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Show which podcasts you listen to. Record MP3 Online - a free online voice recorder. Free internet audio mp3 player for personal websites. Free online voice recorder - SpeakPipe. Microphone access error You have denied access to your microphone. Allow access to your microphone Click "Share Selected Device" in the Firefox permission dialog. It's usually located in the left upper side of the window (See an example). We respect your privacy. Click "Allow" in the Chrome permission bar. One more step to enable your microphone Click "Allow" in the Chrome permission bar. Error: your microphone is disabled in the browser settings.

How to enable the microphone in Firefox: Enter about:permissions into the address bar as if it were a website and hit Enter. Try again. Zencastr. Online voice recorder. Online Voice Recorder - Record Sound from Microphone. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – Record any audio online with one click. The Apowersoft free audio recorder cannot just record streaming music and online radio via your computer's sound card.

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder – Record any audio online with one click

Download Podcasts for SBS News & Entertainment.: Naca: Radionews. World News and International Headlines. The best podcasts for news, politics and current affairs. Argentina. The Bubble. Podcasts and Downloads - News. SoundCloud for Podcasters. SoundCloud's podcasting program is currently in beta.

SoundCloud for Podcasters

This means that you will need to apply to the program and be accepted in order to enable your RSS feed on your SoundCloud account. You can apply to our podcasting beta program here. Once you've been accepted into our podcasting beta, you will receive an email confirmation from us letting you know that your RSS feed has been enabled. You can now use the SoundCloud podcasting features to share your sounds on your favorite RSS aggregators, like iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Instacast. Where do I find my RSS feed URL? The RSS feed URL can be used to submit your sounds to the iTunes directory or other podcasting directories and subscription services. Will all my tracks be added to my RSS feed automatically? If you wish to individually add or remove a track from your RSS feed, go to the track's edit page by clicking the pencil icon below the track's waveform.

WaveSurfer. Best Free Podcasting tools. Today I would like to share with you some of the best free podcasting tools tools I have found.

Best Free Podcasting tools

Before sharing some free tools for podcasting, lets get an understanding of what a podcast is shall we? Without going into a lot of technical descriptions ( breathe a sigh of relief please), Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet and is made up of two words “broadcasting” and “iPod” People can selectively subscribe to audio or video content over the internet.

This content can be automatically added to a mobile device like an iPod, computer or any other affordable device. One of the reasons why I am interested in sharing with you some of the best free podcast tools is because of how popular podcasting has become. For example: The Pew Research Center shows that podcasting has in been steadily growing its audience over the past few years. and the awareness of podcasting among Americans 12 years old and older has doubled since 2006. A couple of other issues with free Audacity vozMe. Liberated syndication (libsyn) Submit Your Show to The Podcast Source App Submit your feed below to have your show listed in The Podcast Source Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app along with 12,000+ other podcasts.

liberated syndication (libsyn)

Podcasting Basics, Part 2: Software. In our first column about podcasting, we discussed microphones, and the other accessories required to record voices for a podcast.

Podcasting Basics, Part 2: Software

The next crucial technical element is software: for recording into, and for editing and mixing a final production. Transom has many articles about different audio editing software, and any of these may be helpful in choosing which one is right for you, or in providing details about using it. In this column, we’ll concentrate on how the various software is more or less appropriate for podcasting. Of course, a podcast is not fundamentally different from any other audio production, and so the sophistication level of your content will help determine what software is best for you. Many podcasts are structurally fairly simple, based around one or two voices, perhaps with cutaways to music or clips of other audio, maybe with theme music that gets layered under the voices. Create a Radio Show. AudioBoom.

Free Sound Editor Software for Windows. Create - Everything you need for your Podcast - Blubrry - Podcast Hosting, Statistics, Syndication Tools and Directory. MP3 My MP3 Recorder - Record sounds and music to MP3 Free! Merge songs online, combine mp3 - Audio Joiner. From text to speech (speech synthesis) Create and Listen to Online Radio Shows and Podcasts.

iPad - iTunes U. Best Education Tech Podcasts (August, 2015) Out of School Fraser Speirs and Bradley Chambers discuss all things surrounding the use of technology in education. eteachers Discussion autour de l' enseignement et des TICE Expérimentations, découvertes, outils... L’idée de ce podcast est née de la passion commune de deux enseignants de matière différente .

Best Education Tech Podcasts (August, 2015)

Après de nombreuses discussions, ils se sont aperçus que de nombreux sites à visée TICE existaient déjà pour les collègues mais étaient souvent cloisonnés par matière. Ce podcast n’a pas uniquement vocation de parler de TICE pour les collègues de telle ou telle matière mais plutôt de manière générale (primaire, secondaire, supérieur) avec un côté expérimentation très présent. EdSurge On Air A weekly podcast, chock-full of the week’s top news stories, commentary and announcements from the edtech world.

The TeacherCast Broadcasting Network (Audio) Welcome to the TeacherCast Podcasting Network. Digital Campus #EdTech Chat Radio.