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Life in the Alphabet. on the Behance Network. The idea of the project is to represent a letter in a natural form and appearance.Like something alive has turned into a letter and stood still.In some letters it's possible to find symbolism, others are just an abstract form.In the alphabet you can find only one human - a woman in space.

Life in the Alphabet. on the Behance Network

And one unreal creature - a dragon, also a very symbolical sign. size: А5 (each) ; pencil; summer 2009. available for order on the site Жизнь в Алфавите.Идея проекта - изобразить букву в еe натуральной форме и в естественном обличии.Как будто что-то живое превратилось в букву и замерло.B какиx-то букваx можно обнаружить символизм, иные являются абстрактной формой.B алфавите всего один человек - женщина в космосе. Hand lettering by BMD Design. The Dead Words. Typocamp. Brigade AntiPub. #2. Fonts Typefaces - Typofonderie.

Typographisme. Typositoire : Une typo et au lit. Le Typographe. As part of the Fête du Graphisme 2015, projection of 12 short movies called Sacrés caractères: Times, Futura, Helvetica, Mistral, Bodoni, Garamond and many others.

Le Typographe

The film crew including Thomas Sipp, Damien Gautier and Valérianne Boué will be present. This is also an opportunity to honor this essential discipline of graphic arts and unknown to the public, typeface design. “A roundtable hosted by Philippe Di Folco will include typographers, typeface designers including Jean François Porchez.” Design&Typo - The site. Typekit. ART+TYPO // Labyrinthes coulorimetriques. ART+TYPO // Labyrinthes coulorimetriques Très belles réalisations tirées du portfolio de Stefan Chinof a.k.a.

ART+TYPO // Labyrinthes coulorimetriques

Chin2off Ces images sont pleines de fraîcheus et s’ imposent de par leurs simplicité. Typographie et valeurs sémantiques, décryptage des courants graphiques et typographiques.