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5BF_Metrics_poster.jpg (Image JPEG, 1500x1043 pixels) - Redimensionnée (72%) Exposure to outdoor air pollution: mapped by city. Turn autoplay off Edition: <span><a href=" Sign in Beta About us Today's paper Subscribe Custom Search Exposure to outdoor air pollution: mapped by city Air pollution in Beijing has reached a new high in the past few days.

Exposure to outdoor air pollution: mapped by city

<h2 style="font-size: 20px; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: bold">Comments</h2><div style="padding: 10px; background: #ededed; font-size: 14px; margin-bottom: 10px;"><p style="margin-bottom: 10px;"><a href=" here to join the discussion</a>. © 2014 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Send to a friend Your IP address will be logged Share Short link for this page: World CO2 Emissions. View the yearly CO2 production of countries and how it has varied since 1980.

World CO2 Emissions

Compare total CO2 emissions to per capita production by selecting: "CO2-Emissionen pro Kopf je Land" from the dialog box. About this Viz Join us as we explore the diligent work of Tableau Public authors the world over: Graphic: how shale gas is extracted through fracking. PhiloGL - US Wind Patterns. Wind Map. An invisible, ancient source of energy surrounds us—energy that powered the first explorations of the world, and that may be a key to the future.

Wind Map

This map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. The wind map is a personal art project, not associated with any company. We've done our best to make this as accurate as possible, but can't make any guarantees about the correctness of the data or our software. Please do not use the map or its data to fly a plane, sail a boat, or fight wildfires :-) If the map is missing or seems slow, we recommend the latest Chrome browser.

Surface wind data comes from the National Digital Forecast Database. If you're looking for a weather map, or just want more detail on the weather today, see these more traditional maps of temperature and wind. 2011年の世界の地震 分布図 World earthquakes 2011 Visualization map (2012-01-01) Enercities. Tyne ‹ ~Flow. Informational landscapes. Visual thinking: Spacetime. Carbon map infographic: a new way to see the Earth move. How can you map the world to show global data in an immediately clear way?

Carbon map infographic: a new way to see the Earth move

How can you show two datasets at once to see how they compare? Kiln, a partnership of Guardian writer Duncan Clark and developer Robin Houston has come up with this beautiful new take on the globe. Watch the animated intro or click on the topics and see the map move before your eyes. Adding shading lets you compare two datasets to see how they relate – so you can see clearly how poorest countries have the fastest growing populations but the lowest emissions • The map works best in newest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari• Who made this graphic?

Geologic Time: Graphical Representation of Geologic Time.