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Club.osinka. Вязание Ваше Хобби № 4 2010春秋毛衣 - 蕾妮的日志 - 网易博客. XSTITCH. Knitting. Online learning resources. 10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work. Do you feel like you can no longer cope with the stress of meeting your deadlines?

10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work

Does the lack of concentration stop you from focusing on your goals? Are you stuck or stressed out? Then put your headphones on. Try using some of the most Zen-friendly websites on offer that really work wonders for keeping your cool in the workplace. There are so many more sites like this out there, but — for the purposes of this article — I have included 10 of them that I use myself. 1. Yes, that’s exactly what you should do for the next two minutes. 2. also challenges you to sit still and quiet your mind. You can choose from the many calming atmospheres that are available — gentle waves, fields, waterfalls. 3. SimplyNoise uses white, pink and brown noise. 4. SimplyRain belongs to the SimplyNoise website and it simply plays the rain sounds for you. 5.

This one’s my favorite and the one I use most often when I write. 6. You can’t afford spending every morning at Starbucks? 38 Tools For Beautiful Data Visualisations. As we enter the Big Data era, it becomes more important to properly expand our capacity to process information for analysis and communication purposes.

38 Tools For Beautiful Data Visualisations

In a business context, this is evident as good visualisation techniques can support statistical treatment of data, or even become an analysis technique. But also, can be used as a communication tool to report insights that inform decisions. Today there are plenty of tools out there that can be used to improve your data visualisation efforts at every level. Below we list a non-exhaustive list of resources. RGraph - Tree Animation. Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better. If someone granted you one wish, what do you imagine you would want out of life that you haven’t gotten yet?

Hacking Knowledge: 77 Ways to Learn Faster, Deeper, and Better

For many people, it would be self-improvement and knowledge. Newcounter knowledge is the backbone of society’s progress. Great thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and others’ quests for knowledge have led society to many of the marvels we enjoy today. Your quest for knowledge doesn’t have to be as Earth-changing as Einstein’s, but it can be an important part of your life, leading to a new job, better pay, a new hobby, or simply knowledge for knowledge’s sake — whatever is important to you as an end goal.

Life-changing knowledge does typically require advanced learning techniques. Health Shake a leg. Balance Sleep on it. Perspective and Focus Change your focus, part 2. Recall Techniques Listen to music. Visual Aids Every picture tells a story. Verbal and Auditory Techniques Stimulate ideas. Kinesthetic Techniques Write, don’t type.


MATH. DIGITAL PRESENCE. CLOUD. AGILE. PYTHON. WEBDEV. MY INTERESTS. SIX SIGMA RELATED. Agile application lifecycle management is not an oxymoron. The phrase application lifecycle management (ALM), might seem to be at odds with the concepts of Agile.

Agile application lifecycle management is not an oxymoron

ALM is all about the rigorous processes surrounding software development. Agile is all about the flexibility to change processes as the development team goes along. By focusing on the goals of each approach, we can actually use the two together and make perfect sense. A look at ALM Business organizations generally strive to create uniform processes for safety's sake. Unfortunately, Conway's Law reduces the value organizations can receive from their ALM systems.

ALM relates mostly to planning, and planning is a double-edged sword. In a 1957 speech to the National Defense Executive Reserve Conference in Washington, D.C., President Dwight Eisenhower said, "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. " Emergency planning naturally leads to creating plans for all foreseeable contingencies. A look at Agile Bringing the two together. Technology. Disruptor Beam: Game of Thrones Ascent.