largest sources of carbon pollution in the country, plus it’s bad for both the land it’s taken from and the people who do the taking. Coal boss fears industry will be “hated and vilified” after Paris Agreement. This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

The head of Europe’s coal lobby has said that his industry will be “hated and vilified in the same way that slave-traders were once hated and vilified” as a result of the Paris climate deal, in an extraordinary diatribe sent to his members and press outlets. Last weekend, the world’s governments agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions in a momentous pact aiming at holding global warming to 2 degrees C. Huge coal company misled investors on climate change risk, according to investigation. This story was originally published by Mother Jones and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Just days after President Barack Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, environmentalists were handed another victory Monday morning when New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released the results of an investigation that found one of the world’s largest coal companies had misled the public and its shareholders about the risks climate change could pose to its bottom line.

After several years of investigations, Schneiderman reached an agreement with Peabody Energy that won’t require the company to admit it broke the law and does not entail a fine or other penalty. Instead, Peabody must file revised shareholder disclosures to the Securities and Exchange Commission with new language acknowledging that “concerns about the environmental impacts of coal combustion … could significantly affect demand for our products or our securities.” In Appalachia, the coal industry is in collapse, but the mountains aren’t coming back. In Appalachia, explosions have leveled the mountaintops into perfect race tracks for Ryan Hensley’s all-terrain vehicle (ATV). At least, that’s how the 14-year-old sees the barren expanses of dirt that stretch for miles atop the hills surrounding his home in the former coal town of Whitesville, W.Va.

“They’re going to blast that one next,” he says, pointing to a peak in the distance. He’s referring to a process known as “mountaintop removal,” in which coal companies use explosives to blast away hundreds of feet of rock in order to unearth underground seams of coal. “And then it’ll be just blank space,” he adds. “Like the Taylor Swift song.” Skinny and shirtless, Hensley looks no more than 11 or 12. Coal company demonstrates impressive feats of climate denial. “[T]here are no demonstrated foreseeable effects of any GHG emissions.” While these words may have composed a halfway reasonable sentence a few decades ago, flat-out denial of anthropogenic climate change is less in vogue today.

Even ExxonMobil acknowledges that greenhouse gases need to be cut. But not Peabody Energy. The world’s biggest private-sector coal company is still clinging desperately to unconditional climate denial. The company’s position was demonstrated all too clearly in 71 pages of comments it submitted to the White House Council on Environmental Quality this spring, arguing against considering greenhouse gas emissions as part of analyses conducted under the National Environmental Policy Act. Keep Atimonan Clean and Safe from Hazards of a Coal-Fired Power Plant. Name not displayed, Serbia Jul 17, 11:04 Charlotte Nørskov Jensen, Denmark Connie Colvin, NY Jul 17, 11:06 MILENA Rosso, Italy Jul 17, 11:03 Cindy Woud, Netherlands.

Des dirigeants d’Engie suspectés en Italie de «désastre environnemental» EDF et Engie, gros pollueurs sans frontières. Coal is dying all by itself. This story is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Coal, the No. 1 cause of climate change, is dying. Last year saw a record number of coal plant retirements in the United States, and a study last week from Duke University found that Even China, which produces and consumes more coal than the rest of the world put together, is expected to hit peak coal use within a decade, in order to meet its promise to President Barack Obama to reduce its carbon emissions starting in 2030. According to Sen. 5 years after a deadly coal mine disaster, what’s changed? It was mid-afternoon on the Monday after Easter, April 5, 2010, when a 1,000-foot longwall shearer, a massive piece of industrial coal-mining equipment, bit into sandstone, kicking up sparks and igniting a methane fireball that traveled down the Upper Big Branch mine in Raleigh County, W.Va., into an area rich with coal dust.

The Cost of Clean Coal. Cyberaction Climat : Arrêtez de financer les centrales à charbon d’Alstom. Sous pression, la Société générale se retire d'Alpha Coal, un projet minier destructeur. La Société générale vient de déclarer ce 5 décembre par communiqué de presse qu’elle se retirait du projet Alpha Coal, un projet de mine de charbon géante en Australie, très contestée pour ses conséquences négatives sur l’environnement. La banque française invoque le « retard » du projet pour « suspendre son mandat ». Une banque pour détruire une merveille ?! 305 911 ont signé. Dear U.N.: Coal plants don’t count as climate-friendly projects.

Could this lawsuit force Obama to fix his ridiculous coal-leasing program? Alpha Coal : actions « picketing » devant les Société générale. China’s coal use is actually dropping for the first time this century. Protect the Great Barrier Reef From Coal! Cessons de financer les Géants du charbon. Can this coal plant save the climate? Chine: à Qinhuangdao, la ville qui mise tout sur le charbon - Page 3. Coal and water around the world – in pictures. Coal companies get hit where it counts for polluting Appalachian water supplies. The Secret Coal Plan That's Scarier Than The Keystone XL. Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river. Enough with coal tragedies! Lend Lease: Don't invest in reef destruction. World Bank: No More Coal For Kosovo! SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE: KICK YOUR COAL HABIT. Stop investing in the construction of Europe's biggest new climate wrecker. We might be winning the battle against coal at home, but we’re losing the war abroad.

“Let them eat coal”: Why cheap, dirty fuels aren’t a meal ticket for developing countries. Coal Seen as New Tobacco Sparking Investor Backlash: Commodities. Brown to student activists: We can’t live without coal. Cyberaction Financer Alpha Coal, c'est détruire la Grande Barrière de corail et le climat ! Coal-plant owner offers to wash cars after spewing ash over city. Le tigre menacé par la Deutsche Bank. Is this the beginning of the end for coal? Despite slowdown, global coal remains a planet-destroying monster. La croissance du charbon, intenable pour la planète. Goldman Sachs says coal-export terminals are a bad investment. Why coal has a hit on “America’s Got Talent” Coal-burning slashed lifespans by five years in China, study finds. The Coal Industry Knows That Enviros Are Winning.

Bellingham coal port: One financial giant exits, another enters. Washington coal export project dumped by Goldman Sachs. The Northern View - Ridley Terminals in Prince Rupert accused of dumping coal in the ocean. An inside look into what a coal terminal’s really like. Coal is the enemy of the human race, video edition. Coal Not the Only "Climate Bad Guy" Climate campaigner warns of burning need to keep coal in the ground. Coal is rebounding, natural gas prices are up, and the world’s oil cartel is quite content. Coal plants could be linked to thousands of North Carolina suicides. A big blow for Big Coal in Wisconsin. Unlikely Allies: Greens Join Coal Miners In ‘Patriot’ Coal Fight. Reliance on coal forces another company into bankruptcy. INDIA BEYOND COAL PARIS. Neighborhood Activists Shut Down Two Coal Fired Power Plants. ALERT! Demand India Protect Old-Growth and Abandon Coal.

Coal Exec Blames Obama As He Lays Off Miners. 'Clean Coal' Is Poisoning Our Water Supply. Coal chemical spills in West Virginia, leaving 300,000 without tap water. Duke Energy belatedly pledges to overhaul coal-ash storage, after destroying river. Duke Energy’s coal-ash spill has utterly ruined a river. Ash decisions: North Carolina helped river-ruining Duke Energy duck pollution complaints. Another day, another river ruined by a big coal-industry spill. Chicagoans fight the Kochs and their petcoke. Welcome to Coal World (Video) Finland aims to be coal-free by 2025. Merkel’s Green Shift Forces Germany to Burn More Coal. Non à la Grande Barrière de charbon! Des milliers de gisements de charbon en feu de par le monde. Grand smog de Londres. Charbon : ressources, réserves et production. Dirty, dangerous and corrupt! As Obama administration orders carbon cuts to fight global warming, it sells coal rights that could increase it.

Le charbon : La planète sur des charbons ardents.

Là par contre, les échanges étaient intéressants. ;) – alwen