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Agr & Env Trends Vs Economy

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Ibm Food Sustainability Study 2020. Also this year, Morning Consult and Ibm conducted the “Ibm Food Sustainability Study” in the United States and Europe analyzing the importance that consumers give to food sustainability.

Ibm Food Sustainability Study 2020

The survey, which involved about 3,500 people, including 988 Italians, shows how and how important it is to know the origin of the food we bring to our tables, but also how consumers are not only becoming more and more responsible in purchasing choices, but more demanding towards brands and retailers, to whom are asked clarity and transparency of processes with the support of technology. In fact, trust in blockchain-based traceability systems is growing as indicators for more sustainable purchases; however, excessively high prices still remain an obstacle to be overcome. In evaluating purchases, Italians give priority to local origin (58%) and healthy foods (45%) rather than sustainable origin or the reduction of waste. Environmental pressure of the European agricultural system: Anticipating the biophysical consequences of internalization. Highlights Dramatic internalization of EU agriculture would imply major workforce changes.

Environmental pressure of the European agricultural system: Anticipating the biophysical consequences of internalization

Anticipated blue water and land requirements would breach environmental limits. EU countries must consider bespoke pathways of agricultural internalization. The water-energy-food nexus in farming: Managerial insights for a more efficient consumption of agricultural inputs. Abstract Managing the use of water and energy for food production is the main challenge for agriculture in underdeveloped countries.

The water-energy-food nexus in farming: Managerial insights for a more efficient consumption of agricultural inputs

Therefore, a change in farmers’ insight about resources consumption is essential. This study aims to apply the water-energy-food nexus index (WEFNI) as a new management perspective at the farm level. Measurements related to WEFNI were done using integrated primary and secondary data. The data for water and energy consumption, water and energy mass productivity, and water and energy economic productivity were gathered for dominant crops (wheat, maize-grain, and tomato) in the study area. UK Research and Development Roadmap (webpage) Foreword The UK is internationally recognised for our leadership in research, the excellence of our scientific institutions, and the innovation in our economy.

UK Research and Development Roadmap (webpage)

We can proudly claim to be the nation that gave the world the steam engine and the jet engine. We discovered graphene and we decoded the structure of DNA. Making the green recovery work for jobs, income and growth. The COVID-19 pandemic has evolved from a major public health crisis to become also a major economic and jobs crisis, the full extent of which is still unfolding.

Making the green recovery work for jobs, income and growth

The economic impact is enormous, as we are facing the most severe recession in nearly a century, with long-lasting repercussions for people, firms and governments. The pandemic is also inextricably intertwined with global environmental issues such as biodiversity loss, climate change, air and water pollution, and waste management, both in terms of its origin and the implications for environmental outcomes and the future well-being of societies around the world. Futures toolkit edition 1.

Dead Hippies

Sad Hippies. Poor Hippies. Rich hippies. U.K. Immigration, Expats: Foreign Workers Leave, Diming Sunak's Economic Outlook. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg Foreign workers are leaving Britain at the fastest pace since World War II, presenting a challenge to an economy already roiled by Brexit and the coronavirus.

U.K. Immigration, Expats: Foreign Workers Leave, Diming Sunak's Economic Outlook

London alone has lost 700,000 people over the last year, recent research suggests. The implications are profound for the Treasury, landlords and the chances for a recovery from the worst slump in three centuries. Population Growth The U.K. population has fallen in only five years in the last half century. Climate fight 'is undermined by social media's toxic reports' Fake news on social media about climate change and biodiversity loss is having a worrying impact in the battle to halt the growing environmental threats to the planet, a group of scientists and analysts have warned.

Climate fight 'is undermined by social media's toxic reports'

In a report published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, they say measures needed to create a healthier, more resilient planet – by reducing fossil fuel emissions, overfishing and other threats – will be hard to enforce if they continue to suffer targeted attacks in social media. The international cooperation that is needed to halt global heating and species loss could otherwise be jeopardised, they say. “Social media reports have created a toxic environment where it’s now very difficult to distinguish facts from fiction,” said one author, Owen Gaffney, of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The Post-Covid Household in 2021 and Beyond - Trend-Monitor.

Baffled by all the so-called ‘research’ that’s doing the rounds out there?

The Post-Covid Household in 2021 and Beyond - Trend-Monitor

We highlight the research you can trust when planning for 2021. The market research industry is in melt-down, never before have so many consumer surveys been commissioned, producing endless generic statistics about potential post-covid consumer behaviours, attitudes and habits In reality, as a nation we are mid-covid and still reeling in shock. Consequently, the responses we tend to tick in these surveys represent what we’d like our behaviours/attitudes/habits to be post-covid, which may not resemble our actual behaviours/attitudes/habits post-covid. As a result, the stats generated by these surveys are great if you want PR headlines, unfortunately not so great if you are looking for reliable insights on which to base your future business strategy or new product development programme.

Mystic Meg for the market: Top 10 Trends for 2021. In the company's final market insights presentation involving the collected results of surveys involving 50,000 consumers globally, Mike Hughes, Head of Research and Insights at FMCG Gurus, says: "I'm sure everyone can agree it's been one of the most uncertain, chaotic and turbulent years in recent memory.

Mystic Meg for the market: Top 10 Trends for 2021

Brands have had to adapt and be reactive to constant evolving consumer needs in the face of constant uncertainty. "​ But as the globe gratefully leaves 2020 behind, he outlines new and emerging trends for 2021. Economic update: Stability and vulnerability. Economic growth in the UK has continued steadily during May, with little change in GDP figures from previous months.

Economic update: Stability and vulnerability

The labour market appears to be doing well, with record high employment and low unemployment, and above-inflation increases in wages. However, economic growth remains unspectacular, and weakness in productivity, trade and business confidence indicates that the economy remains vulnerable. The Future of UK Agriculture: 3 Possible Directions. Listening to the Secretary of State for DEFRA - Michael Gove - at both the Oxford Farming Conference in January and the National Union of Farmers Conference last week, I was struck by how many times he said “I want...” when describing his vision of UK agriculture.

In this article, I evaluate and contrast Gove’s dream of the highest standards being applied to UK food production with the dominant European strategy (which I have previously described as ‘Museum Agriculture’), and an alternative, vibrant agricultural system. Option 1: Boutique Agriculture There is no doubt that if you put enough gold standards on an agricultural system, underpinned by wondering what the Green lobby think, or what might attract young voters, you will end up with food produced to the very highest standards in the word.

Agricultural transition plan.