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Scrumblr OTH Relaunch.webloc. Hybride Schnitzeljagd zum E-Learningtag des Joanneum 2015 – SKILL – Service- und Kompetenzzentrum für Innovatives Lehren und Lernen. Apple Teacher Learning Center. Enterprise MOOCs: Learn anywhere, anytime and on any device! FHWS Urheberrecht. Der Leitfaden "Urheberrechts-FAQ Hochschullehre" bietet eine erste Orientierung bei urheberrechtlichen Fragestellungen im Hochschulbereich.

FHWS Urheberrecht

Er enthält Informationen über Gegenstand und Dauer des UrheberschutzesMediennutzung in der LehrveranstaltungRechtsinhaberschaft bei urheberrechtlich geschützten WerkenFreie Lizenzen und Open Content PDF „Urheberrechts-FAQ Hochschullehre“ zum Download Der Text "Urheberrechts-FAQ Hochschullehre" von Achim Förster ist lizenziert unter einerCreative Commons Namensnennung - Keine Bearbeitungen 4.0 International Lizenz.

OER ZML – Open Educational Resources. Untitled. After the advent of web 2.0, (interactive, responsive, and user editable web content) the possibility of conducting academic course work online began to become more feasible.


One approach was provided by the rise of Learning Management Systems. These systems provided the online equivalent of managed classrooms in the traditional university setting. At the same time the thriving market place produced a swarm of social media apps, journaling sites, cloud storage and different means to share with others. A great collaboration began. As new apps and technologies appeared they each had champions, people who were first wave users. Educators began to use terms like “Personal Learning Networks’ and “Personal Learning Environments’ (PLE). It is important to note that while many of the sources within a PLE have roots in networks and apps, much of what makes PLEs successful are metacognitive processes, human communication and purposeful daily routines. Konstruktive Disruption statt Evolution. Untitled. Über uns.

Learning-research. Learning in the Modern Workplace. Google. Social media data analytics: How to apply them in education. To date, social media data anaytics have mostly been used to help marketers refine their pitches as they get a sense of how they are perceived by the public.

Social media data analytics: How to apply them in education

When properly processed and analyzed, the data can also lead to a wealth of insights to influence future curriciulums and lesson plans. So far, social media data remains largely untapped in the education industry. At last April's #EduAnalyticsDC conference, there was some discussion about social media data analytics but no serious proposals, according to my interview with Bill Rand, director of University of Maryland Center for Complexity in Business. "There is some resistance in educational administration to thinking that [social media analytics are] a valuable signal," Rand explained. "There isn't really research being done in that space to the extent that there should be because of that resistance. " Twitter signaling college choices Social data applications for K-12.

Digital Literacy. What does L&D “transformation” really mean? There are now many people in the industry talking of the need for transformation and change in L&D (me included!).

What does L&D “transformation” really mean?

But I also know from the many conversations I have with practitioners as well as learning leaders around the world that they just don’t know how to change or what they should be doing differently. And furthermore, the terms change and transformation mean different things to different people. A recent Harvard Business Review article, What do you really mean by Business “Transformation” describes three different “categories of effort”: Operational – This is the use of new technologies to solve old problems, but although operational change can drive business impact, the essence of the company doesn’t itself change, so this doesn’t bring about transformation.Operational model – This involves doing what you are currently doing in a fundamentally different way.Strategic transformation – This is about changing the very essence of the company.

The HBR article concludes. Free to Learn Guide/Index of OER Resources. Open Educational Resources come in many shapes and sizes.

Free to Learn Guide/Index of OER Resources

This partial list of sources introduces the scope of OER and the organizations cultivating its increasingly vital role in opening higher education up to the greatest number of people worldwide. Learning Objects Learning objects are educational raw materials of varying degrees of complexity that can be used combined with other learning objects to create more complete or comprehensive sets of learning materials. Connexions Run by Rice University, Connexions describes itself as "a place to view and share educational material made of small knowledge chunks called modules that can be organized as courses, books, reports, etc.

" All content is now available for download as the EPUB file used by most smart phones and e-readers worldwide. OER Commons ISKME created OER Commons to build a knowledge base around the use and reuse of open educational resources (OER). Digitized Library Collections Resources. Lehre und Wissenschaft 2.0. SlideShare: Starterhilfe 16.

Lehre und Wissenschaft 2.0

Februar 2016 von Ulrike Mußmann Monatsspecial “SlideShare” (Teil 3/3): Im letzten Teil unseres Monatsspecials zu SlideShare erhalten Sie einige Tipps zur effektiven Nutzung des Tools sowie Informationen zur technischen Handhabung. Tipps zur Nutzung von SlideShare. Elearning vs digitalisierung. Abstractband und Detailplan.