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Protest Like an Egyptian: An Occupation of Wall Street. On Oct. 1, Occupy Wall Street protesters marched onto the Brooklyn Bridge.

Protest Like an Egyptian: An Occupation of Wall Street

The protesters, along with several of the country's largest worker's unions, are planning an even larger march on Oct. 5. AP/Stephanie Keith. On Oct. 1, the two-week anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protest, 700 protesters and one New York Times reporter were arrested in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Felix Salmon misses the point on #Occupy and the global elite. Felix Salmon is a respected and interesting Reuters blogger, and in a recent post entitled American Plutocracy he makes some good points which are exactly in line with what I write about in Treasure Islands.

Felix Salmon misses the point on #Occupy and the global elite

I hope he won’t mind my pasting quite a lot of his blog: Michael Lewis puts his finger on something important:“Ordinary Greeks seldom harass their rich, for the simple reason that they have no idea where to find them. To a member of the Greek Lower 99 a Greek Upper One is as good as invisible.He pays no taxes, lives no place and bears no relationship to his fellow citizens. Adbusters: MicahWhite Revolution in America. David Graeber. “The funny thing is,” my Egyptian friend told me, “you’ve been doing this so long, you kind of forget that you can win.

David Graeber

All these years, we’ve been organizing marches, rallies … And if only 45 people show up, you’re depressed. If you get 300, you’re happy. Death by Advertising. "Let me tell you the story of a man killed by advertising.

Death by Advertising

" So begins Émile Zola's satirical Death by Advertising, a short fiction story published in 1866 that describes the swift decline of Pierre Landry, a naïve believer in all claims of advertisers. What is remarkable about this story is not just that Zola had developed a compelling – and widely read – critique of advertising a hundred and forty years ago, but that within his imagined world we glimpse the beginnings of the mental environment movement. Pierre Landry is a caricature whose purpose is to show both the absurdity and the dangerous consequences of incessant advertising. He was brought up reading and admiring newspaper and billboard advertising and taught to believe the claims made by advertisers without question. A Master Class in Occupation - Chris Hedges' Columns. A Master Class in Occupation Posted on Oct 31, 2011 By Chris Hedges.

A Master Class in Occupation - Chris Hedges' Columns

Aaron Peeters: The movement that needs no name. Keith Kahn-Harris recently wrote about the genesis of a movement that is currently underway and represents no less than a “...spectre ...haunting the early 21st century world”.

Aaron Peeters: The movement that needs no name

Kahn-Harris observes that this movement possesses the ability to radically transform the world as we know it, and yet he notes, it does not yet recognize itself as a movement. The 'Movement' and the Twilight of Neo-Liberalism: Slavoj Zizek: 'Now the field is open' - Talk to Al Jazeera. From the Middle East to the streets of London and cities across the US there is a discontent with the status quo.

Slavoj Zizek: 'Now the field is open' - Talk to Al Jazeera

Whether it is with the iron grip of entrenched governments or the widening economic divide between the rich and those struggling to get by. But where are those so hungry for change heading? How profound is their long-term vision to transform society? Naomi Klein: The Most Important Thing in the World. Why Occupy Wall Street? We’ve Got The Lowdown. Photo: (Gusto NYC, Mr.

Why Occupy Wall Street? We’ve Got The Lowdown

GIF, Spleen Latifa) By now, you’ve no doubt heard a lot of Occupy Wall Street buzz. Maybe you’ve even gotten word that an Occupy Together protest is coming to a downtown near you. With poster board in one hand and a Sharpie in the other, you’re ready to get your march on and support the movement’s mission, which is … erm … well … what exactly? We have the lowdown. Stiglitz: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the1% (may2011) It’s no use pretending that what has obviously happened has not in fact happened.

Stiglitz: Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the1% (may2011)

The upper 1 percent of Americans are now taking in nearly a quarter of the nation’s income every year. In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1 percent control 40 percent. Joseph Stiglitz talks Occupy Wall Street [NBC 10-03-2011] Chris Hedges & Amy Goodman. Bloomberg Says He Seeks Balance Between Right to Protest and 'Right to Be Silent' Marine veteran rant against NYPD brutality - times square. Marine vs. 30 Cops (Marine Wins) 'Occupy Wall Street' CNN interview with Michael Moore DBickford 360-773-1318. Citizen Radio Watches Occupy Wall Street Grow. Occupy Wall Street Really 'Becoming A Force' On Monday, Kanye West and Russell Simmons stopped by to show support for the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Occupy Wall Street Really 'Becoming A Force'

But they weren't the first hip-hop celebs to lend their time to the cause. Last week, Talib Kweli also made a surprise appearance, which included a performance of his new song "Distractions. " Occupy Wall Street: A Guided Tour. NEW YORK — Although the unseasonably warm weather has been favorable to Occupy Wall Street protesters who have set up shop in Zuccotti Park, the logistics and potential problems of living in a public space are not lost on the occupiers. Early concerns about basic needs and safety for the demonstrators quickly spawned a democratic system to provide resources for those on the ground who need them. A Tour Of Occupy Wall Street.

NYPD Dangerously Uses Horses to Control Crowd at Occupy Wall Street in Times Square (Video) Salman Rushdie: Excellent, thought provoki... OWS 'We Will Not be Co-opted' TheAlyonaShow. #OCCUPYWALLSTREET WINS! Bloomberg backs down, protestors stay in park. Mashable: *Occupy Wall Street Protesters and Police Clash. Occupy Wall Street, the social media-spawned movement that has gone viral across the U.S., turned violent Friday morning after the New York City mayor's office announced cleanup of Zuccotti Park would begin at 7 a.m.

Protesters have held their ground in lower Manhattan since Sept. 17, and though this morning's arrests are not the first, many across the web say the movement is heating up. Word of the cleanup came Thursday afternoon, when Zuccotti Park owner Brookfield Properties stated they would spend Friday cleaning the location, which had become unsanitary. Nation Waiting For Protesters To Clearly Articulate Demands Before Ignoring Them. NEW YORK—As the Occupy Wall Street protest expands and grows into a nationwide movement, Americans are eagerly awaiting a list of demands from the group so they can then systematically disregard them and continue going about their business, polls showed this week. "The protesters need to unify around a shared agenda with precise policy goals so I can begin paying no attention to them whatsoever," said Tulsa, OK poll respondent Kaye Petrachonis, echoing the thoughts of millions across the country.

"If they don’t have a clear power structure organized around specific demands first, then I'll never be able to completely tune them out due to a political conflict of interest or an inability to comprehend complex, detailed economic concepts. These people really need to get their act together. " A Movement Too Big to Fail - Chris Hedges' Columns. A Movement Too Big to Fail Posted on Oct 16, 2011 By Chris Hedges.

Occupy Wall Street NYPD runs over a protester with motorcycle. Occupy Wall Street to a global intifada? On Wednesday, October 5, I joined thousands of others and marched down lower Manhattan to 'occupy Wall Street'. Seeing thousands of people marching peacefully together under the banner of occupying struck me in profound and contradictory ways. The marches and occupation were orderly and disciplined. There was neither a mob mentality, nor a sense of anarchy, nor any violence. No one crushed anyone else, in fact people apologised if they so much as tread over each other's toes. 'Occupy': A catalyst for change? - Inside Story. Students storm Goldman Sachs building in Milan.

M. Hardt A. Negri The Fight for 'Real Democracy ' at the Heart of Occupy Wall Street. The Fight for 'Real Democracy' at the Heart of Occupy Wall Street. Goldman Sachs to Employees: Avoid Occupy Wall Street - US Business Blog. 10-14 A brief history of the 15th of October: where it comes from, what it means and the future of the global uprising. Social media and the Wall Street protests: #Occupytheweb. The 'Last Place Aversion' Paradox. Occupy Wall Street's Greatest Strength Is Neutering It - Conor Friedersdorf - Politics. Djripley On Occupy Wall Street. Occupy-beweging groeit als een inktvlek.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Rock New York City. Mass Arrest Resembles Infamous, Costly Police Tactic, Critics Say. The call to occupy Wall Street resonates around the world. Proposal For A New Constitutional Amendment: A Separation of Corporation and State. #occupywallstreet vs Avaaz « 10-11 Žižek at Wall Street: “don’t fall in love with yourself” #occupywallstreet #ows. Bartleby’s Occupation of Wall Street. Occupy Protests’ Seismic Effect. Global protests: Occupy the London Stock Exchange takes over the City. Instant succes. Wall Street Crash. The Fantastic Success of Occupy Wall Street. 'Occupy Wall Street' CNN interview with Michael Moore DBickford 360-773-1318.

Micah Sifry: OWS is here to stay. Occupy Your Heart, Then Occupy Wall Street. Hans Achterhuis: Ik kom in opstand, dus wij zijn. @RobWijnberg fantomeconomy too big to fail, democratie not important enoughto save. VK: Steeds meer Amerikanen steunen Occupy Wall Street. NRC: Democratie en kapitalisme gaan scheiden. Ontferm je over kind Occupy. TheEconomist: OWS~Leaderless, consensus-based participatory democracy and its discontents. Occupy weet het (nog) niet. Het Grote Media Debat. Globalizing Dissent, From Tahrir Square to Liberty Plaza. Occupy Wall Street and the deradicalized Rawls. Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed. People power versus the global economy - Inside Story.

Winter is Coming for Occupy Wall Street…But Are They Ready? Occupy first. Demands come later. MEDIAS #OWS. The Audacity of Occupy Wall Street. Finding Freedom in Handcuffs - Chris Hedges' Columns. George Monbiot: The 1% are the very best destroyers of wealth the world has ever seen. David Harvey: The Party of Wall Street Meets its Nemesis. Governing the Occupy Movement through Crime. The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy. Anne Applebaum: Occupy protests undermine democracy. Occupy has succeeded in reframing the debate where Labour has failed.

Cenk predicts 2012 will 'be the year of the revolution' - The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur. The Rush to Archive Occupy. Occupation 101: NYU to Offer Two ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Classes. Columbia Uni Offering Course In Occupy Wall Street, With Field Work. Occupy the Classroom: NYU to Offer Classes on Occupy Protests. Why Now? What's Next? Naomi Klein and Yotam Marom in Conversation About Occupy Wall Street.

A Eulogy for #Occupy. Game or be gamed: Douglas Rushkoff on prototyping democracy through play. Kalle Lasn – Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction Of Neoclassical Economics. "The Revolution Will Be Hashtagged": The Visual Culture of the Occupy Movement. On Wall Street, a Protest Matures. NYT Biz Writer Checks Out Occupy Wall Street–Based on CEO's Worries. Waarom Occupy wél een succes was - Vonk. Don’t Shoot the Messenger - Nieuw W!J.