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Quiver - 3D Coloring App. Duet Display - Ex-Apple Engineers Turn Your iPad into a Second Display for your Mac. Duet Display - Ex-Apple Engineers Turn Your iPad into a Second Display for your Mac.

For Parents

Crayola Color Alive Event - 2.5.15. Stick Pick. iPad Games - ABCya! 1 to 1 iPad Class. Note-Taking with iPads. I vividly remember how I first learned to take notes.

Note-Taking with iPads

My sixth grade geography teacher lectured in outline style: "Roman Numeral one - China. A - Qin Dynasty. 1 - Rulers . . . " We wrote down precisely what he said, and to this day, I still take notes in outline form. However, consider Sunni Brown's TED Talk, "Doodlers Unite. " She argues that engaging in sketching while listening to complex ideas further supports learning. While outlining may work for me, what about those who value taking notes in the margins?

When students learn to hand-write their notes, they focus on content and organization within a single medium -- paper. Cameras and Microphones One of the most valuable features of iPad to support note-taking may be the camera. The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big. It’s only been a few months, but I’ve already noticed some drastic changes in our classroom when the iPads roll in….

The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big

I’ve labeled these Top-10 phenomena as being The iPad Effect, as they seem to occur every Tuesday and Thursday…. 1. Fewer Water Bubbler Visits Days when there are no iPads in the classroom, students seem to ask to leave to hydrate at the bubbler far more often than they do when the iPads ARE in the classroom. Scanner Pro by Readdle. Three Ring. Myscript: An incredibly fun calculator app. Yes, I just said that in the title.

Myscript: An incredibly fun calculator app

I am very obviously well into my 30s now that I would even consider saying that a calculator is fun but I just can't help it. A few days ago, one of my students, after going through the usual ritual of being told off for not bringing his calculator to a Physics lesson, asked if he could use the calculator on his iphone. Assuming that he would use the iphone for non-learning related means, I lingered nearby. ScreenChomp. Serve up Tasty Screen Videos with your iPad Our first experimental app helps you create bite-sized video nuggets everyone can learn from.


This recordable whiteboard is just the canvas you need to jot your ideas down and share them – with the world, or just a friend or two. Helpful to anyone, but developed with teachers and students in mind, ScreenChomp records your touchscreen interactions and audio so you can… Send helpful tutoring videos home with students Allow kids to create videos that help their classmates Explain complexities from afar Record your most recent brilliant idea Share doodles with friends and family A whiteboard with many colored markers, a wide-open Canvas, and easy sharing through or Facebook make it as easy as Record.

Aurasma. Once Upon a Time … An Overview of the Children’s Book App Market – Guest Post by Julie Brannon. This post originally appeared in the December 2011 edition of The Social Media Monthly. Author Julie Brannon is a marketing specialist with a focus on book apps. Readers of online newspapers are accustomed to finding interactive media interspersed with their daily reading which can now include videos, interactive graphs, social feedback and other enhancements. Publishers of digital books are beginning to experiment with mixing various media into their books as well. A great place to glimpse existing innovations that move toward this digital future is in iOS children’s book apps. Nosy Crow produces some of the most innovative children's book apps on the market by successfully integrating story with interactivity.

Parents love the guilt-free relief of turning over an entertaining yet educational iPhone book app to a child to keep them quiet while waiting in line at the grocery store or enduring a long road trip. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. Educreations - Teach what you know. Learn what you don't. ColAR Mix - 3D Coloring App. Animal_Cell_Page_Final_Page.pdf. Why App Smash? Inspired by the last #1to1iPadChat , I thought it was time to post on the world craze that is App Smashing.

Why App Smash?

The term App Smash was coined by the great Greg Kulowiec (@gregkulowiec) from EdTech Teacher fame. It is a hot topic in EdTech and obviously has its own Hashtag – #AppSmash. What is an App Smash? Content created in one app transferred to and enhanced by a second app and sometimes third. Preferably the final product is then published to the web – remember, digital presence is the new résumé (CV). Apps. 34 Smart Ideas For Using Smartphones In The Classroom. 34 Ways Ideas For Smartphones In The Classroom By Category by John Hardison first appeared on In continuation of last week’s article, Part 1: 44 Better Ways to Use Smartphones in Class, here is a new list of thirty-six additional ideas to help leverage the power of these tech gadgets in the learning environment.

34 Smart Ideas For Using Smartphones In The Classroom

In this blog post, I have attempted to avoid any redundancies. Please join me in helping educators everywhere creatively use smartphones by contributing any overlooked uses and supportive responses via this survey. The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad. Finding apps isn’t difficult.

The 55 Best Free Education Apps For iPad Best EdTech of 2014. Best Apps for Teaching & Learning 2013. Science 360 by the National Science Foundation Level: ALL (grades K-12)Platform: iOS Website Science 360 is a science and engineering news app designed to engage the user in visual explorations through photos, videos, and text.

Best Apps for Teaching & Learning 2013

There is new content added weekly by scientists, engineers, and the National Science Foundation. Teachers can email image and videos to integrate into lesson planning. Great Classroom Tools.