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An Old Building In Tuscany Gets A Contemporary Interior. Roy David Studio have completed the transformation of an old stone stable, in Marche di Fermo, Italy, into a holiday home with a contemporary white interior.

An Old Building In Tuscany Gets A Contemporary Interior

The project description Motelparo villa is located in the romantic landscape of great Tuscany. The preserved villa functions as the ideal private vacation resort. The architect Ilana David, partner at Roy David Studio, was motivated to transform the old stable into the desired vacation house by preserving its original structural style. The villa is located in amazing wheat and sunflower fields. In order to overcome the strict preservation laws, each of the original stones which constructed the old stable facades was numbered, disassembled and reconstructed after being validated for it structural strength.

The architects faced a great challenge, which was on the one hand preserving the old country side style of building, and on the other hand designing an uncompromisable architecture and interior design. Photography by Matteo Canestraro. Albums — Reuse and Restoration. Zenale Building Renovation / FTA. Renovation of Car Park Building / Olivier Vitry. Architects: Olivier Vitry Location: Fleurus, Belgium Contractors: Serra Mario Construct, AGEM&C, C&C Menuiserie.

Renovation of Car Park Building / Olivier Vitry

Year: 2014 Photographs: Maxime Delvaux , Courtesy of Olivier Vitry From the architect. Renovation of a building used as a car park entrance and transformation of the inside of this entrance. Renovation of a Farmhouse / EXiT architetti associati. Architect: EXiT architetti associati Location: Oderzo, Treviso, Italy Project Team: Francesco Loschi (Project Manager), Giuseppe Pagano, Paolo Panetto Structural Project: Alberto Soligo Technical Plant Design: Mauro Benozzi Text: EXiT architetti associati Project Year: 2011 Project Area: 1200 sqm Photographs: Silvia Longhi A wide rural building located in Treviso countryside, used mainly as a farmhouse, had to be restored and converted into a family house.

Renovation of a Farmhouse / EXiT architetti associati

The first step was to remove. To remove the annexes and all elements that had been added through the years to the original structure, such as the wall plugs used to close the arches and the interior divisions that hid the original dimensions. Inner spaces were re-organized following a new hierarchy based on the pre-existing spatial values of the building plan that had never been exploited due to the discontinuous and fragmented use of spaces and depots.

Text provided by EXiT architetti associati. Cadiz Central Market, Rehabilitation and Extension / Carlos de Riaño Lozano. Architects: Carlos de Riaño Lozano Location: Calle Alcalá Galiano, 11001 Cádiz, Spain Collaborators: Mario Marcos Pinero Technical Architects: Felipe Martínez Structure: OTEP INTERNACIONAL Construction: ISOLUX – CORSAN Area: 6636.0 sqm Year: 2010 Photographs: Javier Reina Gutierrez From the architect.

Cadiz Central Market, Rehabilitation and Extension / Carlos de Riaño Lozano

It is one the first buildings built in Spain to regulate and house the sale of perishable products, until then in the hands of street vendors. It is a contemporary of the Encarnación market in Seville and the Puerto Real market, and previous to the markets that were built in Madrid, Barcelona and Santander after 1840. The building is a transition between the open square and what later would be covered market squares. With that massive inner structure that alienated the original architecture and hid its values, it was difficult to distinguish the two periods. Conversion of Castel Mirabel in Olgiasca / Met architektur. Architects: Met Architektur Location: Lake Como, Italy Architect In Charge: Dominique Lorenz, Daniel Hummel Collaborator: Fabian Valverde Area: 348.0 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Ulrich Stockhaus From the architect.

Conversion of Castel Mirabel in Olgiasca / Met architektur

The CastelMirabel, sited on the highest point of the historic centre of Olgiasca, on the Piona peninsula, and whose foundations date from the 13th century, was purchased and converted in1975 by the owner at the time. It was sold to the new owner in 2008. The impetus for the current project was the intention to divide the building, conceived as a single unit, into two completely separate residences. Each residence received a separate entrance and its own terrace. A 15th-Century Church Gets Transformed Into A Modern Bookstore. The Netherlands, Utrecht-based BK.

A 15th-Century Church Gets Transformed Into A Modern Bookstore

Architecten took an existing church and transformed it into a bookstore called “Waanders In der Broeren”… BK. Architecten L’agence d’architcture basée aux Pays-Bas BK. Architecten a réhabilité une église dominicaine du 15ème siècle en une librairie moderne… Jordi Adell. La relació de la casa amb el pati-jardí era dolenta, a través de portes i finestres petites…. Vam optar per enderrocar i estintolar façanes envés de reparar-les i substituir-les per unes grans obertures que permetéssin el jardí entrar a la casa. La llum aconseguida la vam introduir ben endins a base d’estintolar també la paret que separava la sala i la cuina al seu darrera. Volíem construir els avancers sense tapar la llum. Ho vam fer amb una estructura d’acer galvanitzat que fa alhora de suport i de recollida d’aigua. Vam tancar amb policarbonat ondulat a les cobertes i metacrilat sobre els bastidors correders d’acer galvanitzat. Renovation of the Baeza Town Hall / Viar Estudio Arquitectura.

Architects: Viar Estudio Arquitectura – Iñigo de Viar Fraile Location: Baeza, Jaen, Spain Developers: Junta de Andalucía.

Renovation of the Baeza Town Hall / Viar Estudio Arquitectura

Empresa Pública de Suelo de Andalucía. Ayuntamiento de Baeza. CL House / ADI Arquitectura. Architects: ADI Arquitectura Location: Cervera del Maestre, Castellón, Spain Project Architects: Carlos Escura, Carlos Martín Technical Architect: Benjamín Caballer Project Area: 127 sqm Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Courtesy of ADI Arquitectura From the architect. The project consists of rehabilitating a dilapidated house for an occasional home in a Maestrazgo village. Given its location in a corner, very visible from three streets, we intended to respect the materials, proportions and the arrangement of openings of traditional architecture. The balcony, which runs between two floors and two facade planes, draws on these intentions, following along with a modern language and addressing the purpose of facilitating views between neighboring roofs.

Public Folly – Water Tower Renovation / META – Project. Architects: META – Project Location: Shenyang, Liaoning, China Design Team: Wang Shuo, Zhang Jing, Chang Qianqian, Huang Limiao, Lin Changyan, Tang Heng Client: China VANKE Co., Ltd.

Public Folly – Water Tower Renovation / META – Project

Area: 30 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Chen Su From the architect. META-Project, a Beijing based research-design studio has recently completed a renovation for VANKE in Shenyang, China that infused new life into the dilapidated water tower in an exquisite manner. This water tower is located in the campus of a run down military factory, formerly known as the People’s Liberation Army No.1102 Factory, founded in 1959 during the Great Leap Forward.

Formerly one of the most important heavy industrial production bases of China, the Tiexi District in Shenyang is now full of miscellaneous industrial relics from that time period. VANKE, China acquired the campus of this military factory, converting it into what is called the Blue Mountains residential complex project. Extension of Gubbio Cemetery / Andrea Dragoni + Francesco Pes. Architects: Andrea Dragoni, Francesco Pes Location: 06024 Gubbio Perugia, Italy Collaborators:: Andrea Moscetti Castellani, Giorgio Bettelli, Michela Donini, Raul Cambiotti, Antonio Ragnacci, Cristian Cretaro, Matteo Scoccia Area: 1800.0 sqm Year: 2011 Photographs: Alessandra Chemollo_ORCH, Massimo Marini Structural Design : Giuseppe Artegiani, Marco Bacchi Artists: Sauro Cardinali, Nicola Renzi Plans Desing: Italprogetti (Moreno Dorillo, Elvisio Regni) Safety Coordination: Claudio Pannacci Director Of Works: Francesco Pes, Paolo Bottegoni Model: Giuseppe Fioroni Client: Comune di Gubbio From the architect.

Extension of Gubbio Cemetery / Andrea Dragoni + Francesco Pes

Metro Makeovers for the Abandoned Stations of Paris. Anyone who wants to make a swimming pool out of an abandoned metro station neglected for 75 years, has definitely got my attention.

Metro Makeovers for the Abandoned Stations of Paris

The ghosts of the Parisian underground could soon be resurrected if city voters play their cards right in the upcoming mayoral elections. Promising candidate, Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet, who would become the first female to ever hold the post in the capital, has released the first sketches of her plans to reclaim the city of light’s abandoned stations. (Update: Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet did not win the election, but this is still pretty cool anyway). Up on the candidate’s drawing board we have several proposals to revive the stations from their solitude, including my personal favourite, the swimming pool (just imagine doing laps down an old subway track), a theatre (think of the acoustics), a restaurant, an art gallery and a nightclub.

This is what the station used as a model in the architect’s sketches currently looks like today… Sereine by Septembre. Lina Lagerström of Septembre Architecture transformed an old farmhouse into a rustic summer home. She aimed to keep as much as possible of the old structure while adapting it to a new use. Discrete interventions on the internal fittings and use of rugged materials with natural appearance allows for a gentle preservation of the initial appearance of the building.

All images © Linus Ricard. Louviers Music School Rehabilitation and Extension / Opus 5 Architectes. Architects: Opus 5 Architectes Location: Rue Des Pénitents, Louviers, France Architect In Charge: Bruno Decaris, Agnès Pontremoli, Pierre Tisserand Area: 2,000 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Luc Boegly, Bruno Decaris The antique convent of the Penitents, in the city center of Louviers -Normandy, is a very exceptional example of “cloister on water”, made of a complex assembly of successive constructions.

The monastery was built between 1646 and 1659 for the Franciscan brethren. There used to be a church in the west and two conventual wings surrounding the central building. Meritxell Inaraja. La paraula seca, en castellà ceca, té l'origen en el mot àrab sekka, que significa 'lloc on es fabrica moneda'. La vella fàbrica té una història d'almenys cinc segles, ja que s'hi va encunyar moneda de manera discontínua entre 1441 i 1881, però l'edifici és més antic, probablement del segle XIII o anterior.

MiCo: house at Komazawa Park. This project addressed the refurbishment and extension of a small, wooden, two-storey house. Built around thirty years ago, the existing building is of a type that occurs on a widespread scale in Japan. The designers were Mizuki Imamura and Isao Shinohara, two young architects – one born in 1975 in Kanagawa and the other in 1977 in Aichi – who worked at SANAA for a number of years. In 2008 they set up their own practice, miCo in Setagaya, Tokyo. Hambach Castle / Max Dudler. Elisa Valero. Elisa Valero . Reconstruction of an Old Rural Mansion / Josep Lluís Mateo. Bosch.capdeferro arquitectures. Desde el primer momento fuimos conscientes de nuestra fortuna: la gran carcasa pétrea de la vieja casa, sabiamente diseñada para establecer una relación óptima con el lugar y el clima, ofrecía unas condiciones de vida inmejorables.

A nivel espacial reconocimos la relevancia de los patios como centros de gravedad del espacio y paisajes pétreos de toda la casa. Su naturaleza desocupada nos permitió convertirlos en verdaderos organizadores de la estructura espacial y funcional del inmueble. Rehabilitation. Reconversão de Palheiro a Habitação. Werner tscholl. architekt. Apartment Refurbishment / Anna & Eugeni Bach. Before & After – Would You Live In a Garage? By Eric • Mar 7, 2011 • Selected Work We are being serious here, would anyone out there live in a garage?

Torremadariaga Basque Biodiversity Centre / IA+B Arkitektura Taldea. :mlzd. Janus . Sanierung und Ausbau Stadtmuseum . Paratelier: Surfer’s house. Rehabilitation of the Farmer Cure in a Nursery and Two Apartments / Y. Architectes. Renovation of an old barn / Comac. The Mill / Rural Design. Crusch Alba by Gus Wüstemann. Renovation of Vega-Sicilia Wine Cellars by Salasstudio. Casalgrande Old House / Kengo Kuma & Associates. Balaton-Felvidék Estate Centre / László Vincze dla. 800SHOW Creative Park / Logon Architecture. MVRDV to transform disused laboratory into call centre and incubator. 4 Dwellings in Cantón de Santa María / Patxi Cortazar. Refurbishment of the West Tower in Huesca City Hall / ACXT. Zumbini / Binocle. Refurbishment of the Old Benalúa Station and Insertion of Casa Mediterraneo Headquarters / Manuel Ocaña.

7 (More) Amazing Adaptive Reuse Architecture Projects: From Ship Houses to Chapel Bookstores. Renovation for a Two Storey House / Studio GGA. Barn Conversion by Joao Mendes Ribeiro Architects. Renovation and extension of workshops at Joliot-Curie high school / Atelier Phileas. Färgfabriken Kunsthalle / Petra Gipp Arkitektur. Umur Printing / Nevzat Sayin. Chastening conventions beyond the monkeys' cage. Maison de l’Architecture / Chartier – Corbasson.

LYCS Architecture Office / LYCS Architecture. LE 308 / FABRE/deMARIEN architectes. A Studio / Kamil Mrva Architects. The Shed / Richard Peters Associates. Rehabilitation Of The Old Butter Factory / M.S.B Architects. Di Gregorio & Matz: an interior in Föhr. Dovecote Studio. Tile and Concrete / Francesco Di Gregorio & Karin Matz. House of Ruins (Drupas) / NRJA. El Pintado Tidal Mill / Manuel Fonseca Gallego, Javier López, Ramón Pico. Recovery of the former slaughterhouse into University campus / Studio Insula. La Cros Old Factories / Diaz y Diaz Architects. Crusch Alba by Gus Wüstemann. Arantxa Manrique . Yaiza Terré. Dolls House / Edwards Moore. EXTENSION & RÉNOVATION. Eduardo Souto de Moura. Forn de la Vila de Llíria Restoration and Musealization / hidalgomora arquitectura. House Rot Ellen Berg / architecten de vylder vinck taillieu.

Farmstead Refurbishment / Carlo Bagliani. Building Rehabilitation in Lagos / Vitor Vilhena Architecture.