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Gilbert Legrand. Eniotna Nitram – Art combinatoire. Art combinatoire* Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz 'Witkacy' Samplerman. Engineering the Perfect Pop. Pascal GOET. Danielle Voirin: Paris Blue Prints. Shadows © Danielle Voirin Danielle Viorin‘s cyanotype prints remind the viewer of the past.

Danielle Voirin: Paris Blue Prints

While it is difficult to photograph a place as a visitor without creating pictures that most tourists make, Danielle’s images of Paris are unique. The cyanotype process creates an otherworldly feel to her images, and the soft focus creates a dream-like atmosphere. Danielle Voirin was born in the Chicago suburbs, received a B.A. in psychology at DePaul and took photo classes at Columbia College, after which she moved to Paris, where she has lived and worked since 2003. Whatever the subject of her photography, both commissioned or self-assigned, her intentions are best summed up by this Arthur Miller quote, “I’m trying to create the poem from the evidence.” Chandelier © Danielle Voirin Paris Blue Prints I wanted to slip back into that old dream, to escape into its soothing promises.

Those dreamed projections are still here, in parallel, and intertwined. Montmartre © Danielle Voirin Canal St. Frank Ockenfels. Anke Roder - Schilderijen 2013. Wolken voor de Kust 26 x 36 cm encaustiek en olieverf op hout - private collection Op het Wad, namiddag 16 x 33 x 8 cm encaustiek en olieverf op hout - private collection Winterbessen 19,5 x 15 cm encaustiek op hout - private collection Waterblad 19,5 x 24 cm encaustiek op hout - private collection Wind & Water 37 x 39 cm encaustiek en olieverf op hout - private collection.

Anke Roder - Schilderijen 2013

Gilbert Legrand. Isaac Cordal. Galerie de art_toc. CRG Gallery. The Beauty of Nature. L’artiste bavarois Nils-Udo travaille directement avec la nature pour créer de magnifiques œuvres célébrant la beauté de la Terre.

The Beauty of Nature

Feuilles, branches, et fleurs sont transformées, disposées en installations captivantes et évocatrices des portails mystérieux dans les contes de fées. Home.

Aide à la création

LOU BEACH : ART. Cleverly Placed Miniature Cement Sculptures by Isaac Cordal. Artwork and Photography by Isaac Cordal Working out of London, England, artist Isaac Cordal has been placing his cement miniatures all around Europe.

Cleverly Placed Miniature Cement Sculptures by Isaac Cordal

In his recently published book Cement Eclipses: Small Interventions in the Big City, Isaac explores the urban landscape, placing his magical little sculptures in unassuming locations. Many will miss these miniature life scenes, but for those that do discover them, it brings a little intrigue to our fast-paced lives. Isaac Cordal is a sculpture artist from London. His sculptures take the form of little people sculpted from concrete in ’real’ situations. His sculptures can be found in gutters, on top of buildings, on top of bus shelters – in many unusual and unlikely places in the capital. Left to their own devices throughout London, what really makes these pieces magical is their placement.

Well you’ve opened a whole can of worms with that question. Via If you enjoyed this article, the Sifter highly recommends:

Art brut

Pintura/Painting. FACE OFF: Mashups and Full Skulls Revealed at Street Anatomy. 06/04/2013 | Vanessa Ruiz | We had an incredible opening night for FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day vs Street Anatomy on Friday, May 31st! For those that couldn’t be with us that evening, we’d like to reveal the skull mashups Noah Scalin and I curated along with the full skulls that were custom made for the show by Mike Egan , Tom French , Emilio Garcia , Ali Gulec , Joshua Harker , Meyoko , Nicholas Obery , Rx Skulls , Dan Springer , and Rob Tarbell .

All of the full skull prints are available for sale exclusively on the Street Anatomy Gallery Store ! Have a Happy Skull Appreciation Day! Rx Skulls x Josh Harker Arrex Teef Skull x Crania Anatomica Filigre Urbano Tom French x Melissa Murillo (Meyoko) Viscerocranium x Pomponia Imperatoria Rob Tarbell x Rx Skulls Pink & Smoking x Arrex Teef Skull Dan Springer (Skulluxe) x Tom French Untitled Skull Study 2 x Viscerocranium. A Year in a French Forest. 2011-2012. Les robots recyclés de Pitarque. La boite verte :) :o :'( :p :/ :D ಠ_ಠ Les robots recyclés de Pitarque 22 mai 2013 | Art , Bonus , Divers , Sculpture | 0 Comments et 11 Reactions L’artiste espagnol Javier Arcos Pitarque recycle de vieux appareils électroniques et des pièces métalliques pour créer ces jolis robots rétro-futuristes, il y en a plein d’autres sur son blog .

Les robots recyclés de Pitarque

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