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STUDIO TOMÁS SARACENO. Sans titre. Roost Treehouse is designed to mimic the organic curvaceous forms found in nature.

sans titre

The aim was to create a tree house that could blend in and almost become part of the tree itself, becoming camouflaged in the surrounding forest. The tree house consists of a series of pod like capsules that are harnessed to the trunk of each tree using a bracing technique that causes no harm or interference with the trees growth. Each capsule has a central spiral staircase leading up to an outdoor platform. This connects to the adjoining pod allowing access into the next structure a well as providing additional support to the overall structures. Only one of the pods has the spiral staircase running to ground level. These Structures are also available without the need for a Tree running through the centre and instead replaced by a Central Pole for support.

Sans titre. Embryo is a cylindrical two story tree dwelling that utilises the principles of bio mimicry.

sans titre

The design of the structure was to give the illusion that it is almost part of the tree trunk like a Burl as well a taking certain elements from a wasps nest. It is clad with cedar shingles to blend the structure in with the surroundings. The Embryo derives its name from the early stages of development in nature. The idea was to re address the way we live in today’s society and look at a more ecological and a simpler way of living than consuming our earths resources. We are more and more being disconnected from our natural surroundings and the embryo is part of a series of designs to try and reunite and reconnect us back to the elements and how we interact with nature, whilst using materials resourcefully.

Sans titre. De quoi s’agit-il ?

sans titre

La tente Cacoon est un hamac suspendu, une sorte de tipi à suspendre en forme de goutte d’eau, qui permet de se reposer après une longue journée de travail, de faire la sieste dehors en profitant du chant des oiseaux, ou encore de s’amuser avec les copains le temps d’un week-end (sans trop chahuter, ce n’est pas un trempoline !). L’avantage avec Cacoon, c’est que vous pouvez vous relaxer au rythme de la balancelle, en intérieur comme en extérieur, en toute saison ! A l’instar des tentes suspendues Tentsile, cette tente nous rappelle des souvenirs d’enfance, de cabane dans les arbres, d’aventure et les ravive autour d’un hamac à la forme conviviale, originale et design ! En fait, Cacoon c’est un peu plus qu’une simple cabane dans les arbres. La vie dans les sphères. Miguel chevalier projects explosions of massive stars onto france's rodez cathedral. Best known as one of the pioneers of digital and virtual art, french digital artist miguel chevalier draws inspiration from art history, nature and artifice. for his latest endeavour, chevalier has taken over france’s rodez cathedral, creating a generative virtual reality installation that projects onto the structure’s central nave thirty different colored networks of light, combined with pictures of explosions of massive stars. all images courtesy of miguel chevalier dubbed digital supernova, this installation by miguel chevalier is an immersive experience that blends art and science. to bring it to life, the artist has collaborated with astrophysicist fabio acero, a specialist in supernova remnant, who is developing his research at the AIM laboratory. thanks to this alliance, chevalier was able to combine his wired virtual worlds with a series of exclusive documents acero delivered to him. project info:

miguel chevalier projects explosions of massive stars onto france's rodez cathedral

Blog: Cool Tents for Chic Camping Vacations. DON'T MISS OUT….. ?

Blog: Cool Tents for Chic Camping Vacations

Get our latest discoveries straight to your inbox Spending time in the great outdoors is one of our favorite things, if you couldn't tell from the articles we've written on glamping, tents, and ultra-chic campers. A quick look around the web shows that we're far from the only ones who've fallen in love with all aspects of camping, especially when it comes to tent design. The humble tent has gotten a designer upgrade and now comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Here are some of our favorites. This may resemble some sort of hovering alien spacecraft or high-end treehouse, but it's really a tent. As you see here, the Tentsile Stingray tent only gives the illusion of floating above the ground. Vertiginous Cliff House designed to hang off a precipice. News: a company that specialises in prefabricated housing has unveiled a concept for a modular residence that would hang off the side of a cliff.

Vertiginous Cliff House designed to hang off a precipice

Australian housing firm Modscape developed the Cliff House in response to a number of client requests for homes in extreme coastal locations. Comprising five storeys, the residence is designed to cling onto the side of a vertical rockface. _balloon chair. Un tour en orbite, ça vous dirait? Tomás Saraceno. Il est malheureux de devoir aller jusqu’à Berlin pour voir de ses propres yeux Cloud Cities, l’incroyable installation de l’artiste argentin, Tomás Saraceno, tissée dans la grande nef du musée Hamburger Bahnhof de Berlin jusqu’au 15 janvier.

Tomás Saraceno

Lanny Bergner : Sculptor. The Ultimate Treehouse Quest. Survival Cocoon Lets you Hang out in Emergencies.