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Noun Project - Icons for Everything. Icon Search Engine - Download 475,450 Free Icons, PNG Icons, Web Icons. Le licenze Creative Commons e i contenuti aperti nella scuola: videolezione per Wikiscuola. Imagebase: Free Stock Photography. BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photos. Historical Stock - Free Historical Stock Photos for Emails and Personal Websites - 242. Visual Paradox Free 3D Wallpaper & Facebook Covers - Whats New in 3d Wallpapers & Facebook Covers. Image * After - currently 28262 free textures and images available. ViusalHunt. Plus de 350 millions d’images gratuites – Les Outils Tice.

VisualHunt est un moteur de recherche de photos et d’images gratuites pour illustrer vos sites, blogs ou publications scolaires.

ViusalHunt. Plus de 350 millions d’images gratuites – Les Outils Tice

VisualHunt est une véritable aubaine pour tous ceux et celles et ils sont nombreux qui passent beaucoup de temps à fouiller le Web à la recherche d’une photo réutilisable. VisualHunt propose un choix considérable d’images en Creative Commons ou du domaine public. Se basant sur l’API de Flickr, VisualHunt fait des merveilles avec un moteur de recherche particulièrement véloce et un choix immense d’illustrations avec une licence en Creative Commons.

Vous pouvez utiliser plusieurs filtres en fonction des droits d’usage. Utilisation commerciale autorisée, non autorisée ou encore images appartenant au domaine public. Autre option de recherche intéressante, la possibilité de filtrer les résultats par couleur. En cliquant sur une image, vous accédez à sa fiche d’identité complète. Pas mal du tout. VisualHunt est gratuit. Lien : VisualHunt. + SICURI & Creative Commons. Public Domain clip art at WPClipart, top thumbnail browsing page. CC Search. Teach Students About Creative Commons: 15+ Resources. Included in the Digital Tips Advent Calendar and part of the Effective Technology Integration category “Nothing is original.

Teach Students About Creative Commons: 15+ Resources

Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination … Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery — celebrate it if you feel like it.” ~ Jim Jarmusch Your students will often use images, music, and content created by other individuals. Part of teaching our learners digital citizenship, is showing them how to respect copyright and how to properly cite where they found the content they use. Students can learn about Creative Commons licenses by watching this slideshow explaining Creative Commons. Sites for Creative Common Images Flickr- Go to the Flickr Advanced Search page. Sites for Creative Common Sound Files & Music Challenge: Teach your students about Creative Commons.

Creative Commons. Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license.

Creative Commons

Here are some recently added bits and pieces: Attribution License » 89153200 photos (See more) Attribution-NoDerivs License » 23549507 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License » 110064481 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial License » 60018737 photos (See more) ClipArt ETC: Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use. Alphabets The Alphabets ClipArt collection offers 1,193 illustrations arranged in 43 galleries including decorative letters and numerals, complete alphabet sets, and several sign language systems.

ClipArt ETC: Free Educational Illustrations for Classroom Use

If you are looking… American History and Government The American History and Government ClipArt collection offers 2,513 illustrations arranged in 26 galleries. The images range from exploration and Colonial America, to the American Revolution and Civil… Ancient and Medieval History The Ancient and Medieval History ClipArt collection offers 1,456 illustrations in 18 galleries from ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Greece, Rome, and Byzantine cultures. Animals The Animals ClipArt collection offers 10,528 illustrations arranged in 96 galleries, including amphibians, birds, crustaceans, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles.

Open Content Program (The Getty) The Getty makes available, without charge, all available digital images to which the Getty holds the rights or that are in the public domain to be used for any purpose. No permission is required. For additional information please see the related press releases, as well as overviews of each phase of the program on The Getty Iris. Why Open Content? The Getty adopted the Open Content Program because we recognized the need to share images of works of art for free and without restriction, so that all those who create or appreciate art—scholars, artists, art lovers, and entrepreneurs—will have greater access to high-quality digital images for their studies and projects. Art inspires us, and imagination and creativity lead to artistic expressions that expand knowledge and understanding.

What's in Open Content? Access to Open Content Images All of the images can be found on Getty Search Gateway, and the J. Open content images are identified with a "Download" link.