Agriculture aquaponique/hydroponique

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2015/04/10 > BE Allemagne 698 > Des fermes hydroponiques et aquaponiques pour les toits des grandes villes. UFU : la ferme urbaine grande comme une place de parking. Agriculture urbaine: une start-up berlinoise fait pousser des tomates à l'aide de poissons. Une ferme hydroponique dans votre cuisine en 2014 ? Hydroponie. Un article de Ékopédia, l'encyclopédie pratique.


L’hydroponie ou culture hydroponique (ou agriculture hors-sol), du grec πονος (ponos, "le travail" ou "l'effort") et ὕδωρ (hudōr, “l'eau”), consiste à utiliser un substrat neutre et inerte (sable, pouzzolane, billes d'argile, laine de roche, par exemple) pour cultiver des plantes hors sol. Une solution riche en sels minéraux et nutriments irrigue régulièrement ce substrat. 50 à 200 euro de matériel et vous produisez toute la nourriture dont vous avez besoin pour vous et votre famille. Cette technique est beaucoup utilisée en horticulture et pour certaines cultures maraîchères sous serre.

Il existe également des techniques parallèles : l' aéroponie (nutriments vaporisés) et sa variante l' ultraponie (nutriments apportés par un brumisateur à ultrasons). Rendement L'Institut d'hydroponie simplifié a constaté que le rendement de la culture hydroponique ( horizontale ) est de 2 kg de légumes par jour pour 20m2 [1]. Intérêt global et local Engrais. Produire ses légumes en ville : les propositions les plus folles. AgroParisTech présente jusqu’au 2 mars au Salon de l’agriculture (Pavillon 4, allée C, stand 134), une série d’animation autour du thème « Agriculture urbaine et société ».

Produire ses légumes en ville : les propositions les plus folles

Le sujet peut paraître décalé dans le cadre de « la plus grande ferme de France », évènement tout à la gloire de la ruralité. Pourtant, les projets d’agriculture urbaine se multiplient, notamment en France. AgroParisTech organise donc des jeux pour grands et petits, présente des réalisations, diffuse des films et organise des débats sur des thèmes comme « quels potagers pour Paris? », ou encore « agricultures urbaines, utopie ou réalités? ». Jardins collectifs Les jardins partagés constituent la forme la plus répandue d’agriculture urbaine. Une ferme dans un bunker en plein cœur de Londres.

Utiliser la Permaculture pour se libérer de notre société de Consommation. Le potager en permaculture partie 1. Le maraîchage en Permaculture est viable économiquement. maraîchage permaculturel - Rapport intermédiaire 2013.pdf. Podponics Grows Food Locally in Shipping Containers. PodPonics, an Atlanta based company, is all set to make locally grown food really local.

Podponics Grows Food Locally in Shipping Containers

The company aims to change the way “locally grown food stuffs” are produced & that new way calls for the use of old & used shipping containers. PodPonics aims to use shipping containers to grow food items. Hydroponic Wine Bottle Wall Garden at Student Bar. (The Aquaponics team saw three aquaponic systems...) Rencontre avec Flemming Funch, un pionnier de la culture aquaponique en France. The Farming Technique That Could Revolutionize the Way We Eat - Roman Gaus. On an early June morning in 2010, I stood outside the Aquaponics research facility at the University of Applied Sciences, perched on a green hilltop in Wädenswil, Switzerland, 20 minutes outside Zurich.

The Farming Technique That Could Revolutionize the Way We Eat - Roman Gaus

The lab director, Andreas Graber, had finally given in to my persistent calls requesting a visit. Graber, Switzerland’s most prolific aquaponics researcher, had been publishing on the subject for eight years — a long time in this young field. Graber greeted me, and we stepped inside. The lab, bright and humid under its greenhouse roof, contained a few round fish basins, each about 6 feet wide. Philip Houiellebecq's Auxano is a Hydroponic Indoor Herb and Vegetable Grower For City Dwellers. If you’re good around the kitchen, or just like delicious gourmet food, you might find the Auxano Vegetable and Herb Grower to be a great asset.

Philip Houiellebecq's Auxano is a Hydroponic Indoor Herb and Vegetable Grower For City Dwellers

This window mounted product, designed by Philip Houiellebecq, uses current hydroponics technology to enable urban dwellers to grow their own green produce. Eco-friendly and suitable for the smallest of spaces, Auxano is a revolutionary addition to the wide array of home and garden appliances. Growing plants takes time and dedication. It requires balanced watering, enough sunlight and nutrients, not to mention space capacity. Auxano Vegetable and Herb Grower is compact, requires no soil or electricity, and explains Houiellebecq, uses the natural resource commonly ignored in many apartments: sunlight.

Introduction to Shelfponics. A simple 3D animation to show relative size and layout of the bookshelf aquaponic vertical growing unit.

Introduction to Shelfponics

Here is the complete shelfponics system. Click the image to see full size. Here is a picture of the space we decided to add vertical growing. The yellow bucket is where we placed the bookshelf system. Winnipeg&RegionGreenMap. Sustainable Features: Hydroponically grown crops have to be very profitable per square foot to offset the expense of the necessary lighting, heating and mechanical systems.


Growing Prospects is currently experimenting with multi-level growing in order to increase production within the constrictions of their current floor area. Growing Prospects currently occupies 3,000 square feet of growing area and an additional 3,000 square feet for office space and training use. By developing an old parking area into an urban agricultural centre and training ground, underdeveloped inner city real estate becomes sustainable. Hydroponics equipment that is normally destined for landfill, is provided through Winnipeg Police Service drug seizures.

Plants that go crazy in Aquaponics. From left and clockwise, nasturtiums. cucumbers, papaya and tomatoes all grow well in aquaponics We all have our favorites.

Plants that go crazy in Aquaponics

Plants that defy normal growth and even gravity and just take off like a rocket in an aquaponics system. They crowd out other plants and just keep refusing to stop growing. They either take off up into the heavens or spill over the sides and tumble onto the ground and trip you over as you walk past. Aquaponics. How To Build Your Own Aquaponic System Fish for Aquaponics Back to Aquaponics The IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) tote can be made into a nice, starter Aquaponic system.


Used totes are common in agricultural/industrial areas. Permaculture un jardin urbain et un système aquaponique. Is This the Future of Farming? - Sarah Rich. ATLANTA -- It's easy to miss the Podponics headquarters on Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Is This the Future of Farming? - Sarah Rich

We breezed right by before company co-founder Dan Backhaus came out to the curb to wave us in. To look at their setup--six rust-colored, graffitied shipping containers tucked between a Cactus Car Wash franchise and a halfway house--you'd never suspect this was one of Atlanta's flourishing young startups. But behind the padlocked doors, an urban farming operation is in full swing. When Backhaus founded Podponics in 2010 with Matt Liotta, the pair had no previous experience with food or farming. L'aquaponie au lycée agricole du Robert, en Martinique. Farm for the Future. This is one of our great perks! Our woodblock print with our logo. The Mason Street City Farm is a quarter acre market farm nestled into the heart of North Park neighbourhood in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.

Manual for HOME HYDROPONIC UNIT. Manual for Introduction: The HOME HYDROPONIC UNIT enables persons to produce their own food. Vegetables in the Sky; Startup to Bring Year-Round Hydroponic Production to Urban Rooftops. December 10, 2012 | Noelle Swan Although the Swartz family has been farming for three generations, Joe Swartz’s Sky Vegetables in Amherst is very different from the typical farm of his father and grandfather. When his grandparents, John and Anastasia Swartz immigrated to the United States from Poland, they settled on a 40-acre homestead where they raised dairy cows, tobacco, onions, vegetables, and five children. Their sons, Walter and John Swartz took over the farm and expanded production to 300 acres of rented land in Amherst and surrounding towns.

John’s son Joe grew up helping his dad out on the farm. After studying agriculture at the University of Massachusetts, Joe Swartz returned to the homestead only to find that much of the land that his father rented for crops had been sold in the real estate boom. With Retirement on Horizon, Ohio Couple Launches Aquaponic Business. December 7, 2012 | Missy Smith Photo: Fresh Harvest Farm A few years ago, Jeni and Doug Blackburn were looking for a new business venture to embark upon following Doug’s retirement. After perusing several different business ideas, Doug began researching greenhouses, hydroponics and aquaponics.

Hydroponics News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo. Teens Win $50,000 with Hydroponics. Without fertile soil and abundant water, a farmer would seem to be missing the most essential tools of his trade. Hydroponics can help a struggling farmer grow an abundant crop even on a small parcel of land in a desert, on a rooftop, in a starving city — with no need for such luxuries as soil and rain. Two 14-year-olds from Swaziland recently won Scientific American’s inaugural Science in Action award by coming up with a plan to use hydroponics to provide food for their tiny country which is completely surrounded by South Africa. Hydroponic Urban Ag Startup Seeks to Create Scalable, Sustainable and Affordable Model to Feed Cities. December 4, 2012 | Melonie Magruder Cityblooms Microgreens. Photo Credit: Cityblooms Cityblooms is a food revolution waiting to happen.

The Santa Cruz startup is now developing a comprehensive system to grow hydroponic microgreens on a commercial scale, but it came from humble beginnings. The company was founded in 2001 by Nicholas Halmos, then an undergrad at Brown University. “I have been into urban agriculture longer than most,” Halmos said. He started by buying a tomato plant at Home Depot, washing off the soil and encouraging hydroponic growth in a setup in his bathroom. Within two weeks, he dropped his history major and spent the next two years studying urban agriculture. As part of an experiment, Halmos snagged a discarded shipping container dumped in a rough, cement-strewn, industrial area and set it up as a hydroponic urban greenhouse.

Riverpark Farm. Sunday, April 06, 2014 Post by Chrissa We know you don't need a reason to be outdoors now that the sun is finally out, but we have some really good ones. Did you know, that every Tuesday starting May 6th, you can come join us for a free tour of the farm? It's true! Tours start at 12:30pm. Cafeponics: bathtub aquaponics system for a Darwin cafe. Urban Hydroponic Vehicle Delivers Fresh Food and Water. L'aquaponie, pour une agriculture urbaine durable ? Un jardin potager... à l'intérieur de ma maison. Redworms and Vertical Farming - Why does it ... L'innovation et le sens des affaires Définir la première année de l'Alabama basée Haute Farm Tech.