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8 Regular Expressions You Should Know. Regular expressions are a language of their own.

8 Regular Expressions You Should Know

When you learn a new programming language, they're this little sub-language that makes no sense at first glance. Many times you have to read another tutorial, article, or book just to understand the "simple" pattern described. Today, we'll review eight regular expressions that you should know for your next coding project. Before we start, you might want to check out some of the regex apps on Envato Market, such as: You can extract emails, proxies, IPs, phone numbers, addresses, HTML tags, URLs, links, dates, etc.

Learn by playing. Reconstitution animée de la bataille de Waterloo - vidéo dailymotion.


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Historical Kingdoms/Names

Old Names. Physics. Wikipedia. Python. Vim. Religie. Aanbiedingen. Digitised Manuscripts. Over 600 Greek manuscripts have been digitised with the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Digitised Manuscripts

Almost 500 more will be added during the third phase of the Greek manuscripts digitisation project, funded generously by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the A. G. Leventis Foundation, Sam Fogg, the Sylvia Ioannou Foundation and the Thriplow Charitable Trust. The Royal Manuscripts and Botany in British India projects have been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as a part of its Digital Transformations in Arts and Humanities Theme and contributes to a package of measures aimed at developing innovative approaches to archiving, accessing and using data for research in the arts and humanities supported as a part of the additional investment to enhance the national e.infrastructure for research announced by the Government in October 2011.

Writing business letters in English 


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There are options to use this tool for free and paid services for single users, teams and organizations. Learn more... Customize This tool is build for customization to your needs. Full control Datawrapper is open source software. Created with Datawrapper. Shmoop: Homework Help, Teacher Resources, Test Prep. Ebooks (and audiobooks) Interactive Maps Storytelling tools. Free stock iimages, photos, icons, fonts. ICONES & LOGOS. - Makes it easy to work in groups. Presentation Tools Online.

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Fontello - icon fonts generator. 15 amazing tools for online collaboration. Individuals in design teams don't always work together in the same office.

15 amazing tools for online collaboration

You may be positioned in distributed groups, or working from home, and clients can come from all over the world. This is where collaboration tools come in – they make it easier and faster for designers to get feedback and approve artwork in a professional manner, and they come in all sort of forms, from free Android apps to Chrome extensions. Here we gather together some of the best available online tools to allow designers to collaborate together in real time. Some are created specifically for designers, some serve as a concept crafting whiteboard, and we've also included some more full-on project management tools for when you need to take your collaborative project to the next level. 01.

Want to improve communication with your team? Perfect for anyone managing a team of remote employees, Slack enables project development to move forward more smoothly. 02. 03. RDFa Distiller and Parser. This distiller corresponds to the RDFa 1.0 specification.

RDFa Distiller and Parser

In 2012, W3C has published an updated version of that specification, called RDFa Core 1.1. A new distiller, processing RDFa 1.1 content, has been implemented which suprecedes this one. Note that the new distiller can also process RDFa 1.0 content (there are some minor incompatibilities) if the XHTML+RDFa file uses the right (RDFa 1.0) DTD and/or the @version attribute. Users are advised to migrate to RDFa 1.1 in general, including the RDFa 1.1 distiller. If you intend to use this service regularly on large scale, consider downloading the package and use it locally.

RDF Schema. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

RDF Schema

La première version de RDFS a été proposée en mars 1999, et la recommandation finale publiée par le W3C en février 2004. Les composants principaux de RDFS sont intégrés dans un langage d'ontologie plus expressif, OWL. d3. BOOTSTRAP. \¯■¯/ RDF 1.1 Primer. Abstract This primer is designed to provide the reader with the basic knowledge required to effectively use RDF.

RDF 1.1 Primer

It introduces the basic concepts of RDF and shows concrete examples of the use of RDF. RDF Translator. Harry's Truman Razor Review - Razorpedia. SpendVu. Pattern in Islamic Art. Free stock photo search engine. STACK - Van jou: 1000GB gratis opslag. - A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems. Clipix: Clip and organize everything you care about. Useful Material. Maps & Geographic Data.