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Case Study on Conversion of Gamified Flash Courses to HTML5

Case Study on Conversion of Gamified Flash Courses to HTML5

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Custom eLearning - Word Puzzle Interaction Developed Using Storyline 360 About Client: One of our stakeholders from Middle East having chain of pharmaceutical stores, specialized in manufacturing antibiotics, insulin, generic drugs etc. They also manufactures Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Mobile Learning Solutions with Flash to HTML5 Conversion – Case Study Let’s see a case study where we have successfully exhibited the legacy content conversion services. Company’s Outline: A prominent e-commerce company having a diversified experience of providing fast-moving goods to its customers approached us for conversion of Flash to HTML5 elearning courses. Three sets of courses each consisting of 70 flash slides need to be converted into HTML5 and also need to transform into multi-lingual eLearning programs to reach global audience in their native languages. Proposed Solution:

The Cloud and business Training Certification Course Course Overview: It’s a fact that when asked what ‘the cloud’ is, a majority would not refer to it as an actual cloud, the sky, or something related to weather. So, Cloud is now all about storing documents, pictures, videos and even music on the cloud. More so, a life-saver because it simply means never having to say I lost those pictures of your cat that you sent me. How to Convert Flash to HTML5 eLearning Courses? A Checklist to Follow Selecting an Authoring Tool that Supports Responsive E-Learning To ensure legacy courses work seamlessly and is effectively accessible on multiple devices thereby offering users an optimal viewing experience, it is imperative to select an authoring tool which supports and is responsive to the varying screen sizes of multiple devices. Some of the very good authoring tools that facilitate responsive e-learning are Articulate Storyline: Help developers convert legacy courses effortlessly and efficiently from multiple devices, includes ready-to-use templates with interactivities, and offers seamless translation of courses. Adobe Captivate: A reliable authoring tool comprising value-added and innovative features such as multi-device compatibility, supports xAPI/Tin CAN API to track learners’ response in real-time or for accessing courses offline, and offers opportunities for collaborative learning. Lectora Inspire Conversion Suite: Facilitates faster conversion of courses for multiple devices.

Why Custom eLearning Development Over Off-The-Shelf Courses? If you want to introduce online courses or eLearning in your organization, there are two options – off-the-shelf content and custom eLearning. Off-the-shelf content is convenient as the courses are ready to go. You just need to assign the users. But the content will not be customized as per your organizations requirement. Best Cost Reduction Techniques For Flash to HTML5 Conversion Gamut of techniques is available to reduce your cost while converting Adobe Flash based courses to HMTL5. Flash has serious browser and incompatibility issues which need to be overcome. HTML5 is bundled with many advanced features like semantic enrichment, rich media support, and cross-browser compatibility, etc. So, it’s time to upgrade and convert legacy courses to HTML 5. In the present scenario, some of the companies mainly focus on Flash to HTML5 conversion services. Listed below are the top techniques that you can implement when you plan to migrate your flash courses to HTML5.

10 Top Sales Secret, Online Sale Training Course Course Overview: No one is born a sales person nor one has a special gift that makes customers buy products/services. You can do absolutely everything right with your sales team and still fall far from beating your competition. You can hire the right people and develop the right training, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll even keep up with the competition — or with your customer’s ever-evolving needs, for that matter. Just in Time Training for Effective Learning in The Workplace Gone were the days where learners need to struggle with learning hours, need to stay up front with periodic intervals (newspapers, TV broadcast) for the latest news and calling mom frequently for recipe’s, etc. This way technology defeats traditional methods by offering fast-changing development and effective needs. As technology progresses gradually, on-demand services are increasing drastically, following old, yet effective saying “Time is Money”. Yes, Instead of waiting for the latest news, what all can do is just pull the gadget from the pocket and gets start what you like at anytime and anywhere. Even when it comes to organizational sectors, many of the employees are facing strenuous situations in dealing with both training and jobs due to a heavier workload and lesser time. So, how to maintain equilibrium for smooth and successful functioning of employee and organization?