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Magical Full Moon In Pisces On September 6th – Spiritualizing Matter To Fulfill Our Mission! - Conscious Reminder. This Full Moon falls in Pisces on September 6. The eclipse of August 21, has affected deeply the majority of signs and will continue to do so for 2 to 3 years. Therefore, this full moon does not fully show the fruits of last moon, as it usually happens in every lunar cycle. In short, it does not mature after two weeks, but will show at least the next step to arrive at maturation each of us is called to. Every planet facing at 28° the sign of the Leo where the eclipse took place, (especially in conjunction) will further activate its effect. On, September 2, those degrees have been activated by Mars and Mercury Retrograde in conjunction with each other, so old mental dynamics will be shown, dynamics related to fear and limiting beliefs that might have been covered up by a mask of arrogance.

Having courage means being honest with yourself all the way! The Moon’s opposition to the eclipse should further stimulate us at an evolutionary level, triggering two possible reactions: Happy Full Moon. Empathy Is a Clock That Ticks in the Consciousness of Another: The Science of How Our Social Interactions Shape Our Experience of Time. As We Shift, Leaving Kansas. 10 Powerful Ancient Practices for Pineal Gland Activation. Powerful Intuition Exercises to Develop Your Inner Guidance. If Anything Is Going To Expand Your Consciousness, It’s This Video. Disclaimer: The content on is information based on the opinions and scholarship of the authors. This site is intended for educational and commentary purposes only, both of which are strictly protected by Free Speech. Enlightened Consciousness is not responsible for the opinions or content written by its writers.

The information on this website is not intended to replace your relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned here are the property of their respective owners and are not used here for commercial purposes. Paid advertising on Enlightened Consciousness may not represent the views and opinions of this website and its contributors. No endorsement of products and services advertised is either expressed or implied. All the pictures and information shown on this blog are the property of their respective owners. 3 Spiritual Philosophies That Turned Out to be True | Soul Science. By LJ Vanier| Spirituality has often been neglected by scientific-minded people as something that is abstract and a figment of people’s imagination. However, despite this, some spiritual concepts have been conceded as veritable by scientists. From the coveted golden ratio to the power of thought, here are 3 spiritual philosophies that turned out to be true.

(and there are more) Spiritualists, especially those believing in sacred geometry had long held the notion that the Earth’s design can be broken down into one base element. As it turns out that base element is actually a number, 1.618. Represented by the Greek letter ϕ (phi), this number is deemed as a Golden ratio due to its abundance in nature. The term ratio comes from the fact that the Golden number actually comes from the relationship between two segments of an object. The Spirit All creatures, whether plants, animals or humans, have awareness that they expose to varying degrees. Thoughts are concrete Comments comments.

FULL MOON in Aquarius August 18th 2016~ | MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new. FULL MOON in water bearing Aquarius. She comes bringing illumination and a feminine vision of inclusivity and thinking about the whole of US. Balancing on the axis of a LEO Sun and and AQUARIUS Moon we stand at the crossroads of ME:WE. Big picture visioning yields insights that can shape our future. In creating this artwork I thought about how women are truly the ultimate water bearers, not only through the sacred vessel of their wombs, but literally as the ones who walk miles and miles across dry lands to carry back water to their families and villages. It is heartbreaking that in this day in age, we still have 663 million people that live without access to clean water. Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. “Aquarius is our teacher to lift us beyond the personal, emotional realms and point us toward the farther reaches of consciousness.

From the always wise SARAH VARCAS from her *FULL MOON* Blessings to all! 5 Books That Will Expand Your Consciousness. By Luke Miller Truth Theory Mastery Mastery is written by Robert Green and I think it is my favourite book of all time. It breaks down how to master your subject in an honest way. The concepts are easy to follow, but deal in reality and while I am not saying you cannot change your life quickly if you make the right decisions, this book takes more of a long term approach to life and is very different from the- “Change your life in 7 days crap we see so much of at the moment.”

One of the concepts is that of becoming an apprentice, for which he says you must dedicate around 7 years to learn your craft. If you are serious about your development as a human being and willing to put in the work, I would seriously consider grabbing a copy. You can purchase Mastery here What The Buddha Taught This is quite a tough read for a beginner in the concepts of Buddhism as it contains some Sanskrit and lots of words than many would not understand. You can purchase What The Buddha Taught here Drive The Alchemist. Scienceandnonduality. Ajit Vadakayil: BILVA , KOOVALAM TREE - CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL. We Create Our Reality - Hacking Consciousness at Stanford University.

Jiddu Krishnamurti. Biocentrism book. Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM. Anthropic principle. Vitalism. Discredited scientific hypothesis Vitalism has a long history in medical philosophies: many traditional healing practices posited that disease results from some imbalance in vital forces. History[edit] Ancient times[edit] Medieval[edit] In Europe, medieval physics was influenced by the idea of pneuma, helping to shape later aether theories. Early modern[edit] In the 17th century, modern science responded to Newton's action at a distance and the mechanism of Cartesian dualism with vitalist theories: that whereas the chemical transformations undergone by non-living substances are reversible, so-called "organic" matter is permanently altered by chemical transformations (such as cooking).[8] like names applied to every other kind of vital power, of itself, explains nothing: it serves merely to designate a peculiar power formed by the combination of the mechanical principle with that which is susceptible of modification. 19th century[edit] 20th century[edit] Emergentism[edit] Some aspects[which?]

Fine-tuning. The idea that Naturalness will explain fine tuning was brought into question by Nima Arkani-Hamed, a theoretical physicist, in his talk 'Why is there a Macroscopic Universe? ', a lecture from the mini-series "Multiverse & Fine Tuning" from the "Philosophy of Cosmology" project, A University of Oxford and Cambridge Collaboration 2013. In it he describes how naturalness has usually provided a solution to problems in physics; and that it had usually done so earlier than expected.

However, in addressing the problem of the cosmological constant, naturalness has failed to provide an explanation though it would have been expected to have done so a long time ago. The necessity of fine-tuning leads to various problems that do not show that the theories are incorrect, in the sense of falsifying observations, but nevertheless suggest that a piece of the story is missing. See also[edit] References[edit] Idealism. The 20th-century British scientist Sir James Jeans wrote that "the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. " Beginning with Immanuel Kant, German idealists such as G.

W. F. Hegel, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, and Arthur Schopenhauer dominated 19th-century philosophy. This tradition, which emphasized the mental or "ideal" character of all phenomena, birthed idealistic and subjectivist schools ranging from British idealism to phenomenalism to existentialism. Definitions[edit] Any philosophy that assigns crucial importance to the ideal or spiritual realm in its account of human existence may be termed "idealist". Subjective idealists like George Berkeley are anti-realists in terms of a mind-independent world, whereas transcendental idealists like Immanuel Kant are strong skeptics of such a world, affirming epistemological and not metaphysical idealism.

Classical idealism[edit] Platonism and neoplatonism[edit] therefore; Nondualism. Nondualism, also called non-duality, "points to the idea that the universe and all its multiplicity are ultimately expressions or appearances of one essential reality. " It is a term and concept used to define various strands of religious and spiritual thought. Its origins are situated within the Buddhist tradition with its teaching of the two truths doctrine, the nonduality of the absolute and the relative, and the Yogacara notion of "pure consciousness" or "representation-only" (vijñapti-mātra).

The term has more commonly become associated with the Advaita Vedanta tradition of Adi Shankara, which took over the Buddhis notion of pure consciousness and provided an orthodox hermeneutical basis for heterodox Buddhist phenomology. Advaita Vedanta states that there is no difference between Brahman and Ātman, a stance which is also reflected in other Indian traditions, such as Shiva Advaita and Kashmir Shaivism. Definitions[edit] Dictionary definitions of "nondualism" are scarce. Tantra[edit] 1. Biocentric universe. Biocentric universe (from Greek: βίος, bios, "life"; and κέντρον, kentron, "center") — also known as biocentrism — is a concept proposed in 2007 by American doctor of medicine Robert Lanza, a scientist in the fields of regenerative medicine and biology,[1][2][3] which sees biology as the central driving science in the universe, and an understanding of the other sciences as reliant on a deeper understanding of biology.

Biocentrism states that life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos — life creates the universe rather than the other way around. It asserts that current theories of the physical world do not work, and can never be made to work, until they fully account for life and consciousness. While physics is considered fundamental to the study of the universe, and chemistry fundamental to the study of life, biocentrism claims that scientists will need to place biology before the other sciences to produce a theory of everything.[4] Hypothesis[edit] Reception[edit]

Solipsism. Solipsism ( i/ˈsɒlɨpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning "alone", and ipse, meaning "self")[1] is the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one's own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind.

As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist. Varieties[edit] There are varying degrees of solipsism that parallel the varying degrees of serious skepticism. [edit] Epistemological solipsism[edit] Epistemological solipsism is the variety of idealism according to which only the directly accessible mental contents of the solipsistic philosopher can be known. Methodological solipsism[edit] Methodological solipsism may be a sort of weak agnostic (meaning "missing knowledge") solipsism. Main points[edit] See also: Solipsism: Relation to other ideas (below) History[edit] THE ONLY VIDEO YOU HAVE TO SEE: J. KRISHNAMURTI "Totally Absolutely Without Conflict" [2/4]

Scientists From Germany Show That Water Has Memory. This Video Blows My Mind. 12 Methods to Unplug from the Matrix. It’s becoming more recognizable to even the most indoctrinated that there’s something not quite right about the collective consensus in humanity’s mind structure. This reflects that the vibration and energy of the third dimensional environment that we inhabit is slowly shifting, day by day, into a field which will inevitably be comprised of an awakened populace.

This of course is our collective destiny, leaving no excuse for the awakened to amplify the self-harming state of fear. After all, we are the co-creators. The matrix is, however, still fully deceiving the majority of people. There might be explosive insights that give many a temporary view of an unveiled mindscape, but patterned wiring quickly sucks them back into their habitual behaviors.

If you’re one of the many who are contributing to the tipping point for a truly free humanity – a reality where the conscious society is in full swing – then you’ll most likely recognize these 12 methods to unplug from the matrix. 1. 2. 3. 4. Make a Wish: The 11:11 Phenomenon & What It Means | Astrostyle. The meaning of 10:10 | Elaine La Joie, Shaman and Empath. This Animated Video Explains & Demystifies What “Higher Consciousness” Actually Means.

I am sure you know someone that cringe when they hear terms such as “higher consciousness”. They might find most spiritual subjects too wishy-washy or vague – or even annoying. You might even feel that way yourself. This great animated video explains and demystifies higher consciousness in rational and secular terms. The video talks about different areas of the brain that has to do with different states of consciousness. In short, the term “higher consciousness” just captures how we see things when we go beyond our own egos. About the author: Vegard Paulsen is co-founder of Global Harmony Crew. Global Harmony Crew points you towards deep realization, and guides you towards powerful manifestation. David Wilcock – The Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration. By Gregg Prescott, M.S.Editor, According to the research of David Wilcock, there is an impending shift going on within our solar system that will give us all the opportunity to make a quantum leap in consciousness.

I was watching a “Contact In The Desert” video featuring David Wilcock and he brought up some information that is quite fascinating. The following is an excerpt from “The Brown Notebook” which is a channeling from Walt Rogers that was done in the 1950’s. Much of what was channeled is proving to be true in today’s society. Man in his present state on your planet must change in order to survive. The Photon Belt and DNA Many people believe that our sun is not in a fixed position and that it is traveling throughout space in a heliocentric manner in which our planets follow along. According to Gregg Braden’s research, we are only utilizing 22 of the 64 codons in our DNA. I talk a little about this in my presentation at the 2016 In5D Superpower Conference in Sarasota, Florida: Superhuman Energy Cultivated by Meditators: It's Science. In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and accounts related to phenomena and theories that challenge our current knowledge. We delve into ideas that stimulate the imagination and open up new possibilities.

Share your thoughts with us on these sometimes controversial topics in the comments section below. The energy emitted by people who have reached an advanced level in meditation practice has been shown by multiple studies to exceed normal human levels by hundreds or thousands of times. Here’s a look at a few such studies. 1. Gamma Waves Off the Charts Neuroscientist Richard Davidson’s 2004 study on the energy emitted by Tibetan meditating monks is chronicled by Stanford University. Davidson tested the Dalai Lama’s most advanced monks, each with 15 to 40 years of meditation practice. Gamma waves are described as “some of the highest-frequency and most important electrical brain waves.” The Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong. 2. 3. A Falun Dafa practitioner meditating. 4.

The Radical Plasticity Thesis: How the Brain Learns to be Conscious | Consciousness Research. 20 Profound Quotes By Carl Jung That Will Help You To Better Understand Yourself – Collective Evolution. Superhuman Energy Cultivated by Meditators: It's Science. Sun\\ingularity at DuckDuckGo. Watch How Ayahuasca Resets The Brain To Allow For Healing | TIMEWHEEL. How I Overcame Anxiety And Found Spiritual Fulfillment Through Ayahuasca. How to Connect Your Root Chakra With Your Partners. Inducing A Psychedelic State Without Psychedelics: Inside Holotropic Breathing | TIMEWHEEL. 7 Universal Lessons Lightworkers Are Learning Right Now. The Four Primary Skills Of All Meditation. Nina Kulagina – A Real Psychokinetic Time Has Forgotten About.

Sanskrit-Meditation-Coloring-Pages. The Mind-Obliterating Realms of Noisecraft. ASTRAL PROJECTION MUSIC: lucid dreaming sleep music binaural beats and Isochronic Tones. PINEAL GLAND Activation Frequency: Brow Chakra Meditation Music Third Eye Opening. How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland, The Science of The Pineal Gland and Third Eye Activation. How Higher Levels of Consciousness May Appear in our Life.

Accessing Altered States Of Consciousness With Endogenous... Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness: Alex Grey at TEDxMaui 2013. Releasing the Human Ego. Entering Godmode.