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Group Assignment for HSH112

Social exclusion and social inclusion: Resources for child and family services. Social exclusion. Government should focus on refugees' needs, not their religion. Young refugees from Syria and Iraq face the same hardships, regardless of race or religion.

Government should focus on refugees' needs, not their religion

Last October in Tehran, Hakob (not his real name), an Iranian-Armenian friend, told me that he was planning to leave Iran as "Christians are no longer safe in the Middle East". I was shocked because four years earlier he had said he would never leave Iran as it was his home. I said to Hakob, "But here it's safe; this is not Syria," to which he shook his head. After seeing non-Muslims massacred or forced to flee their ancient homes in Iraq and Syria, Hakob was reminded of what his ancestors experienced a century earlier in the Ottoman Empire. He wanted to pre-empt what he felt was the inevitable. Equity in health and wellbeing: Why does regional, rural and remote Australia matter? By Dr Robyn Vines FAPS, Chair, APS Regional, Rural and Remote Advisory Group and Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University The demographer Bernard Salt has stated that the unfolding story of our continent indicates that there are progressively becoming “two Australias” separated by a Great Divide stretching between Port Douglas in Far North Queensland and Eucla on the Great Australian Bight.

Equity in health and wellbeing: Why does regional, rural and remote Australia matter?

To the east lies “heartland Australia”, a globally connected nation of 19 million people; to the west lies “frontier Australia”, a vast resource-rich state with only three million people (Salt, 2011). Key to this “frontier Australia” are our primary industries. Australia ranks tenth in the world as a major agricultural producer and exporter, and the mining industry contributes significantly to the economy of our country. Hence our regional, rural and remote (RRR) industries are at the core of the financial security of the nation. Conclusion. Build me a proper toilet. Social exclusion. Social Exclusion. Concentrated Rural Poverty and the Geography of Exclusion.

Poverty and social exclusion in rural areas. "Poverty is not natural.

Poverty and social exclusion in rural areas

It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life. " Nelson Mandela, speech in Trafalgar Square, London, 2005. Introduction Tackling poverty and disadvantage have been amongst the government's core priorities for nearly a decade. At present, however, children who are eligible for free school meals show substantially less progress across all subjects between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 than their more affluent peers, and young people leaving school at the age of 16 without any or with only very limited qualifications are disproportionately from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Mapping hotspots of marginality for area identification. Reducing suicide in rural India by limiting access to pesticides. Australia handed over 41 asylum seekers to Sri Lanka. Image copyright Getty Images Australia has confirmed it has returned 41 asylum seekers to the Sri Lankan authorities at sea.

Australia handed over 41 asylum seekers to Sri Lanka

The transfer took place on Sunday. Rights groups had raised concerns that some 200 Sri Lankans may have been handed over, including Tamils who say they face persecution at home. The government has not commented on other possible cases, but says everyone was subject to "enhanced screening" to ensure compliance with Australia's international obligations. This is the first time the government has confirmed it has intercepted people at sea, screened them and returned them to their country of origin. 'Profound concern' Immigration Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged on Monday that a boat-load of 41 people had been handed back to Sri Lanka, while not commenting on the fate of a second boat reportedly carrying about 150 people. Who`s In and Who`s Out. Social Exclusion in Latin America. Australia asylum: Why is it controversial? Image copyright Reuters Australia's policy on asylum seekers has come under intense scrutiny.

Australia asylum: Why is it controversial?

The BBC explains why. Does Australia get a lot of asylum seekers? UNHCR's Asylum Trends 2014 report said Australia received 8,960 asylum applications in 2014 - about 1% of all applications made globally in 2014. That number was a drop from 2013, when Australia received 11,740 applications, according to UN figures. Australia's policy towards asylum seekers arriving by boat has attracted the most attention. Asylum seekers have attempted to reach Australia on boats from Indonesia, often paying large sums of money to people smugglers. Image copyright AFP Australian government statistics show that between 2012 and 2013 more than 18,000 people arrived in Australia illegally by sea, compared to just 7,300 between 2011 and 2012. However, the numbers arriving by sea plunged after the government introduced tough new policies, including the towing back of boats. Current refugee crisis. Most newly-resettled refugees unable to find work, report finds.

Updated Only one in 20 newly-resettled refugees finds a job after six months, a report has found.

Most newly-resettled refugees unable to find work, report finds

The Building a New Life in Australia research project was set up in 2013 with the aim of following the experiences of 2,400 refugees in the five years following their arrival in Australia. It comes as the Federal Government continues its preparations for the arrival of 12,000 Syrian asylum seekers. Social Exclusion Rural: Implications For The Ageing. SOCIAL ISOLATION: Its impact on the mental health and wellbeing of older Victorians. Italy's Margins - Social Exclusion in Photography and Film 1860-2010.

Social exclusion stands in the way of Indira Awaas Scheme. Treating Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Global evidence on inequities in rural health care. Suicide in Rural Australia. Child Social Exclusion and Health Outcomes. Tackling the Issue.