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StudySection is an online e-Certification platform that makes it easy to pass online certification exams and earn a certificate on passing the exam. StudySection’s aim is to help its users get the certification for the knowledge they already possess. Apart from e-Certification, StudySection helps its users with Career Counselling and Mock interviews to prepare for a bright career.

List of Popular Bug Tracking Tools - StudySection. History Of Unified Modeling Language (UML) - StudySection Blog. Unified Modeling Language is an object-oriented unified modeling language.

History Of Unified Modeling Language (UML) - StudySection Blog

It is a norm that is mainly used for constructing object-oriented, significant documentation standards for whatever software system in the real world. UML Diagram is a pictorial description of classes, objects, and relationships. It is a standard that describes a part of a system. It presents a plan to develop rich models that define the working of any hardware or software system.

History of UML The 1990s was the period of development of object-oriented languages such as C++. Booch’s method was flexible to work with throughout the design and creation of objects.Jacobson’s method contributed a great way to work on use-cases. UML was acknowledged as a norm by Object Management Group (OMG) in 1997. jQuery allows the user to create powerful and dynamic webpages that run without any hiccup. Basic Level Bigdata With Hadoop Fundamentals Certification. Why do we use Exploratory Testing - StudySection Blog. We use exploratory testing when we want to learn more about something.

Why do we use Exploratory Testing - StudySection Blog

If there is no basic requirement document to match against, we perform one round of exploratory testing. So, we’ll first investigate the application in all possible ways, grasp the application’s flow, prepare a test document, and then run tests, this is known as exploratory testing. Why do we use Exploratory Testing? This testing will be used for the following purposes: When requirements are missing.To iterate early on.When a critical application is being tested, the testing team includes both seasoned testers and new testers. For example, If the application has a login page with a lot of components, we’ll understand each one and perform component testing, but we’re really performing exploratory testing because we’re exploring the software.

Assume we have a large number of modules in our framework and are attempting to execute several integration scenarios. Why are requirements missing? Types of exploratory testing: Tips for improving PHP code by Study Section. Free Online PHP Certification Exam for PHP Web Development. Computer Security – Threats and Solutions.

Antivirus Software program (AV software) - StudySection Blog. Antivirus software is a program that is designed to prevent, detect, and remove software viruses, and other software like harmful worms, trojans, adware, and more.

Antivirus Software program (AV software) - StudySection Blog

Most of the antivirus software once installed, runs automatically in the background to provide real-time protection against any virus attacks. Some antivirus software also offers additional protection such as customizable firewalls and website blocking. Antivirus software begins its operations by checking your computer programs and files against a database of known types of malware. As we all know, new viruses are constantly created and distributed by hackers, so the antivirus software will also scan computers for the possibility of a new or unknown type of malware threat.

Most antivirus programs use three different detection devices: If a program finds a file that contains a virus, it will mostly quarantine the file and/or mark it for deletion, making it inaccessible and removing the risk to your device. Advantages of Antivirus. Advanced Level MySQL Certification Exam from StudySection. Cloud Computing. Difference Between Theme & Plugin in WordPress - StudySection Blog.

As a platform, WordPress is created to be incredibly flexible.

Difference Between Theme & Plugin in WordPress - StudySection Blog

It is used to create all types of websites, such as small one-page landing sites, large e-commerce stores, and everything in between. In other words, we can say that WordPress works as a modular system. Where we can start with a basic foundation, and add on only the elements you need. This is an excellent process to build a website, as it means you have a lot of control over its look and function. Themes: WordPress themes are designed to create large-scale changes to your website’s appearance. Plugins: While themes alter website design, plugins are meant to enlarge new features and functionalities. Themes define the templates used for each page. generally, a theme is using an index.php file for just about everything.

On the opposite hand, plugins can add additional elements to be used by the themes and elsewhere. Network Security Fundamentals Certification Exam for Free. Difference between React js and jQuery - StudySection Blog. jQuery and React are very popular JavaScript libraries producing almost the same results even though they use different techniques. jQuery is a utility library enabling the developers to build web apps effortlessly using JavaScript, whereas React js library allows embedding HTML within JavaScript. jQuery is a ‘lightweight’ JavaScript library.

Difference between React js and jQuery - StudySection Blog

When it was released back in 2006, JavaScript was not widely used. But jQuery nowadays has revolutionized the industry, by wrapping a thousand lines of JavaScript code into methods that you can call with a single line of code. We can use the phrase “write less, do more” to define jQuery. jQuery Features: Free MongoDB Certification (3.x) Exam for professionals. Creating Helpers in a Laravel App through controller - StudySection Blog.

Helpers are built-in functions that we can call from anywhere in the laravel project.

Creating Helpers in a Laravel App through controller - StudySection Blog

Helpers are global functions that can be called in controller method and as well as in views without importing class of a method. We can create our own helper classes. You can create helpers anywhere in the app folder depending on your choice. app/helpers.phpapp/Http/helpers.php Step 1: Create a helper file Go to /app/Helpers and create file helper.php Step 2: Write the helper function Step 3: Include helper file in our composer.json To load our file having helper functions we need to add it in the files array of the autoload object inside the composer.json file as shown below.

Online Linux Certification Exam from StudySection for Free. Microsoft Azure Certification Exam for free from StudySection. Free CakePHP Online Certification Exam from StudySection. Free Java Programming Certification Exam from StudySection. Free Codeigniter Certification Exam for Codeigniter 2.x. Advanced-Level Internet of Things (IoT) Certification Exam.

Free Online Java Certification Exam for Advanced Programmers. Free Online Graphic Design Certification Exam for Beginners. Free Computer Fundamentals Online Test from StudySection. Free Google Website Optimizer Online Certification Exam. Node.Js Certification Exam - StudySection. Why "PHP cannot scale" is a myth - StudySection Blog. While some may argue that PHP is dead, it’s far from the truth.

Why "PHP cannot scale" is a myth - StudySection Blog

As per W3Techs, PHP is used by 79% of all websites whose server-side programming language they know. That’s almost 4 out of 5 websites! So, PHP is much alive, faster, and better than it has ever been. Most slow Websites have nothing to do with the language they’re using. A lot of the time is spent on an HTTP request coming down to network latency, absent or ineffectual caching of static resources, lack of compression resulting in more bandwidth used than necessary, poorly performing Javascript, etc. Yes, at an isolated level PHP is slower than C#, Java, and C/C++ but the truth is in the actual systems it won’t matter that much.

JavaScript useful tricks for developers - StudySection Blog. Get Unique Values: We can create an array of unique javascript values by using the Set and spread operator as shown below:var array = [1,1,3,4,5,3,5,6,8,9,9,9] var unique_array = [ Set(array)]; console.log(array); // [1,3,4,5,6,8,9]Convert String to Number: You can convert a string to number using unary operator “+” as shown below.var string = “23”; console.log(+string); // 23 var new_string = “Hello”; console.log(+new_string); // Nan Note that this operator will only work for number strings.

JavaScript useful tricks for developers - StudySection Blog

Free online certification exams. CSS Certification Test for beginner Web Designers and Developers. Adobe Captivate 9 certification Exam for experts for free. Online VB.NET Certification (4.5) from StudySection for free. Some Coding Standards for PHP - StudySection Blog. Following a coding standard ensures better readability and consistency.

Some Coding Standards for PHP - StudySection Blog

Also, when working on larger projects with multiple developers, it helps to keep the diffs fewer in a version control system. Some coding standard recommendations are given below. Instead of using a tab, we recommended indent of 4 spaces should be used because different systems use different settings for a tab.

Line length: It is recommended to keep lines at approximately 75-85 characters long for the sake of better code readability. Control Structures: These include if, for, while, switch, etc. Comments: standard C++ comments (//) and C style comments (/* */) are both fine. Tags: Always use <? Use all lowercase lettersUse ‘_’ as the word separator.Global variables should be prepended with a ‘g’.Global constants should be all caps with ‘_’ separators.Static variables may be prepended with ‘s’.

Free Online JQuery Certification Exam from StudySection. Free Online C Programming Certification Test for Beginners - StudySection. How To Receive Intent In The react-native App By StudySection. Nowadays, a share feature plays an important role in mobile applications.

How To Receive Intent In The react-native App By StudySection

If you want to share something from your application to another or within the application then the share option should be available in your Intent in the application. In this article, I am going to discuss how we can receive the content i.e, photos, videos, text, or URL in your react-native application. Amazon Web Services Certification Exam by StudySection. AWS CloudFront Certification Exam for free from StudySection. Free Human Resource Management (HRM) Expert Certification Exam By StudySection. List of Popular Bug Tracking Tools - StudySection Blog. In software development projects, a bug tracking system is a software application that can help record, report, assign and keep tracking of reported software bugs.

In other words, you can say, “Better the bug tracking tool, better is the quality of the product.” There are various types of bug tracking tools available in the market. Please have a look at some of the below. Bugzilla is the most popular bug tracking tool available in the market and this tool is an open-source software and it has some great features like Email notification for change in codeReports and ChartsPatch ViewersA list of bugs can be generated in different formatsSchedule daily, monthly, and weekly reportsDetects the duplicate bug automaticallySetting bug prioritiesPredict the time a bug may get fixed Thousands of software companies and software professionals use JIRA as a bug-tracking tool in their day to day work because of its easy to use framework. Free Online PHP Certification Exam for PHP Web Development. Zoho CRM Certification exam in fundamentals for experts. Free Microsoft Word Certification Exam by StudySection.

Free Adobe Photoshop Certification Exam by StudySection. Online Perl Certification Exam by StudySection for Free. Expert Level Training Management (Trainer) Certification By StudySection. MS Office Diploma Free Online Certification Exam By StudySection. Online Computer Network Certification Exam by StudySection. Advanced Level Online Exam For VB .NET Diploma Certificate. Online Web Designer Diploma Certification For Professionals. Online Free AWS Diploma Certification. Free Online C Programming Certification Test for Beginners. Online Free Career counselling for a career change and guidance. Free Online Powerpoint Certification exam from StudySection.

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