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Affordable housing

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If Australia has a housing crisis, supply is the answer. By Robert Pradolin Australia is in the midst of a housing crisis.

If Australia has a housing crisis, supply is the answer

For those of us who live and work in our cities, the level of homelessness we see on our streets serves as a daily reminder of the lack of housing. As federal Treasurer Scott Morrison said earlier this month, "it is all about supply". And he is right. It is that simple. But, there are also two distinct segments of housing supply. There has been a minimal net increase in the amount of affordable/social/public housing, yet the private market has exploded. The homelessness we see in our streets today is the direct result of a lack of investment in public, social and affordable housing by successive governments over several decades. Having a stable form of shelter is fundamental to having a productive and successful society.

How can anyone manage the emotional, physiological or traumatic events that happen in life if their primal need of stable shelter is not met? National issue Yes, it is a supply problem. Treasurer to reform rental scheme. Scott Morrison set to review the rental affordability scheme to improve supply and government sp... h Scott Morrison plans to re-evaluate the existing $1.4 billion rental affordability scheme, by working on radical reforms to mobilise more private investment.

Treasurer to reform rental scheme

The Treasurer says the 'massive issue' will top the agenda this year in effort to minimise wasted taxpayer funds on poor results. Mr Morrison will consider international schemes as alternatives in a bid to expand supply in cities as house prices increase. 'Both the states and the commonwealth are spending a lot of money and I just don't think we're spending virtually any of it well,' he told News Corp. The National Rental Affordability Scheme has been criticised for delivery delays and lax regulation, while developers have favoured student accommodation over suburban homes for families.

Mr Morrison said it was important to 'get scale' right when it came to public and private investment. Scott Morrison should look at the US scheme that trumps Australia on affordable housing. Scott Morrison may not believe federal governments have much of a role in housing policy other than removing planning restrictions.

Scott Morrison should look at the US scheme that trumps Australia on affordable housing

But Ronald Reagan did. Well – perhaps that is not entirely accurate. Inner-city Melbourne project to include 20 per cent affordable housing. The City of Melbourne has struck an agreement with developer Cairo Melbourne to build a residential and commercial development on council-owned land that will feature 20 per cent affordable housing.

Inner-city Melbourne project to include 20 per cent affordable housing

The land, on the site of the former JH Boyd Girls’ School on City Road, was acquired by the council from the state government for $10.5 million in 2007, with the intention to develop a community centre and open space with commercial and residential development that integrated affordable housing. The council had formerly been in an agreement with the developer for the site, however a successful contractual outcome could not be met and the contract of sale was terminated earlier this year, with the site currently being used as a temporary park. Now the council has renegotiated an agreement to sell Cairo the land for $15.5 million. “Twenty per cent of the development, 46 apartments, will be affordable housing. Retail space will also be located on the ground level. Inner-city Melbourne project to include 20 per cent affordable housing. The best way to get out of the house - housing affordable, inclusionary zoning, Waterloo development.

Nocookies. You have cookies turned off To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser. To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below. City of Sydney Council reveals plans for 450 new affordable homes. Key Sydney workers battling to find housing on low incomes such as nurses, cleaners, security people, teachers and police are to be offered 450 affordable new homes.

City of Sydney Council reveals plans for 450 new affordable homes

The City of Sydney Council has announced plans to build 300 units at Green Square on vacant land, and 150 at the soon-to-close Marian Street council cleaning depot at Redfern. Low Cost Living For Shepparton Tenants. Tenants with lower incomes now have access to 20 new homes in Mooroopna West, thanks to a $2.6 million investment by the Victorian Government.

Low Cost Living For Shepparton Tenants

Minister for Consumer Affairs Marlene Kairouz was joined today by Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes to officially open the Mooroopna West Affordable Housing Project. Twelve 3-bedroom homes and eight 4-bedroom homes have been built with environmentally friendly features such as solar hot water systems and double glazing to keep electricity, water and utilities costs low. Tax Airbnb hosts to provide affordable housing. We live in a world where technology is disrupting old business models.

Tax Airbnb hosts to provide affordable housing

Whether it be Uber, Deliveroo or Airbnb – the web has broken down the layers between consumers and service providers with both positive and negative consequences, depending on where you sit in the chain. I've just returned from Berlin where the city has passed a law making it illegal to rent out entire apartments using the global accommodation website Airbnb. This follows similar moves in San Francisco and elsewhere as a response to locals fed up with being forced out of an already highly pressured housing market. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Protesters served with eviction notices Lindt siege police response in question Budget battle begins anew Search for Sabrina's killer Connor's boyfriend admits bashing policeman ACA's explosive Mehajer videos Helping parents help their kids Woman faces jail over online dating scam Billboards around town make local sentiments clear. James Norman is a freelance writer.