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25 Stunning Entries for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012. The 24th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest is over and the judges are about to announce the winners.

25 Stunning Entries for National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2012

Over 12,000 amazing images were submitted from all over the world in these four categories: Travel Portraits; Outdoor Scenes; Sense of Place; and Spontaneous Moments. National Geographic will announce the winners next month and meanwhile we are sharing 25 of our favorite entries. When I look at these spectacular photos I start to think that maybe my photography teacher was wrong after all.

He used to say that we should leave our DSLRs at home when traveling. “Take point-and-shoot camera instead – it’s either a holiday or you are working,” he said. If these travelers would have followed this advice, I wouldn’t be sharing these breathtaking pictures today. What about you? See all entries here: Via: Demilked, Modern Met and The Atlantic Lava Kiss Good Bye Old Friend Fly By “This photo was taken on the ice near Arctic Bay last month.

Create Avatar. 28485008.jpg (1536×1152) Nature-Corner-Landscape-1080p-HD-Wallpapers.jpg (1920×1080) Strawberry Poison Dart Frog - Animal Planet : Bigger Picture. Gasienicowa-valleytatra-mountainspoland-landscape-mountains-nature-poland.jpg (2000×1333) (1366×768) 1159688529_e2QKV-O.jpg (700×493) Padre-bay-lake-powell-utah-4273.jpg (1366×768) Fall_s_001.jpg (1232×500) Summer-picture-1920x1200-1003097.jpg (1920×1200) Beautiful-clouds-flowers-forests-mountains-nature-river-springtime-sunshine-valley-768x1366.jpg (1366×768) Beautiful_landscape_1-1366x768.jpg (1366×768) Wallpaper_1080p_4.jpg (1920×1080) 11966.jpg (1366×768) Oboi-gornoe-ozero-shirokoformatnie-1440x900.jpg (1440×900) Green-mountains.jpg (1366×768) Aystein-Lunde-Ingvaldsen1.jpg (1024×681) Amazing-nature-corner-1366x768.jpg (1366×768) 3HD7 (1680×1050)

The Winding Path, a photo from Zuid Holland, South. Critiques | Translate v_vicky Hello Pepijn, it seems like a path from a fairytale!!

The Winding Path, a photo from Zuid Holland, South

I like the colours and the atmosphere. Bravo! My regards Vicky foibles3 This is a classic shot. Divail Bonsoir Pepijn, C'est un sentier qui dégage une atmosphère de mystère. Tendzin (0) 2009-09-01 13:29 Well, yes, nice image but... has nobody noticed how all the leaves have *exactly* the same shade of green? These clues all point to this being a hand-tinted black-and-white photo. Excellent tinting on the trees, though. ambivalens lovely photo:) TFS fatma Pilote26 (154) 2012-01-31 11:25 Bonsoir Pepijn, Agréable photo, le chemin beau et le cadrage sympathique. Chintudutta (32) 2012-02-28 1:29 Hello Agnostic wonderful composition specially the contrast between shrub and the path.lovely texture and curve.good work. blueaquan I wouldn't be surprised if a shining Knight on a steed would suddenly appear there! The Trees on the right doesn't seem to be in focus and is straining my eyes. Cheers, Blue drt100 David ManishaJain. 228.jpg (1280×800)

20040604-2263_DAS_large.jpg (800×600) Greece-Island-landscape-beach-1280x1024.jpg (1280×1024) Weird terrifying trees whose bite is worse than their bark. Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr. Posted on March 17, 2011 in Photography If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter .

Nature photography by Patrick Zephyr

Thanks for visiting! Rate this Post (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading ... So... Check this out on our Partner Network. Awe-inspiring scenes from Mother Nature. Summer is the perfect time to get out and see how much nature has to offer.

Awe-inspiring scenes from Mother Nature

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