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Happyla_jurasevich_big.jpg (JPEG Image, 2500x1667 pixels) - Scaled (30. David Doubilet признанный мастер во всем мире. Его подводная съемка завораживает! (125 фото - 7.39Mb. Amazing Underwater River. DSC_9624_3_2_1_0.jpg (1280×850) Jul09wallpaper-8_1280.jpg (1280×960) Earthlights2_dmsp_big.jpg (2400×1200) The World’s Six Most Beautiful Lakes. World’s Beautiful Lakes: Five-Flower Lake, China The pristine water of Wuhua Hai, or Five-Flower Lake, is the pride of Jiuzhaigon National Park in China.

The World’s Six Most Beautiful Lakes

The shallow lake glistens different shades of turquoise and its floor is littered with fallen ancient tree trunks. Wuhua Hai is one in the legendary 108 haizi, or multicolored lakes, in the national park that according to legend, were created after an ancient Goddess dropped a mirror that her lover had given her, smashing it into 108 pieces. The amazing colors make it one of the world’s most beautiful lakes: 20110615TLEKotsiopoulos.jpg (1296×864)