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Lesson 11 Persuasive Oral Presentation Techniques

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How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk.

Pretty interesting and foolproof tips on how to make you sound brilliant during presentations. Personally I enjoy watching TED talks so to hear tips from TED staff and speakers themselves, I find them pretty useful. – nicholas_

Deliver a persuasive speech to an audience.

I found this video very interesting and humorous. i believe that the tips that are discussed in the video will be useful in my future presentations. – seanquay
Thanks ashton & happy birthday ha ha ha – mjauhar97
Funny video and was quite engaging with pretty good points on presentingg. Good post! – iamashton
In this video we will learn how to use pace, volume levels and pauses to help enhance our speech to make it more persuasive. – mjauhar97

Present Like Steve Jobs.

I think I think that he is a wonderful example to learn from, because it speaks a lot about his success with the way he presents and captures the audience. – jar_visss
What goes behind the scenes for all of Steve Jobs' presentations is practice, practice and more practice. Countless of rehearsals are done until he finds that he reaches the point of perfection. This is the type of mentality Steve Jobs carries. A perfectionist in everything that he does. This is partly what makes him so successful. – nathanlepoopoo
Steve Jobs has always been one of my favourite presenters in the way he absolutely captivates his audience, whether those sitting in front of him or behind a computer screen, all the subtle techniques he uses and his immense preparation help to elevate his speeches. – mjauhar97
What better way to learn how to present than analyzing one of the best presenters known to us, Steve Jobs. Some of the points given are similar to the things we are thought. This video provides quite a clear analysis, giving useful points like creating simple slides that tell a story, is inspiring and can connect with the audience. – iamashton

Julian Treasure: How to speak so that people want to listen.

Interestingly i was just watching this just now. But i agree with the 7 sins of getting people to want to listen to you, being guilty of some of them. – iamashton
The fundamental to presentations- your voice. This video gives you tips on how you should use it to its fullest. Another important thing he talks about is character. HAIL- Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Love. These should be something all of us must have when we present and also in our everyday lives when we communicate with others. – nathanlepoopoo
Totally agree! grabbing audiences' attentions is very important in a presentation. – tauwan
I have learnt many techniques to improve on my oral presentation – zhenxuan
The CAFE Strategy is a very useful strategy. This strategy will ensure that the presenter captures and retains the attention of the audience. – mohamedshafeeq
Agreed ashton, your points are clear and i agree with them a 100%, well said. – mjauhar97
The flow of how a presentation should go was represented quite well in this infographic, giving examples of words and sentences to use with the techniques shown to deliver that flow eloquently. I find that it was easy to understand this infrographic because it provides a good structure, making it easier to follow and apply. – iamashton
This lesson had taught me the various ways of capturing the attention of the audiences. Involving the audience is essential to making an impact, getting their attention and stimulate their thoughts and understanding. I will use these strategies for my future presentations. – jrseanlee
I have learnt that it is important to engage the audience's emotions which i have not been doing in my past presentations. Additionally, i think that the strategies and techniques that are given would be of great help if they are applied properly. – benjamintoh

Persuasive Presentation: Why Repetition is Important. Science Of Persuasion 1280x720 Master.

  1. zhenxuan Jan 22 2016
    I found those video very useful and I'll use the techniques on the upcoming oral presentations
  2. fayyadh10 Jan 21 2016
    Totally agree with you. Well said lad. :)
  3. tauwan Jan 20 2016
    Many useful and interesting methods to be learnt in this document to improve my oral presentation. CAFE Strategy is short and easy to understand. Will try to apply them in my future presentation.
  4. nicholas_ Jan 17 2016
    Thank you for your kind words! :D Really made my day