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Media 21 Tools - Symbaloo Gallery. And vs. Or Probability. In probability, there's a very important distinction between the words and and or.

And vs. Or Probability

And means that the outcome has to satisfy both conditions at the same time. Or means that the outcome has to satisfy one condition, or the other condition, or both at the same time. Let's look at one probability in these two ways: AND Probability What is the probability of drawing a card from a deck and it being red and a face card? For this probability, we need to look at which cards are both red and face cards. OR Probability What is the probability of drawing a card from a deck and it being red or a face card? This time the card can be red, or a face card, or both at the same time. Be careful not to just add up the number of face cards (12) with the number of red cards (26).

Notice how much these two probabilities differ. Red Ice Members Climate Change Fraud. GENESA CRYSTAL at LABYRINTH SPRINGS. This is the Genesa Crystal at the focus of the Labyrinth.


2007 Virtual Garden Tour 9: Cabin - Perelandra, Ltd. Science of Wholeness Is Your Highest Fulfillment. Genesa Crystal. Created in 1940 by agricultural geneticist, Dr.

Genesa Crystal

Derald Langham, the Genesa Crystal takes the shape of a circular geometric sculpture that holds the full potential for infinite love, wisdom, energy and faith for an infinite velocity and for eternal time. He discovered this magical shape through his studies of cell development, wherein he saw that all living things shared an 8-cell stage of development. When he used this circular shape in gardening and planting in South America, Dr. Langham noticed that plants grew healthier and better. Looking at the Genesa Crystal closely reveals five platonic solids (the building blocks of organic life) within its design, giving the shape much mystical power.

The Genesa Crystal may be used for cleansing the environment, promoting healing for medical conditions, for achieving balance in life or as an aid in meditation, yoga and spiritual breathing. About Nature, Spirituality, Pottery & other creations, and Writing. Natural and created Mandalas, spirals and labyrinths on Pinterest. Motivated tactician. The term "motivated tacticians", a type of motivated reasoning, is used in social psychology to describe a human shifting from quick-and-dirty cognitively economical tactics to more thoughtful, thorough strategies when processing information, depending on the type and degree of motivation.[1] This idea has been used to explain why people use stereotyping, biases and categorization in some situations, and more analytical thinking in others.

Motivated tactician

[citation needed] History[edit] After much research on categorization, and other cognitive shortcuts, psychologists began to describe human beings as cognitive misers; which explains that a need to conserve mental resources causes people to use shortcuts to thinking about stimuli, instead of motivations and urges influencing the way humans think about their world.

Stereotypes and heuristics were used as evidence of the economic nature of human thinking. Goal-oriented motivational thinking[edit] Motivation based on strategy[edit] See also[edit] Notes[edit] Pins from on Pinterest. Bioresonance the Gunas, the Golden Spiral and Babbitt's Atom. In the Himalayan vision of east Indian philosophy, creation is sung into being.

Bioresonance the Gunas, the Golden Spiral and Babbitt's Atom

The Universe . . . as a living Being . . . conceives of a Goddess who sings creation into manifestation. All that is. . . is the vibration of her song . . . carried on her life breath, pregnant with her intelligence and will.In this essay we will consider the fundamental principles in the universal mind that underlie the stages in the manifestation of consciousness in form. A foundation of the Sanatana Dharma (timeless Vedic way of life) is the cosmology know as Samkhya, which means “to enumerate.”

Semiotic analysis

Meditative tools and paradgyms. Presentative analysis. Sun Moon, Spiritual Awakening and Watches. John Locke's "Doctrine of Signs": A New Metaphysics on JSTOR. Mark Passio Changing The Quality Of Our Attention & Present Moment Aware... Jethro Tull - The Whistler Lyrics. I'll buy you six bay mares to put in your stable Six golden apples bought with my pay.

Jethro Tull - The Whistler Lyrics

I am the first piper who calls the sweet tune, But I must be gone by the seventh day. Ingress Enlightened, Portal and Visionary Art. Heark and you may hear the code in which they steer. on Pinterest. Cognitive Semiotics via search for veritas on Pinterest. ESOTERIC CODES AND THEIR KEYS: a brief note in relation to texts. When I lived in Italy I was told, ”No, don’t use the verb ‘to lock’, as in ‘I locked the door’, you must say instead ‘I closed the door with a key’”.

ESOTERIC CODES AND THEIR KEYS: a brief note in relation to texts

Notes: “Encoding/Decoding” by Stuart Hall. There are two ideas in Hall’s work here that I am particularly interested in.

Notes: “Encoding/Decoding” by Stuart Hall

I like that Hall posits that we as human beings tend to render something into narrative form in order to understand its significance; our understandings of the world are coded in story. I personally tend to think this way, that we (humanity) understand ourselves and the world(s) we inhabit through narrative. Esoteric. Archtypepal themes based pinterest pages.


Primarily Colors. Dell Foltz on Pinterest. D Foltz on Pinterest. Do you know where your going to.