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Steps to Convert PowerPoint (PPTs) into Interactive eLearning Course. Corporate training has evolved over the years and eLearning has catered its part by helping it immensely.

Steps to Convert PowerPoint (PPTs) into Interactive eLearning Course

Many organizations are taking a step forward to implement digital learning as their training strategy as opposed to instructor-led training. Having said that, the Learning and Development Managers have to adapt rapid eLearning for immediate training needs. Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training. Be it any game, you need a right game plan or a strategy to succeed.

Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training

And the same applies to eLearning design for corporate training. “eLearning when designed correctly with sound instructional design strategy has the potential to bring organizational excellence with a positive eLearning ROI. ” An instructional strategy is an action plan or a method to help people learn. It defines the approach to achieve learning objectives using various learning devices, techniques, resources, and various learning theories. How to play background music continuously throughout the course in Articulate Storyline 2. Articulate Storyline 2 provides the flexibility to customize interactivity to the max with minimal efforts.

How to play background music continuously throughout the course in Articulate Storyline 2.

This web based authoring tool gives feasibility to add JavaScript which can be of great help to take your eLearning courses to the next level. It’s fairly easy to extend and enhance the functionality of the built-in features in Storyline that come by default. We came across a challenge in one of our courses developed for a Registered Training Organization (RTO). The course content was presently in simple form without voice-over. The audience were between the age group of 20-30 years and keep the content attractive client want to add a background music. How to use Fluid Boxes for Web Responsive Design in Captivate 2017. Captivate 2017 is the recent launch by Adobe and is turning out to be A piece of cake for eLearning developers to create responsive ELearning modules.

How to use Fluid Boxes for Web Responsive Design in Captivate 2017

If I have to pick an eye catching feature from the tool I would surely pick “Fluid Boxes” which is one of the new features added to Captivate 2017. With Fluid Boxes, developers relish unique authoring experiences and develop responsive HTML5-based eLearning content faster, without programming knowledge. Open Adobe Captivate 2017 and select “Responsive Project” and then click on “Create”.

Articulate Storyline: Custom Audio Controller Using Toggle Button. Articulate Storyline, an easy to use rapid eLearning authoring tool that comes with many in-built interactivities and is highly customizable.

Articulate Storyline: Custom Audio Controller Using Toggle Button

By default in Storyline the audio control button has a fixed position with no options available in the settings to change it. Due to this limitation, it was challenging for us to customize volume controls. To overcome this challenge, we created a “mute/unmute” custom toggle button as a part of requirement from one of our clients. Let’s delve into our intervention of “mute/unmute” customization.Here are the steps: Converting ppt to ELearning using Adobe Captivate 2017. Adobe Captivate is a one-stop solution for all the rapid, responsive and interactive eLearning requirements.

Converting ppt to ELearning using Adobe Captivate 2017

In this blog we will go through the process of converting PowerPoint presentations (instructor-led training PPT deck) into interactive and engaging e-learning courses using the Html5 authoring tool Adobe captivate 2017. Step 1: Custom eLearning: 4 Fundamental Ingredients to Set Your eLearning Content Development on Fire. Skilled Instructional Designers are similar to Master Chefs!

Custom eLearning: 4 Fundamental Ingredients to Set Your eLearning Content Development on Fire

They cook the dish of quality eLearning in all formats – custom eLearning, rapid eLearning, mobile learning or microlearning. Whichever may be the eLearning format, the core ingredients they use determine the learner’s appetite for learning. Keeping these ingredients handy can help instructional designers create effective eLearning content that promotes in-depth learning which brings behavioral changes as well as improves on-job performance. There’s no space for bad eLearning design. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Learning Management System. Learning management system software is surely one of the important and expensive tools in the entire online training.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Learning Management System

Choosing the right Learning Management System (LMS) can be a crucial aspect to efficiently manage your corporate training. But With over 700+ LMS vendors available in the market promoting their product, your chances of ending up choosing an inappropriate product becomes certain. You might end up committing these common mistakes in the process of selecting selecting an LMS. In this blog, we will review the mistakes which should be avoided. Adobe Captivate 2017 Enhancements: Captivate 2017 Vs. Captivate 9 Review. Adobe’s new update for its most popular eLearning authoring tool, Captivate 2017 is released now!

Adobe Captivate 2017 Enhancements: Captivate 2017 Vs. Captivate 9 Review

It is loaded with tons of new exciting features and enhancements! Be it custom eLearning content development, rapid elearning, mobile learning, simulation-based eLearning or microlearning, Adobe Captivate has been the choice of eLearning developers and eLearning providers. This update brings the best of the features which help you reimagine the way you develop HTML5-based interactive eLearning. This means more flexibility in creating fully responsive multi-device eLearning and mLearning content. Earth Day 2017: It’s Time to go Green with Elearning.

We, humans, explore (exploit to be precise) every possible thing!

Earth Day 2017: It’s Time to go Green with Elearning

But what are we giving back to our planet Earth? This question intrigued me to reflect on how an organization can go green with eLearning. Turn Training Investing using eLearning into Business Profit. There is a significant shift in the way the businesses are running in 21st century. Today, business are enabled with Employee-light model, Capital-light model, Asset-light model, etc. Following are a few examples,

Articulate Storyline 3 Review: New Features for Mobile Learning. Articulate Storyline 3, the much anticipated version of Storyline 2, eLearning authoring software, has been released with new features and enhancements. Unlike Articulate 360 (Storyline 360), a cloud-based annual subscription service, Articulate Storyline 3 comes as a perpetual version – a standalone authoring tool. With the multi-device learning gaining momentum, Articulate has focused on responsive eLearning powered with enhanced interactivity bringing productivity in custom eLearning content development for training needs.

Essential features of an effective elearning program. It is a challenge for training managers to ensure quality of eLearning programs that are developed by internal teams or external eLearning vendors. In this blog, we will equip training / Learning and Development managers with a benchmark checklist that helps them test effectiveness of an eLearning program. Here is a checklist… Logical organization of the content (concept) flow. Top 4 Warning Signs to Change Your LMS. When you first purchased your LMS everything seemed perfect. But, as the approach for corporate training continuously evolved over the time in your organization, your traditional LMS fell short to provide the required tools.

This might end up declining practical learning experience which your employees surely need. Instructional Designer Qualities Required in eLearning. Instructional Designers are indispensable in an eLearning courseware development process. They are involved since the identification of the learning need to the learning solution implementation phase. They understand the problem, develop corresponding solution and devise a plan for its effective implementation. Adobe Captivate 2017, New HTML5 responsive Smart elearning Tool, mLearning. Outsourcing eLearning: Selecting an Elearning Vendor - 5 Questions to Ask. Elearning in Manufacturing Industry, How Elearning Solves Training Challenges.

Custom Elearning Development: Interactive Branching Scenario-based Learning for Corporate Training. Custom eLearning Solutions for Retail Sales Training. 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom eLearning Content Development instead of Off-the-Shelf Courses. SCORM Vs. Tin Can API Which is the best for Tracking eLearning? Custom eLearning is Effective to Solve Post Brexit Skill Gap. eLearning Solution Case Study on Discount Store Retail Training. Tips For Choosing The Right Learning Management System (LMS) Tips to write an elearning RFP for Hiring a elearning Vendor. Product Knowledge Training: eLearning Translation and Localization for a Distributed Sales Force of a Fortune 500 Company.

Convert Technical Manuals into engaging eLearning Programs. Swift LMS - TOP 6 Benefits of Cloud Based LMS For Corporate Training. Swift LMS - Learning Analytics: Training Compliance Report to Demonstrate ROI. Best cloud based bug tracking, free web defect reporting tool. The Cost of Not Training Your Employees Can Cost You a Lot. Custom eLearning: Printable quiz data in Storyline 2 with JavaScript. Mobile Learning Challenges in corporate training - elearning. Articulate Storyline 2 Advanced Drag and Drops Interactions. eLearning Case Study: Convert University Courses to Web-Based eLearning Programs. SwiftHCM LMS: Learning Analytics and Reporting Made Easy for Training Managers. eLearning Case Study: Female Traveler Safety Training Course.

What is Tin Can API, LRS, Offline Tracking for elearning course. Top 4 New Key Features of Articulate 360 – Elearning Development. Top 5 Best Practices for Instructional Design in Elearning. Corporate Compliance Training, Australian Elearning Case Study. Arabic Linguistic Skills Training, multilingual e-learning solutions. International Women’s Day: Influential Women Who Made Impact in eLearning.

Elearning Simulations based Application Training for ROI. Articulate Storyline 2: Running notes of course print or email. Top Learning Management system for Corporate Training. Lectora ReviewLink: Enhance eLearning Course Review. Top 5 elearning interactions for online learning courses. Converting Legacy eLearning courses to Articulate Rise. Lectora Online Authoring Tool – Cloud-Based Course Development. Articulate 360 Rise - An Instructional designer's Perspective.

Articulate Storyline 360 Vs Rise - Building responsive elearning. Top 4 Books Every Elearning Professional Must Read. Elearning Design: How to Choose the Right Graphics for eLearning? Section 508 and WCAG – Compliances to Increase eLearning Accessibility. Rationale of using eLearning in Business Application Training. Articulate Rise: Responsive eLearning Free Sample Course.

Benefits of Learning Analytics Big data in Elearning Online Training. Top Instructional Design Trends for 2017. Soon Elearning Will Be A Thing of the Past! Microlearning the best eLearning strategy for sales training. Instructional Design Tips to Create eLearning To Train Corporate Millennials. Incorporating Infographics in eLearning. Multi-Device Elearning: Responsive eLearning Design or Adaptive? Learning Management System, Online LMS Software Elearning platform. Case Study: Microlearning to Reinforce Existing Training. Is Elucidat Analytics a Replacement to Traditional LMS? Outsourcing eLearning services for online training solutions. Augmented Reality in eLearning or Online Training. Is Elucidat Right Authoring Tool for Responsive eLearning? Elearning Mobile Apps for Corporate Training-Mobile Learning Apps. Top 4 Benefits of Elearning Over Instructor-Led Training. Free Online elearning Course on Anti-bribery and Corruption.

Creating Engaging eLearning is Amazingly Simple Storyline2.

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