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Cooking life skills!

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Food Blogs. Food Printables, Lessons, & Recipes for Grades K-12. Highlights Earth Day Kids love hearing about the Earth and ways we can be better to our environment!

Food Printables, Lessons, & Recipes for Grades K-12

We've gathered some great resources to help you celebrate Earth Day (April 22) with your class. Some of our most popular activities include this Pollution Matching Worksheet, Recycling Videos and Activities, and Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Worksheet, Recycled Art Lesson Plan, and a Trash & Climate Change Activities Packet! Videos Interested in using different types of media in your classroom? We have a growing collection of videos, with related activities, for holidays and events, including: slavery & the Civil War, American History, U.S. April Calendar of Events April is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Coding & Computer Science Introduce your students to basic coding and computer science!

Paz. Pearltrees videos. 60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to make drastic changes in order to notice an improvement in the quality of your life.

60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days

At the same time, you don’t need to wait a long time in order to see the measurable results that come from taking positive action. All you have to do is take small steps, and take them consistently, for a period of 100 days. Below you’ll find 60 small ways to improve all areas of your life in the next 100 days. Home 1. Day 1: Declutter MagazinesDay 2: Declutter DVD’sDay 3: Declutter booksDay 4: Declutter kitchen appliances 2. If you take it out, put it back.If you open it, close it.If you throw it down, pick it up.If you take it off, hang it up. 3. A burnt light bulb that needs to be changed.A button that’s missing on your favorite shirt.The fact that every time you open your top kitchen cabinet all of the plastic food containers fall out.

Happiness 4. 5. 6. How many times do you beat yourself up during the day? 7. Learning/Personal Development 8. - recipes, menus, meal ideas, food, and cooking tips. Pearltrees videos. Ice Cream or Bastani with pistachio’s and rose water « Persian Cuisine from Javane's Kitchen.

Ice Cream is easier to make than you think.

Ice Cream or Bastani with pistachio’s and rose water « Persian Cuisine from Javane's Kitchen

If you have an Ice Cream maker it’s even easier but not necessary. This is a basic Ice Cream recipe I adapted a little to give it a slightly Persian taste. Serves 4 Ingredients: 400 mls of milk 400 mls of double cream100 g’s of caster sugar4 medium eggs yolks2 teaspoons of rose-waterchopped pistachio nuts Preparation: If you are using an ice cream maker make sure your bowl is frozenYou will need a storage containerwhisk the cream until thick Method: Like this: Like Loading...

Food: Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes. How about some delicious and healthy appetizers?

Food: Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes

Not only for guests, I would totally do them for me and my husband, pair with some great wine for a Saturday night in...!! Here is the recipe: Hummus and Avocado Toasts with Roasted Tomatoes {Makes 6 – 8 party bites} Ingredients: * 6-8 slices of bread [gluten-free, whole wheat, etc.] * 1/2 cup hummus [store bought or homemade] * 1 avocado – halved, pitted and peeled * 4 plum tomatoes, halved lengthwise, cores and seeds removed * 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil * 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar * salt + pepper to taste Directions: 1. 4.While the tomatoes roast, toast your bread. 5. Overnight Spiced Vanilla-Pear Oatmeal. As sad as I am to see summer go, I’m certainly enjoying the cooler weather September is offering.

Overnight Spiced Vanilla-Pear Oatmeal

We’ve started turning off the air conditioner at night and cracking the windows to let the natural cool air in. And surprisingly, yesterday morning I woke up a little chilly. I got up at 6 to go for a run and it was so much colder (and darker) than what I’ve been used to all summer. By the end of my run I was hot and sweaty, but this spiced vanilla pear oatmeal was a beautiful thing to come home to. No, my husband didn’t make me breakfast.… crock pot did.

It’s the perfect breakfast for the brisk fall mornings, and even better for those frigid winter mornings to come. Just put everything into the crock pot right before you got to bed and when you wake up, not only will your house smell like heaven, but breakfast will taste like it too. Slow- Cooker Spiced Vanilla-Pear Oatmeal Ingredients 1 cup steel cut oats, dry 4 cups water 1 large (or two small) pears, sliced or chopped with skins. Avocado Basil Pasta. Pasta Salad with Avocado, Tomato, See how to make a fresh pasta salad with avocadoes, tomato, and mozzarella.

Avocado Basil Pasta

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Vegetarian Chili Recipe - Home.