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Bonnes Pratiques / Good practices

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Idée recup. Des moutons pour remplacer les tondeuses. Paris va tester des moutons en guise de tondeuses. Zero Waste: Including Grassroots Recyclers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sorting materials in cooperative El Alamo Green Center.

Zero Waste: Including Grassroots Recyclers in Buenos Aires, Argentina

(Photo: Ciudad de Buenos Aires)“Environmental Possibilities: Zero Waste” features new ways of thinking, acting, and shaping government policy that are circling the globe. Each week, we highlight a success story in the zero waste movement, excerpted from the report On the Road to Zero Waste: Successes and Lessons from Around the World by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA). GAIA is a powerful worldwide alliance of more than 650 grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals in over 90 countries. Just another site. Drones for Good: Crop Yields Boosted by Eyes in the Sky.

The term "drone" rightfully brings up negative images of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) doing terrible things—or, rather, allowing their human operators to do terrible things—like killing 50 civilians for every one "militant" in Pakistan.

Drones for Good: Crop Yields Boosted by Eyes in the Sky

But UAVs or drones can also be put to good use. For example, Michigan State University just acquired a drone that will fly over agricultural fields and monitor the health of farmers' crops. This will allow farmers to better manage their fields, and to hopefully use less water, fertilizer and herbicides, said Bruno Basso, an ecosystem scientist at the university. So far, the system has been tested in Europe to prove that it works but has yet to be flown over crop fields in the states, Basso said. But previous tests have shown that it is capable of measuring the nitrogen content of plants—whether or not they may need fertilizer—and if they need water. It contains three instruments. Another agricultural use for drones is more efficient use of pesticides. Coal Ash Chronicles: Stories about America's second-largest waste stream. Bumblebees take off with a special fungus weapon to save strawberries. Squadrons of bumblebees are being deployed in a novel attempt to prevent grey mould turning the summer's strawberries into fluffy mush.

Bumblebees take off with a special fungus weapon to save strawberries

The bees are routed via a one-way system in their hive through a tray of harmless fungus spores which, when delivered to flowers, ensure that the grey mould cannot take hold as the fruit grows. New flowers on a strawberry crop open every day, which means that spraying with pesticides only protects those that are open at the time. "But the bees visit the flowers at the perfect moment for that flower," said Harriet Roberts of Adas, an agricultural consultancy testing the use of bees as delivery systems in the UK.

More than 50,000 tonnes of strawberries are sold through UK supermarkets alone each year, but more than half can suffer from grey mould (Botrytis cinerea), which only manifests itself after the fruit has been picked and causes major damage to crops around the world. The damp summer of 2012 saw a particularly high incidence of the mould. Butinage d’innovations en Inde. Honey Bee Network. How did it all begin?

Honey Bee Network

| Who are we? Des piscines sans chlore. Manger mieux. Royaume-Uni : les bourdons volent au secours des fraises. L'appétit d'ogre des lombrics, alternative écolo pour les déchets ménagers. Bienvenue sur Ecowizz. My Plastic-free Life... Ile-de-France: créer des emplois gâce aux déchets de chantier. Une chantier sur les berges de la Seine, à Paris, le 28 janvier 2013© AFP/Archives Bertrand Guay.

Ile-de-France: créer des emplois gâce aux déchets de chantier

PulpWorks: Recycled Paper Will Replace Toxic PVC in Packaging. PulpWorks’ PVC-free prototype for a bleach pen replaces the “blister pack” which produces tons of PVC per product line.

PulpWorks: Recycled Paper Will Replace Toxic PVC in Packaging

When it comes to sustainability, consumers care about packaging. They can’t not. It’s the most in-your-face waste in the manufacturing process; it has inspired the plastic-free revolution of Beth Terry and others, and municipal bans on plastic bags. Consumer-products eco-darling Method made thousands of consumers aware of detergent-to-water ratios, and now a former Methodite is taking on one of the most toxic chemical made by humans: PVC.Paul Tasner left Method in 2009. A former supply chain manager for Clorox, he returned to consulting on supply chain management until 2010, when he got fascinated by the idea of closing the loop with recycled newsprint. A Albi, on s’éclaire pas cher. Tips for Creating Zero Waste, Plastic-Free Events. Whenever I give my plastic-free presentation, I’m interested to see what the hosting organization will do to ensure the event itself is as plastic-free as possible.

Tips for Creating Zero Waste, Plastic-Free Events

I try to give tips beforehand so I don’t walk in on a table full of plastic cups (which has happened more than once, ironically.) But lately, I’ve discovered some really ingenious ideas, some of which I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Some are about reducing plastic, and some are about reducing waste in general. So I thought I would share my favorites. 1) Ask attendees to BYO: bring their own reusable cups, bottles, utensils, containers, and even shirt! Green Sangha’s website announcement of its Plastics 360 event in Lafayette last month included the following: Les vélos en libre-service sont lancés à New York.

The Green MBA at Dominican University of California. A Comprehensive Curriculum The Dominican MBA’s comprehensive curriculum combines an interdisciplinary set of core business courses with forward-looking specializations in leadership, sustainability or global business, and resume-building experiential learning opportunities.

The Green MBA at Dominican University of California

The program includes: Des arbres contre le désert. Granulés de bois pellets - Chauffez votre maison, pas la planète. Mettez du granulé dans votre chaudière ! Les LED prennent le métro. Guide des gestes et investissements écologiques et économiques. Ordi Solidaire : Matériel informatique, ordinateurs et pc d'occasion. Jardiner autrement : les bonnes pratiques. L'étude est parue discretement cette semaine, largement eclipsée par le scandale Volkswagen : et pourtant, selon Greenpeace, «carburer» à 100% d'énergies renouvelables en 2050 serait parfaitement possible en France comme dans le monde, créerait des millions d'emplois et serait compétitif en termes de coûts.

Jardiner autrement : les bonnes pratiques

Oui, vous avez bien lu : en France aussi ! D'ailleurs, le discours de l'ONG est conforté par une étude du CNRS qui estime que la transition énergétique pourrait créer 230 000 emplois nets d'ici 2030, dans le secteur de l'énergie ! Pour plus d'infos et de chiffres, on vous conseille l'étude de Greenpeace ( à compléter par nos reportages. Ethical heaven. How to choose the right eco-label for your brand. Eco-labels are an excellent way to enhance credibility for green marketing claims, but they are not without risk.

How to choose the right eco-label for your brand

While 28% of consumers look to green certification seals or labels to confirm that a product adheres to claims, these labels can also confuse. Happily there’s enough method within the madness for marketers to pave a way forward. Eco-labeling challenges More than 400 different eco-labels or green certification systems are now on the market. Questions such as which label is better, which product is safer for the environment and what does a label even mean are common questions that well-intended green shoppers may find themselves asking when trying to make an environmentally responsible purchase. Confusion can arise from labels that certify too much or too little information. Some products, such as electrical appliances, have a number of labels and certifications, while others, such as mattresses or flatware, have none.

Voluntary U.S. government labels A way forward 1. 4. 5. Une armée d’insectes pour nettoyer la ville. Autopartage. B Corporation.