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Quilting Stencils. Zentangle & Quilting Lines. Margas Crafts. Dragonfly in Thread. From the blue chair. For all who ❤ color. Feeling the Christmas Spirit yet? How about a giveaway! Not too much Christmas spirit here yet, this is the first "Christmas-ey" thing I've even considered making this year.

Feeling the Christmas Spirit yet? How about a giveaway!

On Thanksgiving, my sister Donna asked me to make a "traditional" wall hanging of a tree, so here it is. Just have to cut some binding tonight after work and sew it on by machine. Hope that's traditional enough! The quilting, which I did last night, shows up better in this picture: Donna, if you read this, let me know if this is what you had in mind! I've also been working on finishing up some of those UFOs before the year ends. It started as a drop cloth under some painting/dyeing I was doing in my garage. The hand stitching turned out nicely, I think, and so did the machine stitching.

Maybe a giveaway will help get me in the Christmas Spirit! Anyone out there doing Zentangle? Zentangles and Quilting. Handmade by Alissa. Bumble Beans Inc. Binding Tutorial. I receive many queries regarding quilt binding, specifically machine stitching the binding, and would like to clarify a few technical, but not difficult, binding matters.

Binding Tutorial

I almost always make continuous cross-grain binding, There are several very informative tutorials available online which are clear and easy to follow. I particularly like the instructions given by Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts in her quilt binding tutorial which can be found here. I do have a few of my own tips, things that work well for me: To determine the length of continuous binding needed I measure the quilt top and side, multiply by two, and add at least 25 inches. I am always rather overly generous here. I cut my binding strips 2.25 inches wide, quite narrow as I prefer the look of a narrow binding. I join the binding strips with a diagonal seam as follows: By piecing strips together with a diagonal seam you avoid having too much bulk in the one spot along your binding.

I join the ends together with a diagonal seam: Ramblings from a Quilt Shop Owner. A Quilting We Will Go... Quilts + Color. Canton Village Quilt Works. Hexa Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher. I'm posting today as part of the blog tour for Tacha Bruecher 's new book, Hexa Go-Go , which is a fabulous collection of quilt projects featuring English paper pieced hexagons. You can find a schedule of the other blog tour posts here . I think it's always exciting to learn a new technique, and I can happily say that Hexa Go-Go taught me how to do English paper piecing with hexagons. Like so many of us, I've been seeing the gorgeous EPP projects on Flickr for years, but I hadn't attempted it until now.

The how-to instructions in Hexa Go-Go are straightforward and comprehensive. My favorite thing about Tacha's Getting Started With Hexagons chapter is that she describes multiple ways of completing certain steps, along with pros and cons of the different methods. If you're feeling ambitious, Tacha has created some really incredible large-scale hexagon compositions (including gorgeous American Flag and Union Jack quilts). Sarah stitched. Olive and ollie. Sheer Inspiration: Stitches » Embroidery Stitches » Pear Blossom Fairy. Sheer Inspiration: Stitches » Embroidery Stitches » The White Clover Fairy. Embroidered by Di van Niekerk.


Vendors for quilting stuff. Sew Tangled. Quilt Inspiration. Stitchnquilt. Ferne. Carol Taylor Quilt Artist. Country Garden Quiltworks. Magpie Quilts. Demos. Charlotte Ziebarth. Gallery. Barbara Oliver Hartman - Quiltmaker. Fine art in fiber. Laura Cater-Woods Textile & Fiber Artist. My primary recommendation is to read and explore outside of your medium.

Laura Cater-Woods Textile & Fiber Artist

That is, stretch your mind, learn about other points of view. Explore the world. Look at art by painters, sculptors, printmakers as well as in fibers, clay and wood. Whenever possible, look at the work in person. Pay attention to what in it speaks to you and why, or what repels you and why. Why not visit the National Gallery on-line. In Print:My newest book!!! Idea to Imagea guided studio workbook is still available.39 pages, spiral bound, black and white and color, lots of white space for you to fill with your ideas, your notes, your responses to the suggestions and prompts in the workbook.$17.50 plus shipping to order click here Books on professional development: These books on professional development are all slightly different. Art & Reality can help you formulate a serious plan. Art Textiles: contemporary embroideries, story mats and collagraphs. Sue Dennis: textile artist & tutor: Portfolio.

Jenny Hearn - Fiber Work Artist. Quilting Board.