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420. 6 Awesome Pro-Marijuana Ads. How to Roll A Joint? Is Fox Coming Out With A Marijuana Legalization Sitcom? Can We Expect ‘The Happy Tree’ To Come Across Our Televisions Sooner Than Later?

Is Fox Coming Out With A Marijuana Legalization Sitcom?

I just saw the following message come across Drug Policy Alliance’s Twitter Feed: “Fox sitcom about marijuana legalization in the works” Naturally, my interest was peaked. I am hoping to see at least one accurate marijuana sitcom before I die. I know what people will say, ‘what about Weeds!?’ The Disastrous War on Drugs Turns 40: 5 Ways to Stop the Madness. February 11, 2011 | Like this article?

The Disastrous War on Drugs Turns 40: 5 Ways to Stop the Madness

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Some anniversaries provide an occasion for celebration, others a time for reflection, still others a time for action. This June will mark forty years since President Nixon declared a "war on drugs," identifying drug abuse as "public enemy No. 1. " Myths About Cannabis. Misconceptions Cannabis is probably the world’s most popular casual use drug that is illegal in most nations.

Myths About Cannabis

It has become so widespread that many people wouldn’t think twice about asking to light up at a friend’s or to smoke in public places. It is an ancient drug that has been used throughout history for medical, magical, and pleasurable purposes. Thanks to the scare-tactics of propaganda in the 1960s and 1970s, there are many myths surrounding the drug – this list intends to put things straight once and for all. Myth: Cannabis’ active ingredient THC gets stored in body fat and its effects can last days or even weeks. Ganja. War on drugs - curators.. Marijuana/Drug Legalization. HighDEAS. What Canabis Actually Does To Your Brain. Chances are they would've ended up brainless morons with or without the pot.

What Canabis Actually Does To Your Brain

It's quite frankly not strong enough of a narcotic to destroy one's life such as you describe. It's very dependent on the user's persona. @Tadashii: Are you also for alcohol and tobacco prohibition? Those ruin more lives every year then marijuana has ever. 420. Hahaha!! Gotta love the married life. A Marijuana History Lesson. Police Profit From Marijuana Arrests In U.S. Cannabis Road Test. The Flower. Intel Marijuana Parody. Should Be Legalized Parody. The Stoner's Cookbook. Secret of the Green Dragon. Cannabis Growing Guide. Welcome to Weed Farmer's Free cannabis growing guides.

Cannabis Growing Guide

He will help you to grow the most potent Cannabis plants possible. You will find online information on cannabis seeds, germination, Cannabis plant sexing, Cannabis growing equipment of today, hydroponic techniques, indoor cannabis growing, outdoor cannabis cultivation, troubleshooting plus a whole lot more. Use the quick search box to find specifics right away. Enjoy the reading! Top 11 Marijuana Documentaries. By Evilpig on May 3, 2010 | 56 Comments This list was written by Hail Mary These are by far some of the best marijuana documentaries to date. All of them are eye-opening and most of them make a serious case for the legalization of marijuana and/or medical marijuana. Colbert's Best Marijuana Moments. Video. Interesting Facts. Uses For Industrial Hemp. Not to overly play into the stereotype of the TreeHugger moniker, but today is 4/20 so a quick review of all the great uses for industrial hemp--you know, that non-psychoactive relative of marijuana that for myriad moronic reasons is more or less illegal* to cultivate in the United States but not work with and sell--seemed apropos.

Uses For Industrial Hemp

From clothing, to food, to fuel, to a whole host of consumer and building products, not to mention helping in cleaning up soil pollution, it's only slightly hyperbole to call hemp a wonder crop: photo: Janet via flickr. 1. Clothing Hemp's been used for textiles since time immemorial--samples of hemp fabric in China date back to 8,000 BC--though it has certainly had a renaissance of late. Hemp Facts. Uses For Cannabis. Stiletto Stoners.

How to Roll A Joint? How to Roll a Perfect Joint - Wiz Khalifa. On Being Stoned. Home Basic Facts About the War on Drugs Frequently Asked Questions Charts and Graphs Whats New.

On Being Stoned

Myths About Cannabis. Indica Vs. Sativa. THC vs CBD. The Brain on Marijuana. Marijuana's effect on the brain is far from understood, but Australian research published Monday in the Archives of General Psychiatry suggests that very heavy long-term smoking might be associated with structural changes in two areas of the brain rich in receptors to the drug.

The Brain on Marijuana

The hippocampus, believed to regulate emotion and memory, and the amygdala, which plays a role in aggression and fear, were smaller—12 percent and 7 percent, respectively—in a group that smoked at least five joints daily for at least the past 10 years (and, on average, 20 years) when compared to a nonsmoking group. Users also showed more signs of sub-threshold psychotic symptoms compared with those in the group that abstained. How Marijuana Affects Memory: It's Not The Neurons.

Getting mice stoned can actually result in important scientific discoveries.

How Marijuana Affects Memory: It's Not The Neurons

Research published in March in Cell magazine reveal how marijuana impairs working memory, the short-term memory we use to hold on to and process thoughts. The classic example is of the stoner who forgets the point he was making, mid-sentence. To study exactly how cannabis affects working memory in such a fashion, Giovanni Marsicano of the University of Bordeaux in France and his colleagues removed cannabinoid receptors from neurons in mice, reports Ruth Williams at Scientific American. These receptors are proteins that respond to marijuana's chief psychoactive ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

The mice whose cannabinoid receptors had been removed from their neurons were just as forgetful as regular mice when given THC; that is to say, they were just as bad at memorizing the position of a hidden platform in a water pool. Get Higher with Mangoes. Unlike the rumor smoking banana peels will produce a high, mangoes do contribute to increasing a stoners' weed high.

Get Higher with Mangoes

Marijuana contains a chemical called Myrcene. High grade marijuana bud generally contains a comparatively higher concentration of myrcene than low grade cannabis bud. Marijuana, Sleep and Dreams. Marijuana affects dreams. Stoners say they don't have dreams but if they stop smoking for a few days, they are flooded with dreams. Is there any psychological research supporting this? Sleep and wakefulness are both parts of a normal daily rhythm. Fish, cats, humans, and many other living things have daily cycles of activity and rest. Above The Ignorance. Reasons Pot Should Be Legal. October 24, 2010 | Like this article?

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. California’s Prop 19 will be the most talked-about ballot initiative in the November election. WHY? Best Marijuana Argument Ever. Telling Teenagers the Truth. Lying to Teens about Marijuana does more harm than good. I think it's wrong for society to lie to teenagers about smoking marijuana. I find it frustrating when I hear ads from places like "Partnership for a Drug Free America" running commercials against Pot that just aren't true. I don't like it when people warn teens about using "Marijuana and Cocaine" when Pot is almost harmless and Cocaine is a dangerous drug. Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids. Medical Cures. Common Medical Uses for Cannabis (Marijuana) Physicians, Cannabis Cooperatives and Dispensaries Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Directory of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Project CBD Cannabinoid Profiles of Cannabis Strains Cannabis Laboratories: The Testing Landscape in America.

CBD Fighting Cancer. "WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER" Cannabinoids Occur Naturally In Human Breast Milk. Alcohol, Cigarettes Riskier Than Marijuana. Marijuana for Your ADHD Kid. Art Glass Pipes. Vapor Genie. Fuck Yeah Your Piece Is Sweet! Grav Labs. Helix.

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