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Funniest Commercial Ever! Adobe Photoshop Makeup Parody. Test Your Awareness : Whodunnit? World of Warcraft TV Commercial: Aubrey Plaza - Birthday Gift Video. FUS RO DAH!!! Skyrim Archer SkillShot 4 (headshot) Ohio University Marching 110 - The Party Rock Anthem. Yes, this cat is playing the shell game. Nerd Girl Love - Original Song. Battlefield 1942 LoopZook. Austin Powers Short - Your Fez is Familar. Philip Zimbardo - The Colbert Report - 2008-11-02. WoW Part of Your Guild (Little Mermaid Parody) Ocarina of Time 3D - Robin Williams Commercial. You will NEVER guess what this ad is about. Gamarjobat - Amazing Comedy Duo. You just got REICHROLL'D! Amnesia: Part 0. Who says wrestling is fake? Official Movie Site & Trailer. The Chronicles of Rick Roll is an action-packed thrill ride that follows Allison Sable and Rick Rolland (of the film’s title) through a fantasy digital world.

Official Movie Site & Trailer

It stars Hollywood veteran Mark Christopher Lawrence (NBC’s Chuck, The Island, The Pursuit of Happyness), as well as other currently undisclosed A-list talent. The “world of the Internet”, as explored in the film, is populated by top Internet sensations including Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow Guy, Boxxy, Leeroy Jenkins, Afro Ninja, WoW Freakout Kid, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Tay Zonday, Chuck Testa, Numa Numa, Copper Cab, Ted Williams, Evolution of Dance, David After Dentist, Chad Vader, and others.

Collectively, the viral video cast alone accounts for billions of video views Internet-wide. If you sleep in at my house, you are "Doom"ed. Tired cat passes out.