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  1. joedavis May 26 2011
    The Pearltree is still active, just been encapsulated better so that the pearls are not all removed every time I come back to it. I wanted to have an open forum where everyone could add and organize the site but not remove the sites unless there was a good reason to do so. It takes time to add sites and make sure that they are not being duplicated, and I like to add the sites to a search engine that is the first pearl so you can search by subject or author. Pearls were being removed and even though I asked several times not to it kept happening until one day I came to the Pearltree and everything except Computer Books was gone. So I moved it and am no longer taking requests to team up. You don't have to be on team to use the pearltree though, just to help curate it. Everything is still there and has even grown since then. Enjoy!
  2. joedavis May 26 2011
    yes drszusz it was probably not even intentional that all the pearls were removed from the tree but I don't have the time to keep putting them back all the time and those who use it shouldnt have to come back to a pearltree that is empty because someone removed all the pearls and I havent put them back yet, so to make it easier on myself and to make sure all the users maintained access I moved it to a pearl only managed by myself. Now you can access all the sites and not have to worry about it being empty the next time you come back. Click on the one pearl that says Computer Books and it will take you to the pearltree or in the Pearltree one level up click on Free Ebooks and access the entire Pearltree instead of just the Computer Books section.
  3. couchcash May 25 2011
    what up with this pearltree it kind of takes on a life of it own
  4. drszusz May 25 2011
    Not sure of what it is, of if I should worry? Or both?
  5. drszusz May 25 2011
    To couchcash, what is 'curating'? And should I be concerned?
  6. drszusz May 25 2011
    It just takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole shootin' match. To mix metphors' It is a work in progrees, and these things are going to happen. We just have to learn from them and move on, Pas si?