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MYP winners! Academic honesty film competition. In 2016, we invited students from the Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) to take part in the Academic Honesty Competition.

MYP winners! Academic honesty film competition

Students were asked to submit a poster or short film either individually or as part of a team. ‘The Painting Must Go’: Hannah Black Pens Open Letter to the Whitney About Controversial Biennial Work. Parker Bright protesting Dana Schutz’s Open Casket.

‘The Painting Must Go’: Hannah Black Pens Open Letter to the Whitney About Controversial Biennial Work

Despite initially receiving semi-positive notices, mainly from white critics, a Dana Schutz painting in the Whitney Biennial generated controversy this weekend. This past Saturday, the artist Parker Bright held a protest in front of the work, which is titled Open Casket and depicts an abstracted version of the famed photograph of Emmett Till’s open-casket funeral. Bright wore a grey T-shirt, with “BLACK DEATH SPECTACLE” written in Sharpie on the back of it, and reportedly said, “She has nothing to say to the black community about black trauma.”

Writers, curators, and artists took note of the protest online and responded. Now, the artist and writer Hannah Black has issued an open letter addressed to the Whitney Biennial’s curators, Christopher Y. The open letter follows in full below. Comments. Korean age explained.:Why a baby born on Dec. 31 turns two years old the next day — Quartz. Literature’s Greatest Opening Lines, as Written By Mathematicians. International Mindedness - Teachers Are Talking About It, But What Exactly Is It? Most schools have their own definition of what it means to be internationally minded.

International Mindedness - Teachers Are Talking About It, But What Exactly Is It?

Policies have been written, curricula developed and special events scheduled into academic calendars, but what exactly do we mean by international mindedness? Put simply, international mindedness means understanding, respecting and valuing different cultures, embracing diversity and knowing that different perspectives have a great deal to offer. International mindedness enables us to work in harmony with colleagues from around the world and to benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience. It promotes respect, encourages collaboration and sees students develop high levels of empathy and compassion. Image credit: iStock Seven signs of an internationally minded person: Globalisation and increased population mobility have led to communities becoming melting pots for a colourful array of cultures.

So what can you do to help your child develop international mindedness? 111 Ways NOT to say "turn to page XYZ and answer the questions" when Teaching History - Why Did America Fight the Korean War? How Comics Captured America’s Opinions About the Vietnam War. In America’s imagination, the Vietnam War is not so much celebrated as it is assiduously contemplated.

How Comics Captured America’s Opinions About the Vietnam War

This inward-looking approach is reflected in films like “The Deer Hunter” and “Apocalypse Now,” best-selling novels and popular memoirs that dwell on the psychological impact of the war. Was the war worth the cost, human and otherwise? Was it a winnable war or doomed from the outset? What are its lessons and legacies? These questions also underpin Ken Burns’ Vietnam War documentary, which premiered September 17. As a child, I was always fascinated by comics; now, as a cultural studies scholar, I’ve been able to fuse this passion with an interest in war narratives.

JFK's Second Term - The Atlantic. When Lyndon Johnson assumed the presidency, after the assassination of John F.

JFK's Second Term - The Atlantic

Kennedy, in November of 1963, he knew that in order to accrue political capital he would initially need to champion goals and policies that Kennedy had already been pursuing. Not long before his death Kennedy had scrawled the word "poverty" on a piece of paper and circled it multiple times; this note fell into the hands of his brother Robert and became a symbolic justification for Johnson's declaration of the War on Poverty, early in 1964. Similarly, many of the things that Johnson pushed through Congress in his first two years as President—such as an $11 billion tax cut, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the 1965 laws that brought Medicare and Medicaid into existence and that poured billions of federal dollars into primary and secondary education—can readily be seen as extensions of the avowed policies of the Kennedy Administration.

Facing History and Ourselves. Could Mikhail Gorbachev Have Saved the Soviet Union? Cuban missile crisis was a triumph of diplomacy, not brinksmanship. Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts - In 1937, ascending leaders of the Third Reich hosted two art exhibitions in Munich.

Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts -

One, the “Great German Art Exhibition,” featured art Adolf Hitler deemed acceptable and reflective of an ideal Aryan society: representational, featuring blond people in heroic poses and pastoral landscapes of the German countryside. Cuban Missile Crisis Reconnaissance Photographs. B Sourcework Tips 2015 (1) The CIA Is Celebrating Its Cartography Division’s 75th Anniversary by Sharing Declassified Maps. As much as James Bond is defined by his outlandish gadgets, one of the most important tools for real-life spies is actually much less flashy: maps.

The CIA Is Celebrating Its Cartography Division’s 75th Anniversary by Sharing Declassified Maps

Whether used to gather information or plan an attack, good maps are an integral part of the tradecraft of espionage. Now, to celebrate 75 years of serious cartography, the Central Intelligence Agency has declassified and put decades of once-secret maps online. Nuclear tests – How North Korea compares to other nuclear powers - Washington Post.