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How Millennial Makers Accessorize Christmas. From earrings, bracelets to headbands, millennials connect with friends and family by making things they love and giving them as gifts during the holiday season.

How Millennial Makers Accessorize Christmas

Prizing craftsmanship, a growing interest in 3D printing and often a need for thrift, millennials are connecting with loved ones by making them accessories and jewelry. Not only do millennials curate their identities digitally, but they also consider their creations and gifts as extensions of themselves and what they represent. As technologies such as 3D printing become available, accessories that can be customized and gifted to each other allow millennials to express more meaningful connections and personal creativity.

According to Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and author of a new study, Marketing to Millennials: How to Sell Luxury Jewelry to the Next Generation of Affluents, “Millennials just aren’t buying the traditional jewelry marketing paradigm that worked for previous generations. Related. Accenture-Outlook-Who-Are-Millennial-Shoppers-What-Do-They-Want-Retail. Retailers, Take Note: 5 Stats on Millennials’ Buying Habits - Shoutlet Blog. Millennials – the first truly digital generation – aren’t kids anymore.

Retailers, Take Note: 5 Stats on Millennials’ Buying Habits - Shoutlet Blog

Ranging in age from 18 to 33, many have settled down with careers, homes, and kids of their own. Along with these changes comes greater spending power. Why Millennials Don't Want To Buy Stuff. Compared to previous generations, Millennials seem to have some very different habits that have taken both established companies and small businesses by surprise.

Why Millennials Don't Want To Buy Stuff

One of these is that Generation Y doesn't seem to enjoy purchasing things. The Atlantic's article "Why Don't Young Americans Buy Cars? " The Cheapest Generation. In 2009, Ford brought its new supermini, the Fiesta, over from Europe in a brave attempt to attract the attention of young Americans.

The Cheapest Generation

It passed out 100 of the cars to influential bloggers for a free six-month test-drive, with just one condition: document your experience online, whether you love the Fiesta or hate it. Young bloggers loved the car. Young drivers? Millennials' buying habits may save the mall. When Denise Mahoney, a 27-year-old New Yorker, goes shopping, she has her own approach, different from her parents.

Millennials' buying habits may save the mall

Instead of relying on what a big retailer suggests through advertising, she browses Pinterest, where she says she goes to see if there are any outfits she likes. But curiously, Mahoney hasn't abandoned one old-school habit: going to stores. She still likes the browsing it offers, she tells OZY — she likes, in particular, the social experience. Matching Millennial Mike’s Expectations in 2015 and Beyond (INFOGRAPHIC)

I realize we’ve only started the second quarter of 2014, but for companies looking ahead to plan on how to not only capture the attention of today’s consumers but tomorrow’s as well this infographic demonstrates the continued evolving nature of consumer expectations in a digital social media age as more Millennials enter the marketplace.

Matching Millennial Mike’s Expectations in 2015 and Beyond (INFOGRAPHIC)

What we first notice about “Mike,” as the infograph names tomorrow’s potential consumer, is his constant connection to social media (and willingness to share that opinion across multiple channels – and possibly effect the buying practice of others). Gone are the days where a consumer’s bad experience with a brand would only reach the the office water cooler or the ears of nosy neighbors. We also notice Mike has an expectation of products being convenient and immediately available. Now not every brand can fit these expectations. Millennial consumer shopping insights and trends. 74 Of The Most Interesting Facts About The Millennial Generation. Millennial Males Are Brand Conscious. 2015 Is The Year Of The Millennial Customer: 5 Key Traits, 80 Million Consumers.

THE FUTURE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. Boyden global executive search: Consumer & Retail Practice: Luxury Retail Trends in Emerging Markets. Globally astute, entrepreneurial business leaders take luxury to new heights in double-digit growth environment This report focuses on luxury retail – a specialty area within Boyden’s global consumer & retail practice.

Boyden global executive search: Consumer & Retail Practice: Luxury Retail Trends in Emerging Markets

Looking at changing demographics in the global consumer population and emerging economies in particular, we explore fast growth markets in the Middle East and Asia. From this, insights emerge as to the senior executives who will be most successful in achieving strong growth projections, and what clients need to know about acquiring high performers through retained executive search. Introduction With global GDP growth forecast at 4% in 2014, business leaders continue to revise growth plans across mature economies, emerging markets and fast growth countries. Looking ahead, analysts predict worldwide luxury goods revenues to grow 50% faster than global GDP, with an expected average of 5% to 6%, driving revenues towards US$350 billion by 20153.

Tomorrow’s luxury consumers Asia. F_JWT_Future100.12.11.14. Forbes: Top Five Loved Millennial Brands — Mindshare In The Loop. The Top 10 Millennial Trends of 2015. TrendSpot. Infographic: This Is How Brands Can Get More Millennial Love. How can a brand get that coveted millennial nod?

Infographic: This Is How Brands Can Get More Millennial Love

It's all about talking to them in their own language. "Ever since youth culture became a defined concept, marketers have been using the unique values of youth as an ‘in’ to young consumers,” according to a study from Havas. But in the 1950s and ‘60s, that essentially meant being against authority and the establishment. But that, the study says, is no longer true of the younger generation. Who are the Millennial shoppers? And what do they really want? June 2013 Millennials—born between 1980 and 2000—are both the 20th century’s last generation and its first truly digital one.

Who are the Millennial shoppers? And what do they really want?

Inside the Millennial Mind: The Do's & Don'ts of Marketing to this Powerful Generation. ​Top 5 millennial trends of 2014 - The Business Journals.