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Modern Slavery: Its Root Causes and the Human Toll. Produced by Council on Foreign Relations InfoGuide Production Team.

Modern Slavery: Its Root Causes and the Human Toll

Eastern Orthodox Funeral Traditions. While there are differing degrees of orthodoxy within the Eastern Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Christians commonly believe that salvation is achieved through living holy, Christ-like lives, known as deification or theosis.

Eastern Orthodox Funeral Traditions

There are not traditional Western notions of Heaven and Hell in Eastern Orthodoxy, but rather the idea that both Heaven and Hell are the experience of being in God’s eternal presence. For one who loves God, God’s eternal presence is a Heaven; for one who does not love God, God’s eternal presence is a Hell. A crucial distinction » Cold Fury. Union-busting?

A crucial distinction » Cold Fury

We should all hope so. The argument for public unionization wasn’t moral, economic or intellectual. It was rankly political.Traditional organized labor, the backbone of the Democratic Party, was beginning to lose ground. As Daniel DiSalvo wrote in “The Trouble with Public Sector Unions,” in the fall issue of National Affairs, JFK saw how in states such as New York and Wisconsin, where public unions were already in place, local liberal pols benefited politically and financially.

He took the idea national.The plan worked. The Russell Kirk Center: Ten Conservative Principles by Russell Kirk. By Russell Kirk Adapted from The Politics of Prudence (ISI Books, 1993).

The Russell Kirk Center: Ten Conservative Principles by Russell Kirk

Copyright © 1993 by Russell Kirk. Used by permission of the Estate of Russell Kirk. Being neither a religion nor an ideology, the body of opinion termed conservatism possesses no Holy Writ and no Das Kapital to provide dogmata. So far as it is possible to determine what conservatives believe, the first principles of the conservative persuasion are derived from what leading conservative writers and public men have professed during the past two centuries. American Renaissance October 1999. The Foundations of Liberal, Western Civilization. Pin It!

The Foundations of Liberal, Western Civilization

Libertarianism is a decidedly Western phenomenon, and it is more specifically an outgrowth of Western liberalism. In the current political milieu, “libertarian” really means little more than “liberal” meant when Smith published The Wealth of Nations in 1776. I'm sorry, but we have to talk about the barbarism of modern Islamist terrorism. The aftermath of an Islamist bomb directed at Pakistani Shiites (Photo: AFP/Getty) In Western news-making and opinion-forming circles, there’s a palpable reluctance to talk about the most noteworthy thing about modern Islamist violence: its barbarism, its graphic lack of moral restraint.

I'm sorry, but we have to talk about the barbarism of modern Islamist terrorism

This goes beyond the BBC's yellow reluctance to deploy the T-word – terrorism – in relation to the bloody assault on the Westgate shopping mall in Kenya at the weekend. Across the commentating board, people are sheepish about pointing out the historically unique lunacy of Islamist violence and its utter detachment from any recognisable moral universe or human values. Page not found. Sex and State Power. For many years, physicists have tried to find a unified theory of everything.

Sex and State Power

They have faith that somewhere out there, there is a theory that will explain the physical properties of all things, without any exceptions. I'm not sure that dream will be realized in the scientific arena, but I think I might have stumbled across a unified theory that underlies statist philosophies, whether they are socialist or theocratic: sex. Before you get too excited, this article isn't going to be about voluptuous women in slinky, abbreviated clothes, or scantily clad men with rippling pecs and washboard abs. Sorry. Instead, this article focuses on the sordid, depressing, government-controlled side of human sexuality. Liberty GB - Why Is This Not Treason? Why Is This Not Treason?

Liberty GB - Why Is This Not Treason?

Details Published on Wednesday, 04 September 2013 15:39 Written by Paul Weston, Liberty GB Hits: 6642 "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. In an argument with a Ron Paul supporter? send them here… If you’re sane and like me you’re probably getting tired of these RonPaulBots who like Objectivists defending Ayn Rand (I wonder if there is any cross over there?)

In an argument with a Ron Paul supporter? send them here…

Think the man walks on water and is no more infallible than the Pope…yeah because that kind of blind devotion really proves to me you’ve thought this one through. Missing Ingredient For Gay Marriage: Women, Not Weddings - Michael Medved - Page 2. In a controversial recent piece in the Wall Street Journal (“Gay Marriage is Good for America”, June 22) Jonathan Rauch hails the benefits of matrimony in terms that most conservatives will enthusiastically endorse.

Missing Ingredient For Gay Marriage: Women, Not Weddings - Michael Medved - Page 2

“Marriage makes you, on average, healthier, happier and wealthier,” he writes. “If you are a couple raising kids, marrying is likely to make them healthier, happier and wealthier, too. Marriage is our first and best line of defense against financial, medical and emotional meltdown.” Missing Ingredient For Gay Marriage: Women, Not Weddings - Michael Medved. The Problem of Syria. Oprahism and the Church of Obama. Many people have noted that Obama's rhetoric often feels off, but fewer have looked into why that is so. A great part of Obama's success has been his ability to invoke values detached from belief systems. To break away symbols and ideals from religious and national value systems, and mix and match them into his own soundbites. Like the famous Hope poster, that mixed patriotic color schemes with socialist realism, or Obama's own logo, which mixed corporate branding with national politics-- Obama's "brand" was built out of a barely coherent mishmash of clashing elements.

The only thing they all have in common is that they are bricks in the wall of Obama's image. They all combine together to promote him. The sources of Obama’s tragic Syria policy. Caroline Glick presents a powerful indictment of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. Perhaps the most damning part of her indictment pertains to Syria, where Obama’s impotence in the face of Assad’s crossing of a “red line” by engaging in chemical warfare represents a national embarrassment and humanitarian disaster.

President Obama’s impotence stems from his well-justified fear that intervening against Assad would bring radical Islamists to power. But according to Glick, it is Obama’s fault that radicals have come to dominate the Syrian opposition: At the outset of the Syrian civil war two-and-a-half years ago, Obama outsourced the development of Syria’s opposition forces to Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. The Obesity of Eros. Among the furrow browed and the gravely concerned, particularly those not tipping the scales beyond the approved standard, obesity is the current social chancre crying out for their enlightened solutions.

But for the enlightened, though less than corpulent, to isolate obesity and to castigate those who eat too much is pure hypocrisy in a society that feels that we have a right to indulge every sexual desire no matter how perverse. Men and women will die without food, whereas their day might be somewhat frustrating without sex. Obama did say “You didn’t build that” and worse…Part I. “They might be giants, and we might be pygmies; but we stand on the shoulders of giants, so we can see farther.” –Attributed to Sir Isaac Newton So I was actually worried that with all the chaos of work and my untimely writer’s block I would miss my chance to comment fully on Obama’s “You didn’t build that comment”…but thankfully for me the Democrats haven’t just admitted that he said what he said and he keeps making it worse and worse for himself.

Also the fact is that this was perhaps the dumbest thing to say in a campaign (next to admitting you’re getting foreign policy advice from a five-year-old)…and as Charles Krauthammer has rightly pointed out, this line should be played over and over again to make it absolutely clear where Obama stands. So let’s deal with the first claim that Obama was taken out of context. Unions. How Oberlin Created the Hate Crime of the Year.

Australia Suffering from Drive By Shootings, Piers Morgan Claims Gun Control Works. Do Black's Buy This Crap? Bushes Praise Anti-Reagan Film 'The Butler' Hollywood being Hollywood, makers of "The Butler" were not content to simply tell the extraordinary life story of Allen. Rather, they use his story to score subtle political points against Republican presidents, as my colleague Christian Toto noted. The film, though, is particularly harsh on former President Ronald Reagan, portraying him as completely indifferent to the concerns of black Americans. Neo-neocon » Blog Archive » If war is not the answer, what is? National Review Online. "Hiroshima Day" - World Council of Churches gets it wrong again.

It's past time for Western churches to stop treating Japan as victim every Aug. 6 and 9. 4 questions with Ted Cruz on defunding Obamacare. Handy U-Print-It Pocket Guide: Why S.744′s a Fraud. Introducing Sarah. The Nuking Of Japan Was A Tactical And Moral Imperative. August 7, 2013 - BILL O'REILLY IS SMARTER THAN LAWRENCE O'DONNELL.

After attacking Bill O'Reilly's history last week, I'll defend his sociology this week. On Monday, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell ridiculed Fox News' O'Reilly for saying that single motherhood is responsible for the the high black crime rate. O'Reilly said, quite correctly: "The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family. Obama’s Arms to Syrian Terrorists Leads to Recruitment of Child Soldiers. Thank you Barack Obama. Busybody Politics. Philosophy Basics for Atheists (i.e. morons) Where Paganism and Republicans get along… Cable TV, A La Carte Purchasing, and its Political Implications. Exclusive! Part 2: Former KGB Colonel Victor Kalashnikov on the Dangers of Putin Worship, Russia’s Anti-Western Alliance with Islam, Israel, Syria, Iran and the Kremlin’s Grand Strategy.

Exclusive, Must Read!!! Part 4: Former KGB Colonel Victor Kalashnikov on the Snowden Affair, Russian Penetration of Western Countries, and the Secret History of the Second World War. Adolf Hitler - Progressive Pioneer ~ J O S H U A P U N D I T. Amnesty Bill Also Outlaws Profiling Illegal Aliens by Ethnicity, Race or Fence Climbing. Hillary to Receive “Patriot” Award in Ronald Reagan Building for “Defending Our Nation” July 31, 2013 - O'REILLY: KILLING HISTORY. The Tragedy of Isolation. Liberty Without Apologies. A case for capitalism. The Treatment of Jews in Arab/Islamic Countries. Science and Islam: A Reply to "1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets" Everything You Need To Know About The Rubio/McCain Amnesty Catastrophe In 15 Quotes.

Checking the APA's Findings on Homosexual Parenting. Vicki Thorn - What They Didn't Teach You in Sex Ed. Forget Multiculturalism: Restore The Anglo-Saxon Philosophy Of Liberty. Glenn Beck: What Is ‘Social Justice’? Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray - Is Islam is a Religion of Peace? [2010] Mark Steyn on Multiculturalism. Indoctrination Curriculum at the University of Missouri - Indoctrination U. - News - Students For Academic Freedom. Mexico's Immigration Law: Let's Try It Here at Home.

Snowden to Join KGB Veterans Group. Snowden to Join KGB Veterans Group. July 24, 2013 - UNSUNG BLACK PEOPLE. This is What Budget Cuts Have Done to Detroit ... And It's Freaking Awesome. ♖ — That’s what Al Qaeda says in English Language... How Obama Truly Was Like Trayvon Martin. The Shadow of the Soviet Union over the Muslim World. Ann’s Story. 5 Black Children Murdered During Zimmerman Trial – And Ignored By The Media. The great green con no. 1: The hard proof that finally shows global warming forecasts that are costing you billions were WRONG all along. Thatcher saved UK  from slow decline. Canada Is Now a Bulwark of Western Civilization.

Paul Johnson: The World-Changing Margaret Thatcher. Liberty Education Interview Series. How To Brainwash A Nation. In France, anti-gay marriage voices emerge — from gays. Every Nation is an Immigration Nation. Hiring Better Teachers May Be Racist, Say Bad Teachers. IRS Forced Pro-Life Group to Sign Pledge Not to Protest Planned Parenthood.

Thomas Sowell - Multiculturalism. Thomas Sowell Dismantles Feminism and Racialism in under 5 Minutes. 10 Suggestions to Improve Healthcare After Obamacare is Killed. Laws for the GOP to Pass: End Financial Aid for College. Blood on Their Hands. The State at the End of the Universe. The Razor » Blog Archive » What To Do When The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Still Your Enemy. Unbelievable … Planned Parenthood Shows Teens How To Hide a Beating with Makeup. ‘God Bless You’ The Immigration Transformation. The two Benghazi scandals (bumped) "The Golden Apple" - A Socialist Fairy Tale. The Beginning of the End for Hezbollah.

The Collective Takes Aim at Your Children. Numeracy in Climate Discussions – how long will it take to get a 6C rise in temperature?

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S New Zeal Blog » The Washington Post Now Fully On Board with Gosnell Trial. Refusing to be Terrorized isn’t Words, it’s Deeds. Obama Campaign: 'Why The Hell Did Romney Pick This Guy?' August 1, 2012 - OBAMA'S SIGNATURE MOVE: UNSEALING PRIVATE RECORDS. April 7, 2010 - GOD HATES JUDGES. Mitt Romney's full speech in Irwin, Pennsylvania. Bookworm Room » Economic principles made simple. Zombie » The Ultimate Takedown of Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ Speech.