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Sign up here » Facebook. Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation. Tool discovery is often a challenge for teachers interested in finding ways to use technology that will change the way they and their students work.

Librarian Approved: 30 Ed-Tech Apps to Inspire Creativity and Creation

With so much going on in the classroom, many teachers don’t have the time to test out various apps and find the perfect tool to meet their needs. Information Literacy / Research Skills / Critical Thinking. Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc. Helpdesks are a critical touch point for organizations.

Velocity Technology Solutions, Inc.


Ed stuff. How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC] Among certain circles (my family, some of my coworkers, etc.)

How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]

I'm known for my Googling skills. I can find anything, anywhere, in no time flat. My Google-fu is a helpful skill, but not one that's shrouded in too much mystery — I've just mastered some very helpful search tricks and shortcuts and learned to quickly identify the best info in a list of results. Sadly, though web searches have become and integral part of the academic research landscape, the art of the Google search is an increasingly lost one. A recent study at Illinois Wesleyan University found that fewer than 25% of students could perform a "reasonably well-executed search. "


How to create mega menu in Drupal using TB Mega Menu module. Drupal. Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen. DCASE Homepage > Chicago Cultural Center > Exhibitions > Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen Information and Resources Chicago Cultural Center 78 E.

Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen

Washington St.Exhibit Hall & Sidney R. Yates Gallery, 4th Floor North Chicago, IL 60602 FREE Admission Building Hours: Monday–Thursday, 9 am–7 pmFriday, 9 am–6 pmSaturday, 9 am–6 pmSunday, 10 am–6 pmClosed Holidays. Steal Favicon of Any Website In One Step. Well if you like to steal a favicon of a website then its just one step away.

Steal Favicon of Any Website In One Step

Just use this small code provided by Google itself :P Yes, just provide google with the name of the website and it will provide you with the favicon of the website. This will save you from viewing the source code of a webpage and search for favicon link. Using ckeditor with drupal 7. 1.

Using ckeditor with drupal 7

Download and install moduleDownload and install the ckeditor module. Do not enable it yet. 2. Download the standalone editor Now we need to add the latest ckeditor files to the module. Working with Images in Drupal. Resize images automatically. Current community your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Drupal Answers Ask Question.

Resize images automatically

Programmer's Guide to Drupal: Principles, Practices, and Pitfalls - Jennifer Hodgdon - Google Books. Master your Drupal Sub Theme. Awhile back I posted a video on setting up a Drupal sub-theme.

Master your Drupal Sub Theme

If you want, you can check out that video here. I think that the video does an alright job of explaining the steps you have to take to get a sub-theme to work properly. I don't however think it provides enough of the setting up a sub-theme "meat" needed to begin. The saying goes, the devil is in the details. How A School Library Increased Student Use By 1,000 Percent. Listen to the full interview: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 51:45 — 71.4MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Read Transcript Last year at Big Walnut Middle School in Sunbury, Ohio, there were some days when fewer than ten students passed through the library doors.

How A School Library Increased Student Use By 1,000 Percent


Cool tech. Curating the web for your classroom. Today we’re delighted to feature a guest post from Richard Byrne, author of the popular #edtech blog FreeTech4Teachers. Every year I talk with thousands of teachers at conferences all over the world. The question that I am asked most? “How do you learn about all of this?” The answer is rather simple, I subscribe to a lot of blogs. Content Curation: Learning from others and sharing their knowledge. Over the past few months the subject of content curation has been coming up more often. Some of you have actually been curating content for years, others are just hearing about it, so it seems a good topic for discussion. Curators at the Cleveland Museum of Art took care to select the right pieces, placement and accompanying art when re-doing the museum's Armor Court. Teaching Content Curation Skills to Students.

In my last piece, I discussed why content curation was an essential skill and discussed ways teachers could use Pinterest to curate content for students.


Leadership. Why It's So Hard to Close the Digital Divide in High-Poverty Schools. PHILADELPHIA—When it comes to speedy Internet access in schools, which technology advocates say will be critical to ensuring that American students stay competitive globally, Philadelphia is way ahead of many districts across the country. In the Obama administration’s new ConnectED initiative, an effort to redirect $2 billion in federal funding to put high-speed broadband in all American schools, the goal is for schools to have Internet speeds of at least 1 gigabit per second by 2017. Philadelphia schools already have 2 gigabits, and will have 20 in 18 months, says Melanie Harris, the district’s chief information officer.

Digital divide

» The Seven Objectives–Grad School Porfolio Rebecca's Blog. Below you will find artifacts from my graduate school experience and how it relates to one of the seven Dominican MLIS program objectives. Articulating and applying a philosophy of service that incorporates an awareness of the legacy of libraries and information centers within our culture. Marketing References Services. CMS Drupal Portfolio - CMSSuperheroes - Premium Wordpress themes. The Superhero Portfolio module has been created to allow dynamic portfolio pages to be created quickly and easily.

Built upon jQuery Isotope and integrated with Drupal Views module, the module provides an excellent starting point for those who want to build a portfolio. Using Drupal as a Portfolio Platform. How to Customize a Contributed Drupal Theme. Creating a sub-theme. Free and premium theme. Subscription Center. How Chicago is Narrowing the Digital Divide. This story was originally published by Data-Smart City Solutions.

Eliminate the Digital Divide – Smart Chicago. Digital Excellence Initiative. Media and Digital Literacy Skills for Grades 5 and 6. SAMRBeyondTheBasics. 10 ways to reach SAMR’s redefinition level. The 4 essentials of a successful Genius Hour. Thrively: Kids Activities and Strength Assessment. Technology for Children. Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard. All About Explorers.

A Communication Model. 39 Crock-Pot Recipes That’ll Last You All Week. How to do the Socratic Method - TeachLikeThis. FCC accused of power grab on broadband.