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Online Collaboration Series. EPISODE 3Online CollaborationThe Future of Remote Working Featuring Stephane KasrielWednesday, March 25, 9am PT If you strive to make tools for remote work that reflect in-person experiences of work, you will always fall short.

Online Collaboration Series

We need to look to the future, and build tools that will harness the best of what virtual work can provide. Remote working tools that Stephane Kasriel mentioned during our conversation: Stephane just read: Who Gets What ? EPISODE 2Online Collaboration Series: Being There Without Being There. Future Shock is Here: A Future Now Special Edition. The far-reaching consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are a stark reminder that global shocks will always be part of life.

Future Shock is Here: A Future Now Special Edition

While shocks, by definition, are unpredictable, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for them. In fact, the purpose of futures thinking (like the kind we do at IFTF) is to develop practical tools, skills, and other capacities to anticipate, survive, and even benefit from disruptions of all kinds. The planetary shock of COVID-19 is a call-to-action for futures thinkers around the globe to get serious about the need to develop multifarious scenarios and flexible contingency plans.

In this special edition of IFTF's Future Now, we’re going to look at the coronavirus from a futurist’s perspective by framing three key big questions and by sharing a curated set of links to videos, essays, and other resources from IFTF experts to help you start to formulate answers that make sense for you, your organization, and your community now.

How to Understand the Future During a Global Pandemic. The Future as a Way of Life: - Marina Gorbis - Medium. Alvin Toffler’s Unfinished Business Disorientation.

The Future as a Way of Life: - Marina Gorbis - Medium

Irrationality. Malaise. These were the sensations that in 1965 famed futurist Alvin Toffler, who died two weeks ago, suggested would run rampant in the face of the “revolutionary transitions” facing our society. According to Toffler, we would all suffer from a condition not unlike the culture shock experienced by travelers to foreign countries. “Imagine not merely an individual but an entire society — including its weakest, least intelligent, and most traditional members — suddenly transported into this new world,” Toffler wrote in a Horizon magazine article titled “The Future as a Way of Life.” Stormz + Zoom for remote workshops - Webinar March 2020. The Future of Facilitation Virtual Workshop Recap + Blog + Voltage Control. Addressing the need for virtual facilitation amidst the coronavirus pandemic The unknowns of COVID-19 pose a concern for how to continue business as usual and many facilitators have found themselves wondering how to navigate this transition.

The Future of Facilitation Virtual Workshop Recap + Blog + Voltage Control

So last week, Voltage Control hosted a virtual workshop to discuss the future of facilitation. 120 participants from coast to coast, as well as Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa, joined in a live Zoom gathering to explore what is possible and how together we can shape a new virtual space and learn from one another. “As facilitators, we should be always be adapting to what’s happening around us and looking for ways to apply our skills to challenges beyond our workplace to help our communities during challenging times.” –Anthony Sanchez, Experience Lead at Funsize We have curated the important findings and takeaways from the workshop in the following recap.

Des outils pour faciliter des ateliers en ligne - Carole Laimay. Bonjour à tous, après avoir commencé à faciliter des ateliers à distance, voici un article un peu spécial puisque ce n’est pas un article.

Des outils pour faciliter des ateliers en ligne - Carole Laimay

Je vais simplement poster des liens vers des outils en ligne que j’ai mis en place avec Mural (tableau blanc virtuel) : tout est gratuit, servez-vous mais respectez les tableaux en évitant de tout désorganiser pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter. Merci et bon atelier ! Les animaux pour un icebreaker Utilisez les animaux pour se présenter ou bien pour donner son état d’esprit du moment. Lien vers le tableau Mural Les PLEX cards pour votre idéation Pour trouver de nouvelles idées, imposez une carte PLEX pour contraindre l’idéation : “trouvez des solutions en utilisant la carte Souffrance” !

Lien vers le tableau Mural La météo avec des avatars en icebreaker Cet icebreaker sert à voir dans quel état d’esprit sont les participants avant de commencer l’atelier. Lien vers le tableau Mural Les cartes Dixit Lien vers le tableau Mural Energizer avec le jeu Concept. Design Sprint Toolkit. Resources + Voltage Control. Online Warm Ups & Energizers. Let’s face it: online meetings can be awkward, especially when you don’t know anyone in the video call.

Online Warm Ups & Energizers

You might still be waking up with your first cup of coffee while someone else is bouncing with energy in a later time zone. But, they don’t have to be so uncomfortable. With the right exercises, you can make any remote participant feel at ease within seconds. The key is to find a simple way to form an emotional connection that will help people bond, regardless of where they are or how well they know each other. That’s where online warm ups and energizers come in. Online warm ups are ideal to introduce new team members and get participants to learn more about each other.

Online energizers are great for reloading energy, having fun and can involve some form of physical activity. In an ideal scenario, a facilitator will plan the exercise in advance, preparing the tools and the instructions needed for a smooth experience. Remote Work Toolkit - NoHQ. Work From Home Resources. Interactive presentation software - Mentimeter.  Jamboard : tableau blanc professionnel interactif 

Stay Connected. Wooclap - An interactive platform that makes learning awesome. Beekast - A unique interactive presentation software for meetings, conferences and training courses. Mural - Design collaborative remote workshop. Visual collaboration tools. Framapad - collaborate in a shared document. Miro - Online Collaborative Whiteboard. Free Screen & Video Recording Software. Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing. Video Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Share. - La visioconférence qui facilite et optimise les échanges à distance.