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Coca-Cola : Analyse de la stratégie marketing digitale et point de vente de la marque Coca-Cola : parcours client web to store, store to web, web in store, médias sociaux, promotions, niveaux de prix, merchandising…

Photos : les plus belles oeuvres de street art à Paris. Il y en a partout.

Photos : les plus belles oeuvres de street art à Paris

Les œuvres de street art recouvrent Paris depuis quelques années déjà : pochoirs, fresques, en 3D, à message ou “simplement” pour poser sa griffe, chaque street-artist s’empare du mobilier urbain. Mais dans ce flot de créations il est parfois difficile de repérer les pépites. Coca-Cola Demands You Choose Happiness in This Gritty Anthem Ad for Europe. Coca-Cola isn't just a soft drink.

Coca-Cola Demands You Choose Happiness in This Gritty Anthem Ad for Europe

It's an essential part of the human experience—the key to true happiness—says a grand new ad from the brand in Europe. So, suck up your laziness and bootstrap yourself some soda. The 70-second anthem by Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam (it's the office's first work for the brand) introduces a new theme, "Choose Happiness," and continues Coke's tradition of casting itself as synonymous with joy. But it takes a more aggressive tone than usual. Not only can you be happy, you should be happy, right now, and all you have to do is reach out and grab it. Set to a song and rap by Amsterdam-based HT, the spot (plus a more exhausting, full-blown branded music video, complete with an indecipherable hook) argues that happiness is a choice. The broad-reaching argument rests in large part on urging you to consider all the dandy things your hands can do. The extended version: Choose Happiness, la dernière publicité de Coca-Cola.

Coke's social media strategies goes wild. 7 leviers pour générer du trafic en Point de Vente. Coca-Cola’s strategy: heritage with ‘digital backbone’ Coca-Cola's Share a Coke Campaign Drives Sales. Coca-Cola Co. is seeing sales rise for the first time in more than a decade, thanks to its personalized bottle campaign, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Coca-Cola's Share a Coke Campaign Drives Sales

The "Share a Coke" campaign was first launched in Australia in 2011, with the local executives and the ad agency Ogilvy coming up with the idea. In the years since, the campaign has spread to more than 70 countries, including a U.S. launch this summer. While Coca-Cola isn't releasing its official sales figures ahead of the planned earnings call in late October, the Journal cites sources who are claiming sales volumes are up 0.4 percent for 12 weeks through August of this year, compared to the same period last year, and that sales dollars are up 2.5 percent overall—all after more than 10 years of steady declines. Those sources also noted that sales at Coca-Cola's biggest rivals—PepsiCo and Dr Pepper Snapple Group—have remained in the negatives.

"At the end of the day, our name is the most personal thing we have. Share a Coke: How the Groundbreaking Campaign Got Its Start 'Down Under': The Coca-Cola Company. The moment Lucie Austin saw her name on a Coke bottle, she knew her team had a hit on its hands.

Share a Coke: How the Groundbreaking Campaign Got Its Start 'Down Under': The Coca-Cola Company

“My reaction was childlike,” she recalls. “I knew many others would have the same reaction.” Austin, who at the time was director of marketing for , was huddled with her colleagues inside a Sydney conference room in 2011, listening to five agencies pitch concepts for Coke’s next summer campaign. A couple of weeks prior, they’d received a 151-word creative brief that gave them free reign to deliver a truly disruptive idea that would make headlines and capture the country’s attention.

The resulting campaign, known internally as “Project Connect” based on its ambition to both strengthen the brand’s bond with Australia’s young adults – and inspire shared moments of happiness in the real and virtual worlds – became known as “Share a Coke.” And it worked. That summer, Coke sold more than 250 million named bottles and cans in a nation of just under 23 million people. Les stratégies de Coca-Cola pour se défaire de sa mauvaise réputation.

Avec ses 4 sodas, Coca-Cola, qui a amélioré ses ventes de plus de 3% l'an dernier, reste leader sur le marché français.

Les stratégies de Coca-Cola pour se défaire de sa mauvaise réputation

Mais un leader de plus en plus contesté sur ses parts de marché, par une multitude de concurrents acharnés (Orangina-Schweppes, Pepsi, Breizh, les eaux aromatisées, les marques de bières qui multiplient les boissons aux fruits). Plus grave, la marque doit affronter en permanence les critiques sur sa responsabilité dans l'obésité. Il fallait donc à la fois recentrer le débat et protéger la réputation de la marque.

"Aujourd'hui nous franchissons une nouvelle étape, annonce Céline Bouvier, directrice marketing de Coca France. Nous n'avons plus qu'une marque qui porte quatre produits égaux". Budget optimisé Une grande campagne va être lancée en mai.


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