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Tech in the classroom

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+90 herramientas WEB para docentes. Back to School with Research. Doctopus - Google-Suche. Educational Technology. Tablet/ipad implementation. 10 películas imprescindibles para una educación alternativa. 7 servicios de email temporales para evitar spam y otros problemas. Evernote Ideas. Uso de las tecnologías en el aula. The Tools to Flip Your Classroom Collection by Jake Duncan. Edshelf Tools to Flip Your Classroom Curated by Jake Duncan Share: 19 followers 31 tools.

The Tools to Flip Your Classroom Collection by Jake Duncan

PT #APPS: +50 APPS DE INTERÉS PARA DOCENTES CON IPAD. Top STEAM tools for Online and Offline Learning: Part 1. A few months ago, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, announced a bold new initiative that aims to bring computer science to K-12 education and make computer programming a basic skill for all students.

Top STEAM tools for Online and Offline Learning: Part 1

The implications of this development can be staggering: STEAM will become much more widespread. Soon, teachers around the country will teach students computational thinking, looping, conditional statements, and other high order programming concepts. iPad Apps and Information. iPad Apps and Information. Uso de las tecnologías en el aula. Best Connected Teaching Tools. Apps school.

Deeper Learning

The Principal of Change – Stories of learning and leading. Motivated Learning: Questions Teachers Should Ask Themselves. By Umair Qureshi Educators often discuss student motivation and try to come up with different ways to motivate.

Motivated Learning: Questions Teachers Should Ask Themselves

Strong educational and instructional leaders continuously change their strategies to fit different age groups and learner profiles. How We Make Teaching Too Hard for Mere Mortals. If you caught your pediatrician Googling "upset stomach remedies" before deciding how to treat your child and home-brewing medications over an office sink, you might start looking for a new pediatrician.

How We Make Teaching Too Hard for Mere Mortals

So how would you feel if you learned that Google and Pinterest are where your child's teacher goes to look for instructional materials? Well, brace yourself, because that's exactly what's happening. And no, your child's teacher is not an exception. Are Apps Becoming the New Worksheet? This post originally appeared on Educating Modern Learners.

Are Apps Becoming the New Worksheet?

My seven-year-old daughter loves school. She will line up her stuffed animals in rows and “teach” them for hours on end. When she got a special new doll for her birthday named Isabelle, my daughter took it upon herself to catch her new addition up on all that she had missed by not being in our possession until this past birthday. One particular evening when she should have been sleeping, I was brought into my daughter’s room by the sounds of her uncontrollable sobs. Back to School with Annotation: 10 Ways to Annotate with Students. This post has the application embedded and is annotated by the author.

Back to School with Annotation: 10 Ways to Annotate with Students

You can click and expand the sidecar to view annotations on the page. To add you own annotations, register for an account, and sign in to 8 cortometrajes que deberías usar para enseñar valores a los niños. Classroom Management Tips. Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds. Finding the Gold Within. As a columnist, I receive screeners for many documentaries, but I only write about those that are excellent cinematically and reach me emotionally.

Finding the Gold Within

Finding the Gold Within is one of the best films I've ever seen about the challenges facing African American males in our society, one that I strongly recommend to teachers -- and to anyone who appreciates excellent documentaries. Finding the Gold Within is characterized by superior direction and editing by Karina Epperlein, and superb cinematography by Karina, Andy Black, and Vicente Franco. Karina has created a polished film that is beautiful to watch and engages the viewer with the intimacy established between the filmmaker and her six main subjects.

If you were creating a fictional film, you couldn't come up with better lead characters or actors. Strategies to Ensure Introverted Students Feel Valued at School. When Susan Cain wrote Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking in 2012, it was a big success.

Strategies to Ensure Introverted Students Feel Valued at School

The book made the cover of Time magazine, spent weeks on the New York Times best-sellers list and was the subject of one of the most-watched TED Talks, with more than 13 million views. From that grew The Quiet Revolution, a company Cain co-founded that continues to produce and share content about, and for, introverts. The site offers an online training course for parents and stories submitted by readers about being introverted. There’s even a podcast. Kids, Cain says, “are at the heart and center of it.” CÓMO APRENDEMOS. Main - TeachThought.

TPACK: un modelo para los profesores de hoy. How We Make Teaching Too Hard for Mere Mortals.


Anatomy of a Brainstorming Session. Anatomy of a Brainstorming Session Behind every successful project there is a successful brainstorming session .

Anatomy of a Brainstorming Session

Observing people’s behaviors, analyzing them, finding commonalities and bucketing them neatly in boxes and lists comes naturally, as a UX professional. You can term this as an occupational hazard. But nevertheless, having to conduct the brainstorming session on a daily basis over years, I couldn’t help but notice the people dynamics in every session and have come to some base observations and conclusions about their behaviors in these sessions. Based on the above, on a broad level, we can categorize people in the room into 4 type… The 3 Things Digital Classrooms Really Need. My first experience with technology in the classroom was the good ol' Apple IIe and endless hours playing Oregon Trail and Math Blaster.

The 3 Things Digital Classrooms Really Need

That evolved to an after school coding club in high school where I learned how to make a square and a flower using BASIC. I got my first personal computer as a freshman in college (1998) and finally got Internet at home when I came home at the Holidays the same year. And look at where learning is today... The classroom is becoming less about the physical space it occupies and more about the cloud.

Today, many teachers are beginning to shift their instruction from stand and deliver to more interactive, engaging and participatory styles of teaching and learning. FreshGrade, para crear presentaciones en video con tus alumnos. Utilizing Google Forms For Feedback and Data Gathering for Instructional Videos in a Blended Classroom. In my previous post (link is external), I shared the general formatting of the videos I create for my IB Chemistry course within which I utilize the flipped model.

Within that blog post, I mentioned that I use Google Forms to collect data about the videos, and I'd like to offer some thoughts on this as a tool with many uses. If you are curious, here is a link to a copy of my Google Form (link is external). Feel free to modify and/or utilize a copy of the form for your own purposes. Flipped classroom ¿Cuáles son sus... Blending in K-12: How Teachers are Using Technology to Change the Classroom. In September 2015, the Research and Education group at Instructure released the “Blending in K-12: How Teachers are Using Technology to Change the Classroom” infographic.

The report shows how important mobile technology has become in K-12, especially for use during class time. You might think the LMS is primarily for flipped classrooms or learning outside of school, but the vast majority of Canvas usage still happens during the school day in face-to-face classrooms.Teachers are successfully using mobile technology inside their physical classrooms, citing the freedom it gives them to move around and individualize instruction for students. Why Pedagogy First, Tech Second Stance is Key to the Future. While I am a huge advocate for the purposeful integration of technology in schools, we must resist the temptation to think that this is the solution to solve all the ills in our current education system.

What concerns me most is how many districts and schools are going all in with one-on-one or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives with no real plan for implementation and evaluation of effectiveness. This lack of planning and support will likely result in devices never achieving the outcomes that they were designed to achieve. Tech Literacy: Making It Relevant Through Content Learning. Overview Embed Technology Throughout Content The first year that Meyer Elementary School had a technology teacher, they focused on learning basic computer skills and tools, such as email, apps, and programs. Student learning of technology skills was disconnected from what they were learning in other classes. This year, Meyer's technology instructor teaches tech through various content areas, presenting technology use as something purposeful, connected to their learning, and relevant to real-world situations. "When they have a contextual tie to what they're doing in class, it lends validity," says Jeff Dahl, Meyer's technology teacher.

Digitalisierung in Schulen: Hypes sind kontraproduktiv. Digital Natives und die Welt von heute #tugraz #researche-Learning Blog. A Must Have Tool for Creating Educational Video Presentations. Tech Literacy: Making It Relevant Through Content Learning. 6 Simple Ways To Record & Publish Video In The Classroom. 6 Simple Ways To Record & Publish Video In The Classroom by Maryalene LaPonsie Teachers across the nation are already tweeting class lesson plans and hosting guest speakers in Google Hangouts. TECNOLOGÍA, ESCUELA Y FAMILIA. Technology in schools: Future changes in classrooms. PARTIENDO CON EDUCACIÓN DISRUPTIVA. TECNOLOGÍA, ESCUELA Y FAMILIA. El cambio de la educación requiere un cambio en las escuelas.

Is use of technology necessary in classrooms? Students Like Tech! Pinterest Board.