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The 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Business Website (and What to Do Instead) For many small businesses, a website is one of the very first things that make their business seem "real.

The 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Business Website (and What to Do Instead)

" In fact, for the increasing number of small businesses that don't have a physical storefront, their website serves as their primary first point of contact for new business. Even if you have a physical location, more and more potential customers will engage with your business online before they ever do in person. The good news is that your website can help you reach customers you would never be able to reach in person. The bad news is, you're probably screwing it up. Home - Quora. Hacking Things Together: How to Code a Landing Page Without Coder Credentials. There are two main roles in the online world: content creators and coders.

Hacking Things Together: How to Code a Landing Page Without Coder Credentials

The content creators write copy, craft illustrations, and dream up tools that consumers will either pay (or endure ads) to enjoy. The coders make sure that the content reaches the masses. Cybernetics minimized v8b. Cybsoc » Jurlandia - A Constitutional Democracy. The Governance of Self and Civilization Copyright 1998 © by Barnabas D.

cybsoc » Jurlandia - A Constitutional Democracy


Composing Software by Eric Elliott. DevOps Fundamentals: Tools, Technologies, and Infrastructure. With a strong technical expertise and an appetite for learning and propency to get bored , I've had the opportunity to have 3 successful careers in the tech industry.

DevOps Fundamentals: Tools, Technologies, and Infrastructure

I was a network engineer for 8 years during which I helped deploy large scale network infrastructures and earned many certifications (CCDA, CCDP, CCNP, CCNP Securit, JNCIA, JNCIS). I spend the next 5 years working in cyber security and earned the CISSP and CEH certifications. I became interested in the startup wave and fell in love with building teams and web applications and earned PMI-ACP and became a Scrum Master to this day.

I'm passionate about learning and training, I started giving training in one form or another since my high school days deconstructing and explaining complex physics concepts to friends. Working in the IT industry is a great career where sharing your knowledge is common practice giving everyone the chance to learn more about any subject. The Importance of Accurate Information in Small Business. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT : Project Management, Planning and Execution, Budget Control – Financial Goals, Team Building - Cost Reduction - Process Evaluation and Improvement LOGISTICS:Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management – Supplier Evaluation, Cost Reduction SALES AND MARKETING:Market Development, Client Management, Marketing Campaigns (Local and Regional), Pipeline – Sales – Return on Investment.

The Importance of Accurate Information in Small Business

Learn Blockchain By Building Your Own In JavaScript. Become A Full Stack Web Developer - Beginner To Advanced. Description.

Become A Full Stack Web Developer - Beginner To Advanced

Become A Full Stack Web Developer - Beginner To Advanced. Disruptive Brand Building. Leadership Masterclass - Leading in a VUCA World. Description Introduction.

Leadership Masterclass - Leading in a VUCA World

Strategy - MBA Short Course: Innovation. Embracing Disruption. My name is Ilenia Vidili, my goal and passion in life is to help strengthen your brand and grow your business.

Embracing Disruption

I want to create real success for each and everyone one of my students by teaching you modern, powerful digital business strategies that I know will drive sales and transform your brand beyond your imagination. I have over ten years experience researching the revolution of the digital era and successfully applying my vast knowledge and helping international startups across the globe in a variety of industries with their digital marketing strategies. I want to share my exclusive groundbreaking digital business knowledge with you and teach my students how to succeed in the modern digital era. I will teach you how to use the power of modern digital marketing strategies to greatly increase your consumer loyalty, explore new tools and trends, drive sales whilst being part of a smart community of driven marketing students. The Digital Strategist: Timeless Tech Disruption Principles. I love helping entrepreneurs and project managers go from "idea" to "success"!

The Digital Strategist: Timeless Tech Disruption Principles

I've been in the software industry for over 20 years. For the last 12 years I've been an entrepreneur in the software, energy, management consulting, and finance industries. I've created, grown, bought, and sold companies and ideas. Before then I spent 11 years with Shell (the energy company). Innovation in the Age of Disruption. Innovation in the Age of Disruption. 4) Module 3: Rapid Delivery Technologies for EA. Skills & Abilities Professional and Student Instructor/ Adjunct Faculty Member Design and delivery of educational courses across a wide range of topics relative to Business Management, Business Analyst, Project Managers, Systems Designers and Software Engineers to include: Software Engineering Methodology, Software Project Management, Web Applications, Software Engineering Discipline, Agile Development, Component Object Development, Software Configuration Management, Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing and Enterprise Architecture.

4) Module 3: Rapid Delivery Technologies for EA

Business Continuity Management System. ISO 22301. Description The course discusses the concept of business continuity and the requirements of ISO 22301 - the most popular standard in the world that addresses the topic of business continuity. The course follows the structure of ISO 22301 standard covering the following requirements: - Context of the organization - internal and external issues that affect the organization, the needs and expectations of interested parties and the scope of the business continuity management system. Blowback. Paul Weinzweig grew up in Toronto, Canada, where he earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Toronto (1970) and went on to do volunteer research work in West Africa at a community mental health project.

He has taught in the social sciences at several Canadian universities and helped to pioneer and present televised distance education. Paul served as Associate Director of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations where he managed negotiations between university teachers and the new provincial distance education authority (TV Ontario) that laid the ground rules for the participation of university teachers in the new electronic educational media.

Paul has conducted research in many areas including private school education, the role of international nongovernmental organizations in peace and disarmament, the plight of Canada's indigenous peoples migrating from rural to urban areas, and cultural programming for Toronto's Harbourfront development. The Ultimate Disruption Playbook with Charlene Li. Charlene is a Principal Analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company, and the author of the New York Times bestseller Open Leadership. She is also the co-author of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business books in 2008. Her newest book, The Engaged Leader, was published in March 2015, and she is currently working on a new book on disruption strategy. She is one of the foremost experts on business strategy and disruptive technology, and a sought-after speaker and advisor to many top global companies. Formerly, Charlene was the Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group, which was acquired by Prophet Brand Strategy in July 2015.

Data Object Type and Structure. These data types are stored as either numeric, character or logical but have additional attribute information that allow these objects to be treated in special ways by certain functions in R. These attributes define an object’s class and can be extracted from that object via the class() function. Factor Factors are normally used to group variables into a fixed number of unique categories or levels. Free: Ultimate Coding Bundle. Description Go Language is an open source programming language that was developed at Google to simplify many programming tasks. It's an excellent language to add to your coding repertoire and may help you separate yourself from other programmers of similar ability.

In this course, you'll learn the syntax of Go, and how to streamline your programs using Go's efficient functionality. Access 34 lectures & 3.5 hours of content 24/7 Find package documentation in Go Learn data types, program structure & functions of the Go language Dive into loops, conditional statements, arrays, slices, structures & pointers Understand the different reference types & value types. Being a designer who codes, connecting real things to virtual reality, learning to learn, and hierarchy - colleenvine3 - Gmail. Serverless. What serverless architecture really means, and where servers enter the picture. “Moving a static website to AWS S3 + CloudFront with HTTPS” published by Will Morgan - colleenvine3 - Gmail. The case for Functional Programming and Serverless Architecture.

Increasing options.


Hangouts de Google. Warning: Your programming career – SoloLearn. College Algebra. Ember.js — Goodbye MVC (Part 1) – The Ember Way. Ember CLI, 2018 Edition - Ember CLI - Ember.JS. The Stack. Init.js: A Guide to the Why and How of Full-Stack JavaScript. Writing A Full Site in Phoenix and Elm – Brandon Richey. Should I use Heroku or AWS? – Andreas Leicher – Medium. GIT HUB/SUBLIME. Architecture. Virtualization. FRAMEWORKS. Wikiwand. Wikiwand. Sysops. Open-source. Agility.js Javascript MVC library. Home. MooTools More Builder. – Andrew Montalenti's blog. Web Services : SOAP, REST, XML, JSON. Document Literal Wrapped SOAP Services.

gSOAP. SOA. Enterprise Service Integration Theory. Service Oriented Architecture. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Soaml. SOA Patterns for Cloud Apps. SOA Patterns for Cloud Apps.


GitHub. A practical git introduction. In just a few years, git has become the dominant version control system in the software industry. Despite its widespread use, it often still appears as either magical or cumbersome when its core concepts are not fully grasped. This post is a walkthrough of practical git usage that will detail how git internally handles things. MYGIT. ENTREPRENEURSHIP. There are dozens of ways to build interface wireframes ranging from pencil & paper to a handful of digital tools.

Progress Bar Design: Examples and Open Source Code Snippets. Responsive Website Testing: Resources for Testing Sites. 10 Great UX/UI Apps and Tools to Work With. Responsive Website Testing: Resources for Testing Sites. Ultimate Guide To Facebook's Open Graph Protocol. Vandelaydesign. 13 Ways to Gain Exposure as a Web Designer. Building a Strong Social Media Presence in 40 Minutes a Day. Best About Us Pages: How to Craft a Killer About Us Page. How to Organize Your Desktop. Hero Image Design Tips For Natural-Looking Website Layouts.

Sequential Landing Page Animation Effects with CSS3. Web Design Checklist: Common Problems and Solutions. Free Resources for Creating a Flat Design.


UX DESIGN. Entrepreneurship. Change Management. Data visualisation. Module 3.