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Shade plants. 23 Clever Pallet Projects. DIY Home World Creative Ideas For A Beautiful Home & Garden 23 Clever Pallet Projects December 10, 2013 by author Leave a Comment You can recycle a pallet and turn it into anything from a fantastic sofa to beautiful wall art and plenty more in between. Whatever you’re after, upcycle a pallet. With 23 wonderful ideas you’ll be amazed at how easy these projects are and how awesome they look when you’re finished. You don’t need to be a pro with tools, anyone can do these simple DIY’s. To get the full list visit here… 23 Clever Pallet Projects by Taboolaby Taboola Sponsored LinksSponsored Links Promoted LinksPromoted Links You May Like Viral Nova 29 Brilliant Business CardsViral Nova Undo MyFirstClassLife The 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made MyFirstClassLife LonnyMag Jeniffer Lawrence's Beverly Hills Home Will Leave You In AweLonnyMag Yellow Pages The Top Causes For Dark Circles Under EyesYellow Pages My Snoring Solution SHOCKING: New Snoring ResearchMy Snoring Solution Babbel Recent Posts.

How to Grow a Wire and Moss Lettuce Hanging Basket. Not only is this lettuce and moss basket attractive covered in foliage, texture, and color, it looks good enough to eat. Moreover, it is! This edible container is so lovely it can hang in the front entryway; and, it's fantastic to eat and healthy for you. That's why I love to make these baskets. You can grow them anywhere outdoors as long as it gets full sun to partial shade. This is a great way to grow edibles, even if you live in an apartment or condominium with only a balcony space to grow your food. One of the benefits of lettuce growing in a hanging basket is slugs can't get to them! The down side to wire hanging baskets is they dry out easily. If you don't want to make this stunning basket of lettuce (see directions below), you can always plant your lettuce in beautiful hanging pots and containers.

Directions Lettuce Seedlings Most times, I start my own lettuce seedlings, but a good garden center will carry many good varieties in six-pack or four-pack containers. First row.

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Vegetables to grow in winter: a how-to guide. With the help of a bit of cover, and carefully selected varieties of seeds, it is possible to grow vegetables and herbs all year round in the United Kingdom, and presumably therefore in other temperate countries that have frosty winters.In my corner of Scotland, away from the sea and up in the hills, there is only one month of the year that can be guaranteed to be frost free and that is July. Most years we cannot grow courgettes or runner beans outside without cover. In our case, experimenting has paid off and we often have more produce in winter than in summer. Last year by the end of winter we were fed up with salad! Why grow vegetables in winter? There are a number of advantages to growing vegetables in winter: Mature overwintered veg keeps growing until December under cover, stands for the winter then comes away fast in February.

Protecting plants from frost We had great success last year with an old caravan window found in a lay-by which we put on top of some lamb's lettuce. Oca (Oxalis Tuberosa), a vegetable tuber crop from the Andes (known as Yam in New Zealand) Recycle Plastic Bottles for the Garden Don't Throw them Away! All those empty plastic water and soft drink bottles that you throw into the dustbin each week - whether separated from other rubbish or not - are best held back for a recycling in the garden for a variety of purposes many of which can save your money. Some of our ways of using them are as follows Clodagh & Dick Hanscombe Gardening authors and broadcasters living in Spain. You can visit them and buy their gardening books from Gardening in Spain Growing plants from cuttings Cut the top of all sizes and make a small hole in the bottom and you have a usefully deep flower pot for planting up cuttings from the winter cutback.

Moreover if you cut off the top a third of the way down you have a lid that can be taped back on to create a mini green house that will keep cuttings in a constantly moist atmosphere and protected from sold draughts. Heads for scare crows. Telling dogs to move on . Telling white and green fly they are not wanted . Keeping garden twine tidy. Growing vegetables on a mini scale .