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Libraries Library plugins are libraries of symbols that you can add to SimpleDiagrams2. Installing a new library is as simple as downloading the .sdlp file to your computer and double-clicking to install. There are two kinds of libraries: premium and free. 15 Uniform Payment Options Icon Sets for Ecommerce Design A small but often overlooked aspect of most ecommerce sites designs are the flat and bland payment options icons (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal…). From a usability standpoint the icons do need to be instantly recognized by the user, and you can understand why designers opt to use standard icon designs rather than being a little bit more adventurous. Part of the problem is finding a uniform collection of payment options icon sets that are both the same size and style and that are equally suited to your sites design. You will tend to have a mixture of icons that grouped together look strangely out of place.

IconPackager Use Stardock's Bootskins XP to change your XP startup screen easily without hacking your system! CursorFX is a utility which allows you to have much more flexibility in the cursors you use to interact with Windows. CursorFX users can create and use cursors that look and feel far superior to anything you've ever seen before! Best of all, it's really easy to create your own super-charged cursors! DesktopX is a program that lets users build their own desktops. Top of the Web Follow Springo on : Find top sites My top sites Top Sites News Optimizing WebSockets Bandwidth Steve cradled his pumpkin spice latte as he walked into the office. It had been three weeks since the launch of his HTML5 multiplayer game, and things were going great. As Steve checked his e-mail, he noticed the account statement from his cloud service provider. “Let’s see here,” Steve muttered to himself. “Virtual server… 100,000 total hours.”

Ultimate Icon Package The purpose of icons, no matter the application, is to communicate to visitors in an effective and efficient way. Icons remove the need to spell every instruction out, and thus makes more of the time and space available to communicate something to a user. Icons are great in web design as well because, again, you can communicate more to your visitors in less time, and any webmaster knows the value of web real estate. The idea is to reduce complexity and maximize usability, and icons do just that! Here we provide a wide assortment of icons that are great for both web design and desktop use. Not all of the free icons below are allowed to be used for commercial purposes, so please read the disclaimers on each before using them in any commercial projects.

40 Best Free Icon Sets Released 2012 Its becoming very rare these days to do any sort of digital design project, and not use any sort of icon within that project, whether it’s a web site design or a mobile app icons are always used. This post is another great roundup, which we have produced it includes 40 of the best icon sets created in 2012. I hope you enjoy the blog post, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, as well as what’s your favourite icon set featured in the round-up.

Create a Reusable CSS Menu with Photoshop In web design and development, you’ll find that there are many different techniques to meet a given goal. Some are good, and some are great, but as long as your chosen method works well and looks good, you should use it with confidence. To complete a professional, tailor-made web design, it’s important to understand how to build a navigation menu from start to finish. ! Google Ultimate Interface About Google In 1996-1997, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came up with an algorithm to rank web pages, called PageRank. Realizing the potential to improve search engines, they tried and failed to sell the technology to any. So they founded Google, which in an incredibly short period of time has become one of the world’s most powerful companies. While primarily known as a search engine, Google now makes a wide variety of web-based and other software and is known for investing in wide-ranging projects outside their core such as through their philanthropic arm, Their products are available in almost every country and in a very large number of languages.

10 Useful Cheat Sheet For WordPress Users WordPress is a very effective blogging tool and it is absolutely free and open source. WordPress is an amazing and a dynamic content management system that is CMS. WordPress is very much based on PHP or even MySQL. It has various features that are very important and essential which includes a plugin architecture and also a template system in addition. Word press has become very common among the people in very short span of time and especially among the blog writers because it makes it very easy for them to update their website or blog.

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