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Don’t let your ambition ruin your position. Margin of Safety: Always Be Stronger Than You Need to Be. In late August of 2005, one of the most dangerous tropical storms in history began brewing.

Margin of Safety: Always Be Stronger Than You Need to Be

The waters of the Gulf of Mexico were unusually warm that month, and the high temperatures transformed the ocean basin into a giant cauldron with the optimal conditions for growth. As the tropical storm cut across the tip of Florida and entered the Gulf, it immediately began to swell. In less than 24 hours, the storm doubled in size. And as it grew into a full-blown hurricane, the weather experts gave it a name: Hurricane Katrina. Katrina churned through the tropical waters of the Gulf and quickly escalated to peak intensity. A storm of Katrina’s size is expected to cause flooding and damage, but coastal cities and neighborhoods use a variety of flood walls and levees to prevent total catastrophe.

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, it became clear that the levees of New Orleans might not be able to hold back the rising waters. Minutes later, the levees began to fail. Time Management. NGRAVE - Self Security Audit. #StaySAFU: 8 Surprising Statistics About Phishing. In this article – the first in our #StaySAFU campaign – we’ll look at eight surprising statistics about phishing.

#StaySAFU: 8 Surprising Statistics About Phishing

Read on to find out how much money is lost in crypto scams daily, and find out who the most likely targets are. If you’re a seasoned crypto user, you’ve probably stumbled across these scams firsthand. Every day, we read news and stories of victims losing their cryptocurrency to email/social media phishing, exchange hacks, or fake websites impersonating crypto wallets.

As an emerging technology with burgeoning markets and relatively little education available, crypto is an attractive playing field for malicious actors looking to dupe unsuspecting newcomers. Many of these newcomers don’t have any knowledge prior to investing in Bitcoin or other cryptos, and the decentralized and unregulated nature of this technology makes it even more attractive to people seeking to part you with your money. Safely Secure Your Crypto Before It’s Too Late - The Wolf of All Streets. Security Tips And Lessons Learned From My Hack - The Wolf of All Streets. Protecting Your Assets with Jameson Lopp, CTO of Casa. Crypto Safety. Hardware Wallet.


Yubikey. 14 Tips to Enhance Security for Your Binance Account. Security is the number one priority at Binance.

14 Tips to Enhance Security for Your Binance Account

We have invested countless hours and resources into ensuring that our platform is safe from bad actors, including incorporating big data analysis and AI technologies to aid us in preventing attacks. We’ve even partnered with various cyber-security and compliance firms in the blockchain space. Yet, the best security partnership we can build is with the Binance community itself. Each and every Binancian has the power to ensure that the community remains SAFU from bad actors, starting with maintaining regular habits that help keep accounts safe.

With our organizational commitment toward preventing unauthorized activity and our community’s heightened sense of security, we can collaborate to create a more secure environment for cryptocurrency. 1. Activating 2FA on your Binance account is a crucial first step toward securing your funds on Binance. 2. C) Remove any unrecognized or unused devices. AK’s 9 Step Esssential Cryptocurrency Security Guide - Market Meditations with Koroush AK. Cryptocurrencies shift power from the banks to the people, but they also shift responsibility.

AK’s 9 Step Esssential Cryptocurrency Security Guide - Market Meditations with Koroush AK

When you become your own bank you also take on full responsibility for your assets. This guide is a one stop shop to completely level up your cryptocurrency security. We’ve partnered with NGRAVE who are one of the most innovative cryptocurrency security companies in the space, consulted several security experts, iterated and reviewed this guide multiple times to get to this end product. I’ve personally been the victim of two cyber attacks, the second attacker went as far as taking over my keyboard and typing messages to me.

The worst part is the crippling fear and anxiety that takes over you, feels like you’ve been violated. I implore you to not leave a security task on your “to do” list and tend to it immediately. A lot of cyber security is focused on prevention which is extremely important, however there’s a lack of information on damage mitigation. Use a unique email address and unique password for each exchange. The crypto security thread.